Clues To A Long And Healthy Life

Longevity doesn’t just depend on genetics.  There are other factors in this equation, such as, avoiding serious accidents, having access to nutritious food and a joie de’vivre (joy of living.
Searching out people who have lived the longest provides clues to aid in extending our own longevity. Although there are many claims of super longevity, few hold up under close scrutiny. Some groups of people who have been extolled as living super long lives; actually could not be verified. The Caucasus people of Russia for one, are in this category. It seems the Russian government promoted erroneous propaganda to boost its own image. However, there are documented super centenarians and it was interesting to find – to what did they attribute their longevity?

A French woman by the name of Jeanne Calment lived the longest recorded life (1885-1997). It was 122 years. I’d attribute her longevity to a joie de vivre.  She had the proper  mental attitude and enjoyed her life daily.
She didn’t let anything bother her. She said, “If you can’t do anything about it; don’t worry about it.“ This information came from a man who wrote her biography. He said that she was unflappable. She smoked two cigarettes daily from the age of 21, until she turned 117 years; she drank port wine all her life; and ate 1 kg /2 lbs. of chocolate a week. As a young woman, she had many hobbies, such as cycling, tennis, roller skating, playing the piano and the opera. At 85 she took up fencing and continued to ride her bicycle up to her 100th birthday. She wasn’t fanatical about health or exercise. However she was healthy. She walked all over Arles, France to thank the people who had acknowledged her 100th birthday.

In 1896 Jeanne Calment had married a 2nd cousin, Nicolas Calment, who was a wealthy shop owner. She led a relatively stress-free leisurely life in France. They had one daughter who died in 1934 (at the age of 36) from pneumonia. She left a small son for Jeanne to raise. In 1942 she lost her husband, after he consumed a dinner with spoiled cherries. He was 73. Her grandson became a doctor…and was killed in an automobile accident in 1963 at the age of 36. By 1963 at 88 years of age, she had no close kin left. It’s interesting what happened next.

Mrs. Calment was approached by a 47 year old realtor who offered to buy her home, but would let her live in it and pay her a monthly stipend, until she died.Well, he started paying her at 90 and she lived another 32 years. The realtor died at 77 years in 1995, two years before she died. His wife continued to pay Jeanne for the next two years, after the husband died. She received $180,000 for her property; twice what it was worth. Jeanne had no financial concerns. This eliminates stress.

She lived alone and took care of herself. until she moved into a nursing home at 110. At 115, she was confined to a wheel chair, when she fractured her hip. After this her memory started failing and by the time she died she was almost blind and totally deaf. It amazed me that she lived such a long life eating 2 lbs of chocolate weekly. It binds calcium and causes the bones to weaken. If she had been eating right, she would have been far healthier in her latter years and perhaps would have lived even longer. However, I noted she was not over-weight; she weighed 94 lbs in 1994. This is a definite factor in longevity. The less one weighs, the better.
It saves the heart from having to pump blood through miles and miles of additional arteries

The longest lived male (1882-1998) Christian Mortensen was born in Denmark. His longevity record: 115 years 252 days. His occupation was listed as tailor. He immigrated to Chicago, Illinois as a young man. He married, then divorced after ten years.. He retired to Galveston, Texas at 68. Twenty eight years later, at 96 years, he entered a retirement home in San Rafael, California. At the end of life he was confined to a wheelchair and was legally blind. He did eat a vegetarian diet. His favorite pastime was listening to music on the radio. On his 115th birthday, he was asked for longevity advice. He said, “Friends, a good cigar occasionally, drinking lots of water, no alcohol, staying positive and lots of singing will keep you alive.“

In searching for information on the subject of longevity, I noted there were 104 documented super centenarians. The females totally outnumbered the males.There were 96 females versus 8 males who were super centenarians. The majority (54)were from the USA. Japan was second (19);   France and the United Kingdom tied at 7 each; leaving 17 super centenarians from ten other countries.

The Japanese are living the longest. Their life expectancy is 82.6 years. The United States is 38th on the list: 78.2 years. Okinawa is setting records. There are more supercentenarians in Okinawa:  50 per 100,000. What factors promote their long healthy lives? Low stress, an abundance of local organic fruits and vegetables, seaweed (iodine and other minerals) and lots of vitamin D in sunshine.

