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Compassion-Raising Consciousness Leads to Better Health

The first thing I did May 23rd was open an email regarding John Robbin’s (author of Diet for a New America, etc) Food Revolution Seminar with 24 dynamic speakers.  I listened to three: Morgan Spurlock, Rory Freedman and Kathy Freston. All three were motivating people to make conscious food choices for the good of the planet.  … Read the full article »

Fertility: Why It’s Easy For Some and Difficult For Others!

People suggested that I write about fertility.  I hesitated, because the Population Explosion has challenged the natural resources so greatly.  How many more people can the globe sustain? Many people procreate without thinking of the long term responsibilities of raising a child,  It takes money, mental stability, hard work and the use of many natural resources.  How many … Read the full article »

Manifesting Excellent Health: How to Bring It Into Being

Many know that we attract and create what we dwell on mentally.  If we have a “Medicine chest” mentality, sickness is bound to occur.  If we focus on excellent health, our minds will manifest it.  Positive thinking is ultra powerful.  By focusing on healthy nutrition and living right – long and healthy lives will ensue.  At 27, I … Read the full article »