Dental Dangers: Be Awake and Aware

By the time I was twenty, every tooth in my head had a filling. I went to dentists regularly, but not one told me what was causing cavities. As a teenager I made no correlation, between the foods I was eating and my dental problems. I have suffered a lifetime trying to hang on to my teeth – and the dentists I went to didn’t ever give me information, which would have saved me from losing my teeth at 75. Their main focus was on dental procedures, such as, fillings, crowns and root canals.

Several years ago, I saw information on the internet about George Meinig. D.D.S. who was one of the founders of root canals. He was now lecturing about their dangers. He wrote a book called Root Canal Cover-up: A Founder of the Association of Root Canal Specialists Discovers Evidence That Root Canals Damage Your Health Learn What To Do. After reading what he had to say I scheduled an appointment with a holistic dentist who examined my teeth.

The holistic dentist I went to tested my teeth and told me that my teeth needed to be extracted or I could face serious health problems in the future. I trusted his judgment, because I had read a number of books on the subject and knew that my teeth were in very bad condition,. However, going through the process of having all my teeth removed wasn’t easy. In addition, it was painful for months afterwards. It was difficult getting used to dentures, It took time for my gums to heal, after the extractions. I wouldn’t recommend this as an alternative in your future. Dentures were my only choice, but I want others to be Awake and Aware – and avoid facing this procedure in the future.

The dentist I went to studied under Hal Huggins, D.D.S. who had been into dental research for over 40 years. Huggins taught a method of detecting the electrical balance of the teeth – and how the wrong dental material placed in the teeth could throw the entire body out of balance and set one up for serious diseases, such as, cancer and heart disease. Two of the books that Dr. Huggins had written are “Uninformed Consent” and “It’s all in Your Head.”

My dentist warned me about the problems that could occur, if I didn’t have my teeth removed. However, he neglected to point out the toxic materials that were in the denture adhesive cream. I don’t relish putting petrolatum, mineral oil, Poly(methylvinylether/malefic acid), etc. in my mouth. These things are toxic.

I checked out implants, too. I know that the body can have an auto-immune reaction, when any foreign matter is put into it. Bone is living matter and putting any kind of material in it could keep the immune system on constant alert…compromising one’s health. Embedding artificial teeth in the jaw bone could have serious consequences down the line.

Dentures are not something people think about, when they are indulging themselves – eating the wrong foods and drinking the wrong beverages.. My dental problems started as a young child. My parents both loved pastries and sweets. My dad used to take us for treats to coffee shops for coffee and doughnuts.

We also were given acid-forming foods made from wheat, like pancakes, waffles and bread. Every day for my school lunch I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Dinner was macaroni and cheese – right out of a package. All these foods not only helped to destroy my teeth, but I went through my teens weighing 150 lbs..

I loved drinking Coca Cola as a teenager. I had been aware that Coca-Cola could dissolve a tooth, if it was put in a jar and left in the Coca-Cola for a day or two. However, I didn’t realize that it could break down the enamel of my teeth by drinking it regularly.

I had little interest in nutrition as a young person, because I wasn’t aware how it was connected to my body. My dad knew that margarine was not a decent food back in 1942;nor did he believe in dairy. So I wasn’t given milk,, but he thought coffee was better; and it was a poor choice for growing children.

Besides my poor diet, the dental procedures that I had done were faulty. I want to make you aware of them. Most of you know how dangerous silver amalgam is today. Well, I had silver put in every tooth in my head. I didn’t have it removed until I found out how dangerous it was in my thirties. Every ten years or so, a filling usually has to be changed, and the new filling becomes progressively larger, until you need a crown and /or a root canal. I spent a lot of time in dental chairs over my life, because of the poor diet I had in my early life.

After, I became aware that the silver amalgam was very toxic, I was told that the white composite was what I should get. I wasn’t told that it contained chemicals, such as, Acrylate, aluminum, formaldehyde, hexane, hydroquinone, phenol, polyurethane, silane, strontium, toluene and xylene. These and more constitute composite fillings. They may not be quite as toxic as lead and mercury, but they are chemicals that can leach out and get into your bloodstream. They aren’t good for your health!

