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Autoimmune Disease: What You Can Do To Avoid It

What is Autoimmune Disease?  It is where the body turns on itself, attacking healthy cells as it workd to protect the body from viruses, bacteria, and other invaders; creating mysterious chronic diseases. There are double the number of people afflicted with autoimmune disease than are diagnosed with cancer. Some autoimmune diseases are multiple sclerosis, lupus, … Read the full article »

Psycho-Nutrition: Starving the Mind or Feeding it?

In 1976 Carlton Fredericks, Ph.D., published Psycho-Nutrition: The Diet, Vitamin and Mineral Way to Emotional Health.  It was ahead of its time and he was challenged by many in the medical community. Much of the information in this book is just coming to the forefront now. He wrote how psychological states may be affected by the … Read the full article »

The Hippocratic Oath: A Promise to Abstain from Doing Harm

How many know about the Hippocratic Oath and its origin? I am sure some people have heard the Latin quote: Primum non-nocere -“First do no harm“. In the ancient writings in the Hippocratic Corpus in Epidemics it states: “The physician must…have two special objects in view with regard to disease, namely, to do good or to … Read the full article »