Critical Times: Our Planet Needs Us Now

Planet Earth is being bombarded by human behaviors, which don’t take into consideration that there is a limit to the damage which this precious home of ours can sustain – and survive.   Not so long ago people thought the vast oceans could never be affected by the activity of earth’s occupants. Now many know differently. The oceans are being emptied of marine creatures and fish to serve the appetites of the world. Coral reefs which are home to many varieties of marine life are disintegrating. Vast gyres containing millions of tons of floating plastic islands are contaminating the fish and marine animals that are left…and much of mankind goes about its daily business without regard to how critical these times are.

Every person has to think conservation-wise. My children and I are into water conservation, because this liquid is more valuable than gold. Many around the globe don’t have access to any water now. Water is something many people in the United States take for granted. However, if we don’t conserve now, in the future water will have to be rationed; and will become extremely expensive. Our aquifers in the mid-west are drying up. The water tables are lower all over and there is no safe spring water available. The majority of our water has been contaminated by the chemicals used in agriculture, raising farm animals, and other industrial purposes. Fracking to obtain oil will cost us dearly…the depletion of our water reserves.

Want to make an important impact…lower or end your dependency on eating dairy products, meat and grains. It takes 1,799 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef; and 880 gallons to produce one gallon of milk. Grains take less water, but they are not health-promoting. Fruits and vegetables utilize the least amount of water and provide the most nourishment. It only takes 15 gallons of water to grow an apple. Want to make a difference? You can, if you cut back on foods and products that use excessive water in being grown or manufactured. The additional benefit derived by you and your family will be superior health. This is not theoretical; it is actual fact derived from people who have given up these products, which are destroying soils world-wide, wiping out trees (deforestation), and fouling waters globally. If you are interested,Google: National Geographic Water Footprint Calculator. It lists foods, beverages, etc., showing how much water it takes to produce them.

Manufacturing takes an exorbitant amount of water in order to produce clothing and other goods. One t-shirt takes 715 gallons of water to produce. Nudism will be the wave of the future, when we run out of water. In the beginning people didn’t wear clothes and this is the direction we are heading. Everything in the marketplace uses water to grow or to make. What is occurring in Africa now, could occur in the United States, when our water reserves dry up and we can’t produce food. Its scarcity threatens not only our food supply, but our health and whole ecosystem. There will be no more massive water use for the raising of inefficient animal protein, which is destroying life on earth as we know it. Business as usual will not be the modus operandi of the future. Without water the wheels of industry won’t turn.

The American lifestyle takes 2000 gallons of H20 daily – twice the global average. In the matter of the American water footprint, only 5% comes from the tap. toilet and garden hoses. Nearly 95% is hidden in the foods you eat, the energy you use, the products you buy, and the services you rely on. Every American needs to start thinking about the future. Our ancestors looked ahead and worked hard to provide for the future. Many people today are entirely hedonistic and don’t think about the consequences of their actions. I wish these people knew about karma. One day they will pay dearly for their lack of concern about the world’s ecology today. I hope more people will get inspired to make a difference by making changes in their lifestyle, which can change the dire predictions of  future. shortages.

Trees are essential to the health of the entire planet. Without trees mankind will not survive, because life-giving oxygen is created by trees. Is there anything more important than oxygen to the human species? Massive areas of the globe are being deforested, so more cattle can be raised to feed mankind. The world is losing trees and forests at an incredible rate. The end result will be devastating to humanity. A major lesson from world history was how the Sahara Desert was created. At one time this area of the world was covered with trees. The people in that area used massive amounts of trees for building purposes and totally destroyed their forests, Now few people can live in the Sahara region and it is an inhospitable area of the world. Food producers today are harming the entire planet by not considering the long term damage the wrong foods generate. Mankind does not need grains to thrive, but it does need trees to survive.

The study of “nutrition” in the past was primarily based on taste and availability. There were no real scientific studies done to determine the natural foods of the human species. “Science” was loosely based on observation. If people ate a food and didn’t have immediate ill effects, it was considered good to eat. However, most food scientists failed to take into consideration the long term effects of eating foods that simply filled the stomach. This is the case with grains. Grains have many side effects, when eaten over a long period of time. The damage to the planet has not been considered in this equation. Today “scientific” studies are being funded by the very food producers who sell grains/and grain products to consumers; educated with information coming from the food industry. The majority of people world wide believe grains are healthy, because they have been provided this erroneous information by those who are in the business of selling these foods. The food producers are the ones who have funded the studies. This is destroying both the ecology of the planet and the people who are eating these grains that are causing diabetes, arthritis, and other major health problems.

People are psychologically and physically addicted to foods, which are creating illness in their bodies. Grains and dairy may fill the stomach, but they’re not the foods our Maker intended mankind to eat. Grain crops actually rob the soil of nutrients and use up large amounts of water in order to grow; and they can’t be consumed without using water to cook them. In these processes nothing of value is left. Grains only benefit; filling the stomach. Grains create health problems in humans and in the terrain of the earth. Then people world wide look for nostrums or panaceas to cure the problems these wrong foods create. Sad to say that in the Orient they believe different animal parts will produce cures. This is a contributing cause in the extinction of animals, such as the rhino and the elephant. Medicine men mistakenly believe that powder made from their horns will produce cures. In this country people use medicine to cover-up the effect of eating foods that are breaking down their health. They have no comprehension that if they simply ate the foods that were specifically created for the human species, they would never get ill. Over fifty years ago I was told that I was trusting the wrong people. It started me on a quest to find the health information my family needed and not depend on those with degrees, but who lacked real health knowledge. Most books in the health field contain errors. It was not easy separating the truth from fiction. I had to learn through trial and error; experimentation with their information…proved how wrong they were. Truthfully, If people knew how to eat right, it would change not only their health, but the future health of the entire planet. Mankind will not survive, unless some major changes occur in the way people think. Business as usual is destroying the only home that we know.

