Compassion-Raising Consciousness Leads to Better Health

The first thing I did May 23rd was open an email regarding John Robbin’s (author of Diet for a New America, etc) Food Revolution Seminar with 24 dynamic speakers.  I listened to three: Morgan Spurlock, Rory Freedman and Kathy Freston. All three were motivating people to make conscious food choices for the good of the planet.  Morgan Spurlock produced a documentary film entitled Super Size Me. It was based on his 30 day McDonald’s Diet. He did this intentionally, so he could see what would happen, if he ate at McDonald’s Golden Arches for thirty days. It was a health disaster. He not only gained weight; he felt lethargic; and developed a problem with his liver. The second speaker was Rory Freedman who co-wrote a best seller: which sold three million copies: Skinny Bitch. It dealt with her journey to a new way of eating for the betterment of the planet. The third one I listened to Kathy Freston has written several books which made it onto the New York Times Best Seller List: Quantum Wellness, The One, and Veganist: Lose Weight, Get Healthy and Change the Planet. She too got into this way of life and is sharing her results with thousands of others. Click It was a compassion-raising experience. However, sad to say these ladies did not know what they should know about nutrition. Some of their food choices were appalling. Many vegans think all foods are GO – as long as they are not animal protein.

After listening to these speakers, It made me think. We say we love animals, but how do we show love by eating them? I thought about my reasons for becoming a vegetarian years ago. My primary reason was to slow down the aging process and get healthier. After 13 years, I would occasionally eat a little chicken or fish. After 17 years, I ate a little lamb occasionally. I never went back to lobster, after learning that they were thrown live into boiling water. I never touched beef or veal, again because I knew how they were being raised. in giant feedlots on poor quality food. I stopped pork, because it is a consciousness-lowering food, too. There is a good reason why both Judaism and Muslims are forbidden to eat it. However, until today I really didn’t consider the ramifications of my eating even a little – lamb.. I was contributing to an industry which had no regard or compassion for the animals it was destroying…and I realized that I was as guilty as they were for this lack of compassion on my part.

Compassion is empathy for the suffering of others and gives rise to an active desire to alleviate another’s suffering. The opposite: lack of compassion marks a people as being cruel. I asked myself where I stood in this equation. Am I going to raise my consciousness or lower it? It is not an easy step to take, because I as well as many others are eating certain foods, which may taste good, but which have a negative impact on the planet’s environment. Many also think that animal foods are necessary for good health – and are not aware that plant-based fruits and vegetables can be far more beneficial, if you simply eat enough. These type of foods would radically slow down the destruction that is being done. all over the planet by profit seeking industries who are raising environmentally-destructive crops to feed the animals whom they slaughter to satisfy the unhealthy eating habits of humans. It is a vicious cycle…and it is unbalancing the environment radically. These profit driven industries have no compassion for the suffering of billions of animals. As a consumer, I was showing no compassion either. Today, I did make a conscious decision…no more chicken or lamb.

Compassion, empathy, altruism, kindness and love are frequently used interchangeably in common usage. Compassion is considered in almost all religious traditions as the greatest of virtues. If people lack this attribute, most people look on these people as cruel. Today, when I heard these two women particularly, speak about their compassion for the animals…it resonated with me. I do love animals and I would never hurt or kill one. I don’t kill spiders or snakes …and if I had to kill an animal in order to eat…I wouldn’t do it. As a child my family went through the Great Depression with very little food…and as a little child I lived on bananas. I survived well.

My research is involved in finding foods, which will be totally beneficial…and would not harm the planet. The main crops which are being raised today are upsetting the ecology of the planet. They contribute little food value to human beings and are not the foods which livestock need in order to be healthy, either. Agribusiness is out of touch with the real needs of the consumer. The food industries are promoting foods which are unnecessary too. They may fill the stomach and fatten the consumer immensely, but they don’t have the nutrients human beings need.. The food industry is not interested in providing natural foods, which have not been processed; as this would curtail the profit to be found in putting jars and cans on grocer’s shelves.

Things have to change, if the human race wants to survive. It starts with each individual who takes a stand and starts eating lower on the food chain. Yesterday, I watched another interesting video. It was produced by the Humane Society and it called for Meatless Mondays. It was endorsed by Oprah and former president Bill Clinton. President Clinton gave up meat, after he had a heart attack and he spoke about it on this video. If people were willing to just give up meat one day a week, 1.4 billion less animals would be slaughtered. It would take a great deal of stress off the air, water and soil in the environment. It would equate to removing ½ million cars. Agriculture is the #1 cause of environmental damage. This Meatless Monday would also contribute to the betterment of health. Cancer, heart disease, strokes and osteoporosis, are all the end products of eating too much animal protein Cutting down would be good, but eliminating it eventually would be superior in every single way. One of the ladies this morning spoke about her addiction to cheese…and how it took her 8 years to give it up. However, she looked at the damage that was being done to the planet, because so many are addicted to cheese; and she gave it up. Cheese is not a health food. It is an ultra concentrated protein, which provides a great fuel for the growth of tumors. It causes a great deal of suffering for the cows who are forced to produce it for human consumption.

Compassion is that which makes the heart of the good move at the pain of others. It crushes and destroys the pain of others; thus it is called compassion. It is called compassion because it shelters and embraces the distressed.” – The Buddha – We need to realize that animals were not placed on earth for mankind to enslave. The Golden Rule says: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The way that we treat other species shows what our character is like. Children who harm insects or other species; and show no compassion for living things; usually grow up to become sociopaths.