I came across a list of what is being claimed are the seven countries with the world’s healthiest people. Their statistics weren’t valid per the United Nations. The United States has more super centenarians. In my own circle, my grandmother’s lived to 87 and 89. My mother to 89. Two of her sisters lived to…92 and 97. My father lived to 83. His father lived to 80. I have an uncle who is 93. His wife is in her late eighties. Another uncle (through marriage) lived 99-½ years. His longevity secret: always wear a smile and be happy.

An aunt who lived to 97, was willing to alter her diet at 75, because she didn’t want to give up golf and ballroom dancing. She had started to become arthritic; and her hands could not even hold on to her golf club.
 I advised her to stop all grains…and eat more steamed vegetables. I went to her home to show her housekeeper how to prepare meals for her. I took three large pots with steamers…loaded them with all kinds of vegetables. She asked me, “Where is the army that is going to eat all this food?” Well, the “army” – her housekeeper, my aunt and I finished every bit. My aunt was amazed to find she could eat so much. The outcome: the arthritis went and she lived another 22 years; playing golf and ballroom dancing. Then one night she simply went to sleep and didn’t wake up.

Roy Walford, M.D. wrote Maximum Life Span in 1983. Unfortunately, Dr. Wolford did not know that there is a difference between rats and humans.  It’s amazing that rats are used to determine human longevity foods.  Rats aren’t even even closely related to the human species. He touted many questionable foods. His information about limiting calories was valid; as being obese decreases longevity. He set a 10% fat maximum, which is good. His protein limit was 25% or less; depending on age. From what I have read a 15% protein max is better. If one is not healthy and the organs are malfunctioning; ingesting more protein is a stress. Eating low calorie greens in abundance is more beneficial; they are easier to digest. He promoted a 1500 calorie diet. He advised people supplementation was necessary, because of the inability of his diet to contain all the necessary nutrients. However, his recommended foods weren’t longevity-increasing foods. Dr. Roy Walford died at the age of 79 in 2004.

Dr. N.W. Walker who wrote ten books on the subject of health and nutrition is the only nutritional scientist I know who lived over one hundred healthy years.  The gentleman died in 1985 and I was sent a copy of his eulogy and the tribute, which were given. His publisher Donald Woodside put it succinctly in speaking of his integrity and health in the tribute…“He was not ill – and he had no disease in his body; he never suffered any pain, and his mind was clear and active to the very end. He simply went peacefully to sleep and did not awaken….”

What were the major factors that contributed to Dr. Walker’s good health and longevity? Spiritual attunement, natural foods and a true purposeful life. He lived to educate and teach others how to be healthy. He found answers and wanted to share them with others. I corresponded with Dr. Walker and he advised me on how to set up my own center. He stressed making it affordable. His books were ultra affordable and some are still available at

Food is important.The right food nourishes the cells.The wrong food destroys them. Conscious eating is being aware of the Universal Law of Cause and Effect.
It is within the power of every person to live a long healthy life. It does take focusing on the principles, which can bring this about. Natural unprocessed food is a prime requirement. We are what we eat. The quality of our future life is more important than its length. Who wants to be confined to a wheelchair, blind and deaf.? Think ahead, Live right in the present and strive to do your best to keep healthy.

Alcohol is not verboten. A little red wine has nourishment. Even tequila is not off limits. However, grain alcohol is a cell destroyer.  Avoid it.
Dr. Walker’s last book Natural Weight Control was published in 1981. It has great information on how the wrong beverages are destroying the human body.

In order to be happy, one must find one what the French call raison de’tre…a reason for being.  I found mine, when I was handed health books in 1961.
I decided to turn off the TV and focus on learning. I had read that one could become an expert, by concentrating on a subject for 20 years. I had found something I was interested in and decided to focus on nutrition. I found my passion. Everyone has something to offer. They need to find their passion. It will give them a real purpose in living.

According to Genesis 6:3, mankind has been given 120 years by our Creator. We were created, so we could accelerate the growth of our soul.Food for the soul is equally, if not more important than food for the body. Many are living empty lives and have no idea what it feels like to experience the joy of our Creator’s loving energy. They have no idea of the love they are missing.  Peace and harmony exist, when you have a beautiful relationship with your Source.  Dr. Walker had this relationship. Human beings are under a great deal of stress living in a very chaotic society. They need a haven, where they can go. They need a loving spiritual connection. Communicate. You are heard. The Maker knows our every thought. Our Creator has the answers we need to live a long and happy life.

Healthfully Yours,

Barbara Charis

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