In 1990 I bought a book entitled Save Our Planet by Diane MacEachern which stated 750 everyday ways you can help clean up the earth. It gave me food for thought. How many people are thinking about saving the Planet? Something of this magnitude needs to be done by every inhabitant for its actual survival. These times are far more critical than most people know. Radical food and water shortages globally are being projected by researchers who are trying to warn people. I have no desire to live in an underground bunker and live on stockpiles of canned food. I wouldn’t want to live in a world devoid of sunlight and oxygen. I want to see people become more aware and prevent water and food shortages from occurring. People need to immediately implement changes in their lifestyle, which would lessen their “carbon footprint” on the globe. The time is NOW. Tomorrow could be too late.

A major contributor to earth’s destruction is the food processing industry which changes food from a healthy to an unhealthy state through its totally unscientific rendering. The end result is garbage. Their dead products contribute greatly to another very unscientific industry…the Medical Industry. This industry has not studied much about nutrition, except for the information that has been dispensed by the food industry. It is sad that our government is totally relying on the food industry to police itself and provide true information to the universities which are educating dietitians. This is a Catch 22 Situation and it is not only destroying America…it is contributing to global destruction as well. People who eat garbage foods can’t think. Their level of consciousness is so low that they don’t comprehend that the fast foods they are eating are “dumbing” them down. They are so tired from not eating right, they can barely function. Their brains and their bodies are negatively affected…and massive waste is generated with their fast food choices. This waste pollutes landfills and oceans globally. It can be seen everywhere we look. Thanks to McDonalds, Coco Cola and all manufacturers of unnecessary products that are littering the globe.

Rationing gasoline would cut down on the amount of driving people do. It would benefit the planet immensely. Our air is contaminated with the hydro carbons being generated by gasoline combustion engines. People need to get back to walking, biking, using public transportation and car-pooling. It is essential we conserve what we have. I am provoked, when I see people sitting in their cars for long periods of time…with their motors running. They have to be morons – not to realize how they are polluting the air and burning a very precious and limited resource unnecessarily. If it is a hot day…get out of the car and find a shady spot to sit. If it is a cold day…just dress warmly. Turn off the motor, if you aren’t in motion…except at stop lights or stop signs. I try to only drive, when it is necessary to haul groceries. I carpool with friends. I schedule stops so I can get all my errands done with as little mileage as possible. It saves on automobile insurance by lowering your yearly mileage.

Another way to save is on heating and air-conditioning. Living in Southern California I didn’t turn them on.  People who are healthy will not suffer from high or low temperatures. My gas bill monthly is about $6. I don’t use my oven, as I do a limited amount of cooking. When it is hot, I open my windows and get cross ventilation. If it is cold, I simply dress warmly. I am consciously thinking of ways to do as little damage to the planet as possible. I think of the admonition of the Buddha “Do no harm.”

Our nearby landfills will be gone shortly and our trash collection fees will escalate, when it has to be hauled much further away. Every individual is generating waste by buying packaged products. It would be so much healthier, for all concerned, if people eliminated processed foods entirely. If we were thinking straight, we would not be generating mountains of trash, buying products we don’t need. Before buying, people need to ask themselves…Do I really need this product? If people just waited a little before making a purchase, they would in many cases forego purchasing it. Give yourself a cooling off period, before you buy anything. Make sure it is something that you truly need. Nobody needs things to clutter up one’s space. As one gets older and smarter, one realizes that one’s real needs are relatively few. I have told my loved ones that I don’t want them to buy me “things.” I have enough things. I recycle or donate everything that I am not using regularly. I don’t like selling my things…It makes me feel good to think that others who need affordable clothes and other things will be able to give them an extended life.

Recycling is imperative. There is just so much room for all the mountains of waste that is being generated. McDonald’s chain of 10,000 restaurants takes up 50,000 cubic feet of landfill daily. This comes from their polystyrene plastic cups, and food containers from one day’s sale. This statistic came from the book Save Our Planet (published in 1990). The statistics are more than likely worse today. They have created massive problems world wide with the products they offer; health-wise and ecology-wise. There are many other fast food restaurants which are causing damage, also. People need to be educated on eating right and it would put a lot of illness-creators out of business.

There are many other little things we can do, but the major ones are eating more responsibly and to stop buying unnecessary products. Needs are important, but many people’s wants are out of control. A loving family doesn’t need the constant acquisition of products in order to be happy. Being together and sharing time with each other is the real glue that binds them. What are our needs? A roof over the head is important, but it doesn’t have to be the Taj Mahal. Healthy unprocessed (organic) foods are important. A sufficient amount of clothes- a necessity. Books and other pursuits, which educate people. However, many electronic gadgets will be defunct, if the water supplies are gone…and there is no electricity to run them. We need to get back to the basics in order to survive. Survival of the fittest – are not just words. They must be planted deep in our consciousness, if we are to survive. Are you ready to take responsibility for your actions and do what you can to ensure the planet’s very survival? It is not a matter of making a difference for just one day during the year. It is something each one of us has to do, every day of our life.

Healthfully Yours,

Barbara Charis

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