Monthly Archives: February 2011

Is there such a thing as Compassionately Raised Meats and Poultry?

Do you think about the sources of the meat and poultry you are eating? Are you aware that natural, organic and free range are in many cases hype? The term “Free Range” is absolutely unregulated for eggs, beef or any food, except live poultry. The meat industry and animal welfare advocates disagree over free range meat. … Read the full article »

How Safe are Your Personal Care Products? Part Two

When you buy personal care products, do you look at the ingredients? If you can’t pronounce an ingredient, it is usually a chemical, which could be dangerous. In Part One we covered bath products, shampoos and fragrances. Now, we will look at lipsticks, nail products, men’s products and nano technology. Lipsticks contain a multitude of ingredients … Read the full article »

How Safe Are Your Personal Care Products? Part One

Are you aware that your bath products, fragrances, lipstick, lotions, men’s personal care products, nail products, etc., contain chemicals that you don’t want or need? When you buy these products do you read the list of ingredients to make sure they don’t contain chemicals that are dangerous? If you are aware and look for natural and … Read the full article »