Food for the Soul: Divine Love

Man does not live by food alone – and soul food has been totally neglected.  Years ago, we heard a lot about Soul, but it’s not mentioned much in the world today.  Mankind has stopped tuning into higher consciousness, because of worldly distractions.  People put on their ear phones to listen constantly to music or information, … Read the full article »

Clues To A Long And Healthy Life

Longevity doesn’t just depend on genetics.  There are other factors in this equation, such as, avoiding serious accidents, having access to nutritious food and a joie de’vivre (joy of living. Searching out people who have lived the longest provides clues to aid in extending our own longevity. Although there are many claims of super longevity, few hold up under … Read the full article »

Acrylamide: Does This Sound Like Something To Eat?

Most people are eating acrylamide daily.  However, only a few are aware that this cancer-causing substance exists.  It is found primarily in cooked foods.  Fortunately, I’ve avoided it, because I am not into cooking a lot. In 2002, Swedish researchers provoked worldwide concern, when they discovered people were taking in acrylamide through their diets. They found that common … Read the full article »

Why Fruit Has Become a “No No!”

It is incomprehensible what is happening in the world today.  There is so much misinformtion being disseminated. People are told to limit fruit in their diets, when fruit happens to be the primary food of mankind. When I started doing guided consultations, giving people their Perfect Fruits and vegetables, I had some tell me that they couldn’t handle … Read the full article »