Many love their animals and would not think of them as food. Children who raise animals other than dogs or cats, get to love them, too. They are not thinking about eating their pets. Seeing their beloved pets slaughtered is a soul-destroying experience. I had this happen to me as a child. My grandparents had a little three acre farm.. They bought some chickens to raise; and. I loved to play with them. One day, I walked past the stone basement of the house and saw my grandfather chop off the head of a chicken. I was shocked to see the chicken dancing around without its head, spurting blood all over. It made me sick. I could not eat chicken for years. In my mind I will never forget seeing that scene. I am sure that farm children are greatly affected by scenes such as this. It lowers the sensitivity of humans watching animals being slaughtered repeatedly.

I don’t have to see movies of what goes on in slaughter houses. I have done enough reading which had graphic descriptions about the treatment that these animals endure. I finally came to terms with it. I don’t want to be one iota responsible for having any animal endure the inhumane treatment that is going on globally in slaughter houses. When the end result is the too early termination of another sentient being…there is no possibility of this being called humane. Humane treatment would be to stop raising any animal to be slaughtered. Animal protein is not necessary for excellent health. I was truly blessed to meet a man who was a total vegetarian. He had followed Dr. Walker’s food program since he was 16 years of age. At 50 he was the epitome of health. I never saw another fifty year old who looked as good. He had a great body with a 28” waist; and was entering physique contests; beating out 20 to 30 year olds. He had a full head of hair; no gray; no glasses. He looked closer to 30.

In 1980 three years, after I left my husband, I asked the universe to send someone into my life. Within one hour my phone rang and I met this man above who was Dr. N. W. Walker’s protégé.  It was a very fortuitous event to meet someone who had followed Dr. Walker’s program for 34 years. I had the opportunity to find out how he ate and his lifestyle…and he introduced me to the Creator. All my life I had used the wordgod. This man told me that the Creator did not like the name god. I kind of raised my eyebrows, when he said this. I had been writing music and had a couple gospels among them…using the word god.  A little later on, I started using the pendulum…and asked the Creator to guide me. I wound up doing 17 years of free-guided consultations with the Creator’s help. One day I asked the Creator how he liked the songs I wrote to honor Him. I got a negative. I asked about the use of the word god and was guided not to use it. The Creator preferred many other names…other than god. It seems that the Romans who were responsible for the formation of Christianity in 325 A,D. at the Council of Nicea in Turkey, believed in multi-gods…and this influenced the use of the word god in future Christian and Judaic religious writings. It was very difficult for me to break the habit of saying god, but I didn’t want to offend the Creator by using such a generic name.  Mankind has worshipped over 5000 gods.

The Creator gives us free will to make choices. However, I want to be guided.  In 1990, I was in Greece. I asked about eating lamb, after 17 years of not eating it; and was given an okay.
There were many foods I couldn’t eat, because I had serious liver damage. I couldn’t handle fats at all. It took four years of eating NO FAT to overcome the damage. In Greece almost everything was floated in olive oil…so I stuck with eating fruit for over 3-½ weeks and a little lamb. They had delicious fruit in Greece, particularly in Athens! I ate about five pounds daily.

After watching the Food Revolution video, I felt compelled to give up the chicken and lamb. I was not guided to give up eggs. I tried giving up all animal protein and had a health crisis. I don’t eat dairy or grains…and my diet is limited. There are only 17 foods that are on my specific food list. People usually don’t think about this, but no animal in nature eats a great variety of foods. Our pets may have only a few foods which are really beneficial to them. They are sickened, when manufacturers provide kibble with grains and all kinds of other additives. Meat is the primary food of carnivores and canines. Humans have a limited number of Perfect Foods, too.

Reading about the honeybees vanishing…I bought Dr. Mercola’s video. I felt guilty about using honey – and robbing the bees of their food. Humans don’t need all the carbs in honey, etc. We must make conscious decisions not to deprive other species of their food. It is wrong for humans to use krill oil. It is the food of many marine animals that live in the Antarctic, such as whales.. When we respect other life forms, the Creator blesses us. Our health improves in the process of feeling compassion for all life. Humans too have very specific foods, which are beneficial. Eating foods, not designed for human consumption throws the human body out of balance. It creates illness.

In 17 years of doing free consultations I came across information, which I isn’t in other books. People have limited comprehension about which foods are right for human consumption. In my book I listed tables of fruits and vegetables; stating which ones were designed for human consumption and which were not. Only the Creator who made humans has the answers we need for our survival. I am guided to use certain supplements. I can stand in the market for an hour checking them out; and perhaps find only one, which is Perfect for me. Every person is unique. ..What is good for one, may be toxic for another. If I were not being guided, I would be operating in the dark.

Others use pendulums, too, and I wonder who is guiding them. I’ve seen people in the market using pendulums; putting foods into their carts, which are value-less. I volunteered to do free consultations for them. I got testimonials in my book from people I helped using my Creator-guided pendulum. I am totally into the Creator who made the entire Cosmos. I’ve asked for help in living up to my very highest…so I can graduate from Planet Earth. I am trying hard to live up to my highest potential. I wrote an essay on this many years ago. I believe that happiness comes from doing what you were created to do – and we all have very special gifts to uncover. These gifts could contribute greatly to humanity and the planet. It does start with raising the consciousness and developing compassion for all living things. Health will follow.

Healthfully Yours,

Barbara Charis

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