Aluminum makes the composite filling last longer. It isn’t something that we need for our longevity, particularly, when so many people today are winding up with Alzheimer’s . It does leach out of the composite and can effect nerve impulse transmission – as it is a toxic metal. As for ceramic/porcelain crowns, they are made from B kaolin clay, specifically B, which is 45% aluminum oxide. Is this safe?

A new study out of Harvard Medical School has found that much of the white resin material used in dental fillings and sealants contains dangerous levels of biphenyl A (BPA). According to the analysis, enzymes in saliva can break down the tainted dental material and extract BPA from it, exposing adults and children to unknown levels of the harmful chemical.

“The research that exists shows that upon contact with enzymes in the saliva…BPA derivatives break down into pure BPA,” explained Dr. Abby F. Fleish, a pediatrician in the department of medicine at Children’s Hospital Boston and author of this study. Further research is necessary to test BPA absorption rates in relation to duration of exposure…whether this will last for hours or over the course of a person’s life.

Most of the clear and white resins that have replaced the older mercury-laden metal compounds contain BPA. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has allegedly been encouraging the dental industry to phase out BPA from these newer dental products, but the agency has stopped short of banning it altogether. The FDA also continues to insist that low levels of exposure to BPA are harmless.

Recent research, however, suggests that even very low levels of BPA exposure can cause heart problems, diabetes, sexual dysfunction, cancer and other serious diseases. Studies show that BPA exposure is a serious health threat, especially to children.

Dentists who do safe removal of toxic fillings say that they have seen patient relief of symptoms on the same day that toxic fillings have been removed. It is difficult to replace these fillings with just any material which is handy. There are blood tests that can tell you which composites are more compatible with your immune system, but the best way to go is to avoid the foods and substances, which cause cavities in the first place.

Even after I got into the study of nutrition, I went the wrong way, because the information in many of the books I read was wrong. I wasn’t aware that foods, such as, honey and lemon could harm the teeth. I avoided white sugar, but I drank a lot of herbal tea using honey and lemon. Then I started using Light Force Spirulina back in 1981 – putting it into a drink – using honey and lemon. I drank this daily for over 25 years. My teeth got worse and worse. Finally, by the time I woke up and stopped the honey ; it was too late. My teeth were loaded with fillings, crowns and root canals.

After the dentist told me that if I were his mother, he would have me get dentures…I heeded his advice. However, I didn’t go back to the honey, I substituted Kal Stevia (liquid and powder). I wish that I had known earlier about stevia…it could have saved my teeth.

Dental procedures are not tooth friendly. I went through years of having my teeth cleaned regularly. I was always skeptical about the use of a metal instrument to clean the teeth. I believe that the device can be harmful and cause the gums to separate from the teeth. This procedure can set patients up for gum disease

X-rays are required in dental offices, but are they safe? I was skeptical, when the dentist told me that they are perfectly safe, I had read that low level X-rays could impact the body, as we are exposed to so much radiation on a daily basis from TV’s, computers and cell phones.; even a tiny bit more could cause problems, like cancer.

Fluoride was another issue. I had given my dentist literature over the years regarding fluoride, but he totally disregarded this information. I had learned years ago that fluoride once had been used mainly to kill rats and insects…I had no desire to put rat poison in my mouth..

Topical fluoride treatments can cause problems. People are getting too much fluoride already in their toothpaste and water supply. It is also questionable if the fluoride that is being used is anywhere near the composition of the natural fluoride in the soil. The plants that have been grown in soil which contains fluoride had proven beneficial. However, the fluoride that is a by product of the manufacture of aluminum is what most people are ingesting when they drink fluoridated water or use toothpaste to brush their teeth. Google: Sodium Fluoride Sources

Today much of the fluoride that is being added to our municipal water supplies comes from China. There is no regulatory monitoring of acid or salt content. It is also contaminated with heavy metals, such as, arsenic and lead.. This information came from Bernard Miltenberger, president of the Pure Water Committee of Western Maryland.

