Are You Protecting Yourself from Radiation?

Its been in the news, how important it is to be taking iodine supplementation, because of the radioactive fall-out from the failed nuclear reactors in Japan. Some doctors said that it is wise to take iodine supplementation in order to prevent problems from occurring , before one is exposed to radiation, but very few knew this information.

On June 30th, 2010, I did a blog on the thyroid gland, just after I started taking an iodine supplement called Iosol. In that blog I said that I would add to the information in a month. However, it has taken eight months for me to heal my thyroid – and avoid the thyroid medication that my doctor wanted to put me on. It is a blessing that I started taking the iodine in advance of this nuclear radiation.

The iodine helped increase my temperature, but it took adding another product called Thyroid Helper to get my thyroid to a point, where I didn’t need to go on thyroid medication. Last September, I had another blood panel done and the doctor said that my thyroid was still low, after being on Iodine for four months. He wanted to put me on Armour Thyroid, but it comes from a pig’s thyroid – and I have an aversion to eating pork or putting a medication made from it in my body.

In addition, I checked it out on the internet and found testimonials from people who had very bad results from using Armour Thyroid. Some said that the original formulation worked, but the re-worked formulation caused all kinds of physical problems. I told my doctor that I was going to try something in addition to the iodine…I wasn’t ready to be medicated.

The same company that made the Iosol Iodine, recommended using Thyroid Helper to complement the Iosol. So, I started using it too. It took another 4 months, before I went for blood work again in February. This time the report came back negative. I didn’t need to use any medication, as my thyroid was working fine.

Thyroid Helper is comprised of: selenium, manganese, L-tyrosine, Ashwagandha and Guggul. I started using it back last October along with the Iosol Iodine. The Iosol Iodine and the Thyroid Helper are reasonably priced. If you are interested check them out at: I have not used their other products. I can not recommend them. I do use other supplements and intend to do a blog on them – after I see results.

At Christmas, I sent this duo (Iosol Iodine and Thyroid Helper) to my son David. He wanted to lose some weight and I thought it would help him. It helped. He lost ten pounds over the next month. He also wound up being protected from the radioactive fall-out. I also got both my daughters and my other son on this Iosol, after the reactors in Japan failed.

Iosol Iodine is one of the best on the market. Iosol Iodine supports thyroid hormone function. It helps raise the body temperature to 98.6. My temperature was97degrees previously, which was low. My feet were always cold and I had to wear socks to bed. My temperature is 98.6 now.

What is the source of the iodine that is used in Iosol Iodine? There are two sources of iodine in the Iosol Forumulation. One is from kelp.  It is water soluble and will not stain clothes the way that potassium iodide can do, Potassium iodide is not water soluble and it can be difficult for the body to handle.  It has been known to congest the thyroid gland, when taken in high doses and is how Hashimoto’s thyroiditis was first discovered (Japanese citizens consuming too many sea vegetables). This was why Byron Richards (Clinical Nutritionist) of Wellness Resources doesn’t recommend potassium iodide. During the production of Iosol, iodine is extracted from kelp and made into pure iodine crystals.

The second form of iodine used is Ammonium Iodide, a form that readily dissolves in water. These two forms are combined in a proprietary manner in a base of vegetable glycerin. Ammonium Iodide is a combination of the mineral iodine and ammonium (NH4). This is a synthesized compound, not derived from a food source. It has superior bioavailability as the iodine readily disassociates from the ammonium upon exposure to water, producing a free iodide ion, exactly what your metabolism can use.

Some people think that ammonium (NH4) sounds like some sort of toxic matter, but it is not. It is not like, Ammonia (NH3) which is an irritant gas with a pungent odor. It is also the 3rd most synthesized chemical in the United States. It is used by the farming industry in the making of fertilizer.

Caution: Because of the Japanese Nuclear disaster, there have been numerous reports of people taking 25 to 50 mg of potassium iodide-containing supplements, typically in the form of lugols or Iodoral. The president of Wellness Resources who promotes and sells Iosol Iodine and Thyroid Helper said, “I do not support the use of this protocol as the form of iodine used is inferior and the chance of congesting the thyroid in using this insoluble potassium iodide is elevated – a needless risk to take for any person trying to improve their health. Thyroid support nutrition will help people balance their thyroid function on far less iodine intake.

Adequate iodine is important for pregnant women and for the brain development of their babies. It is also needed to block various compounds from binding to and accumulating in the thyroid gland (fluoride, perchlorate and goitrogens in food).Problems with chemicals affecting the thyroid have been known about for decades. A recent Russian study showed that general environmental pollution (of which the US has plenty in every metropolitan area) significantly aggravates iodine lack (meaning pollutants displace iodine in the human body).

It has been known for years that free iodine is found in high concentrations in the ovaries and breast tissue, acting as a protective buffer to estrogen. Adequate tissue iodine helps guide estrogen into friendly pathways that support proper function of female sex hormones. Iodine also assists the proper function of numerous hormone receptors throughout the body, thus helping hormones in general communicate more effectively. The rate that any hormone is formed – is governed by the thyroid gland. Thus, thyroid nutrition, like Thyroid Helper and Iosol Iodine, contribute to the formation of testosterone. In women this supports a healthy sex drive. In men, testosterone is vital to their sexual function.

What is the recommended dose? The most commonly used dose of Iosol Iodine is 1 drop in two or three ounces of water. One drop has 1,8 mg (1853 mcg) of iodine or 1200% of the government recommended daily value of 150 mcg. I started out using 1 drop, but I slowly added more over an six month period. I am now using 5 drops daily and I understand that many others are using this amount and more. This is 7400 mcg. It is far less than the amount of potassium iodide (with its side effects) that is being recommended by the government in case Japan’s nuclear radioactive fallout becomes worse. The government is recommending up to 130 mg of potassium iodide for adults, if there is a nuclear radiation problem releasing radioactive iodine 131. . If your thyroid is already loaded with natural iodine – it will not uptake this dangerous iodine 131.

Sufficient iodine is also needed to keep you awake during the day as it helps support one’s energy level. When one’s energy goes up, you feel like getting out and moving. I can honestly say that I feel a great difference, since I started using this combination of Iosol Iodine and Thyroid Helper in the past eight months. In addition, people need to eat lower on the food chain – less animal protein, which contains higher levels of radioactive substances and more fruits and vegetables, which contain less radioactive substances. Eating a plant-centered diet is wiser, because it contains fiber, antioxidants and phyto-chemicals that have the potential to reduce cancer rates associated with radiation.

Most people in the United States have multiple deficiencies, because of poor quality soil, lack of sunlight (Vitamin D deficiency), and food processing. People are aging too fast and are developing health problems, because they are not getting the nutrients they need. Iodine deficiency promotes free radical damage in the thyroid gland – directly stressing the thyroid gland. Scientific evidence has shown that a lack of iodine can cause changes to the thyroid gland directly leading to poor function of one’s metabolism and immunity.

It isn’t easy finding supplements, which work. I ask for guidance, when I buy my supplements…and sometimes I have bought supplements, which have caused problems. I guess I am being used as a guinea pig to check them out, so I can tell you not to buy them. However, in this case I am recommending these two products to you, because they worked for me and my family.

Here’s to another wonderful week. I am wishing you only the best.

Holistically Yours,

Barbara Charis

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