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VIRGIN COCONUT OIL: A True Miracle Food Properties include: Anti Aging, Weight Loss, Destroys bacteria & viruses, enhances the immune system and many more benefits.

One of the questions I recently received: Is Coconut Oil as good as they say it is? I actually loved this question,, Thank you for asking Dana… because it gave me the opportunity to go back and remember as to why it is part of my own daily diet, and I hope it will become … Read the full article »

Summer Foods that will satisfy, lean you out and pack a nutritional punch

With hotter weather we all need to change our daily diet to high water content foods. High water content foods thin the blood and help keep the body cooler. Nature provides foods for us in the summertime that are easy to digest and are 92% water…the Melon Family. Fruit should not be considered a dessert…it … Read the full article »