“The material safety data sheets from Solvay Fluorides show that a teaspoon amount of 5 grams of sodium fluoride can be fatal to an average size man of 70 kg…chronic toxicity by oral route may cause skeletal and dental fluorosis, thyroid, testes, kidney, liver, ambiguous carcinogenic and mutagenic effects, fetotoxic and fertility effects.” Miltenberger also notes that fluoride toothpaste contains a warning that anyone who consumes more than a pea-sized amount should contact a poison control center at once.

Dentists tell you to brush your teeth regularly, but excessive brushing can cause striations in the teeth. Too bad they don’t tell you to avoid sugar, honey, raisins and even foods, such as, grains, which turn to sugar. If everyone stuck to a very primitive diet of natural unprocessed raw foods they would have good teeth.

Dr. Weston A. Price, a dentist who traveled around the world studying diet in relationship to teeth did discover that there were people that had fine teeth who had never seen a dentist or a toothbrush.. He found that beautiful straight teeth, freedom from decay, resistance to disease,…were typical of primitives on their traditional diets. He said that these primitives stand forth in sharp contrast to those subsisting on “impoverished foods of Civilization” – sugar, white flour, pasteurized milk and convenience foods filled with additives. He also found that dental caries, deformed dental arches, resulting in crowded, crooked teeth and an unattractive appearance, were merely a sign of physical degeneration.

Dr. Price was right to a point that eating right could make a difference. He thought that raw dairy, whole wheat, bone broth and meat were important elements of diet. He wasn’t into eating mainly organically-grown, raw fruits and vegetables. I do believe he would have lived longer than 78 years, if all his information were correct.

Dr. Norman W. Walker on his diet of primarily raw fruits and vegetables lived well over 100 years. In September 2010 I was at the Cancer Control Convention and spoke to a man who knew Dr. Walker. personally. He told me that Dr. Walker was over 118 years, when he died. This is a great testimonial to the benefits of eating fresh fruit and vegetables.

Information is coming out now on the internet in regard to re-mineralizing teeth rather than having them filled with toxic dental material. How I wish that this information was available, when I was growing up. You can check out:

Are you avoiding the foods and substances, which would set you up for Dental Disease? Flossing is good, but it is not going to prevent diseased teeth, if you don’t eat right. I learned this the hard way. It took many years to learn that the most important foods for the body and the teeth are organically grown raw fruits and vegetables.

Our nutrition experts have finally raised the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of servings of fruit and vegetables to: 5 – 9. This amount is too low. Fruit and vegetables need to be considered the main entrée. These are the foods that humans were designed to eat. If you want to have a small 3 oz portion of fish, meat or eggs, these foods should be limited. All other processed foods fill the stomach, but take a tremendous toll on health.

I was fortunate that I was doing many things right over the years. I avoided many processed foods, because I knew that they were not designed for human consumption. I wish that I had known how bad a natural sweet like honey could be; particularly combined with lemon. I do feel very good and have no physical complaints. I do miles of walking every day and tallied up 160+ miles last month.

Hopefully you will take to heart the information that I have given you – and it will help you avoid the problems I faced.

Healthfully Yours,

Barbara Charis

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    1. Barbara Charis Post author

      I have been doing a great deal of research for another book…and don’t even have the time to visit my website. My first book took 33 years to do and hundreds of thousands of dollars… How valid is the info in it? 98%. I asked for direct guidance over every line. Now, I have devoted 54 years of my life to find additional information to share for the price of a book. I have bought thousands of books = and most of them are far from 98%. Experimenting with information coming from them produced some major health problems in my body. I paid a great deal for consultations for advice that produced cancer. However, I did not go along with orthodox medicine to get rid of it….and get rid of it I did. As for the dental information I have – it cost me time, suffering and a small fortune in order to learn. Not one dentist ever gave me any information that was helpful in taking real care of my teeth…all their treatments actually were harmful. Too soon old. Too late smart. The best advice in the world….avoid the foods that propel you into a dentist’s office. If people ate right…like certain primitive people have done in this world…they would not require the services of a dentist.
      Holistically yours, Barbara Charis


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