Monthly Archives: March 2012

Manifesting Excellent Health: How to Bring It Into Being

Many know that we attract and create what we dwell on mentally.  If we have a “Medicine chest” mentality, sickness is bound to occur.  If we focus on excellent health, our minds will manifest it.  Positive thinking is ultra powerful.  By focusing on healthy nutrition and living right – long and healthy lives will ensue.  At 27, I … Read the full article »

Eating for Health: An Adventure Into New Territory

The results of eating the Standard American Diet (S.A.D) have put America behind the eight ball.  America has some of the worst health statistica, while Americans pay more for medical care than any other country in the world.   Google: Alzheimer’s, heart disease, lung cancer, infant mortality, longevity. It’s time for a change to healthier fare and to … Read the full article »

Health Freedom Expo 2012: Interesting,Informative and Motivating

Health Freedom Expo held its annual three day convention in Long Beach, California this past weekend. My biggest regret was that I only went there for two days and couldn’t cover it all. There were so many interesting speakers and about two hundred booths with all kinds of innovative new products. I found it interesting and … Read the full article »