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Calcium: Good Non-Dairy Sources

Most people think that dairy products are the only source of calcium; little knowing that pasteurized and homogenized dairy products offer very little calcium. They do offer excessive protein and fat. Our country has been brain-washed by the Dairy Industry into consuming their products – thinking that another specie’s first food is a food we … Read the full article »

Are You Getting Enough Potassium?

What is potassium? Potassium is an essential mineral and electrolyte. The term electrolyte refers to a substance that dissociates into ions (charged particles) in solution, making it capable of conducting electricity. Normal body function depends on close regulation of potassium concentration both inside and outside of cells. Most people are not getting enough potassium and … Read the full article »

The Virtues of Stevia: How Sweet It Is! 0 Calories 0 Carbs 0 Glycemic Index

Five years ago I was introduced to Stevia and have been using it exclusively to sweeten my drinks. I just recently learned about the other virtues of this herb which comes from the Sunflower Family(Asteraceae) – growing wild as a small shrub in parts of Paraquay and Brazil. The glycosides in its leaves, including up … Read the full article »