Dissolving Kidney Stones Naturally!

Last week I got a call from someone who asked me about dissolving kidney stones naturally.   He knew that I was into natural healing –and wanted to know what I would recommend for getting rid of kidney stones. I suggested that he should use a natural apple cider vinegar (such as, Bragg‘s ACV), which happens to be one of the major players in dissolving kidney stones. I also recommended raw honey as a sweetener to make the drink more palatable. I told him to drink an ounce of ACV three times daily in a glass of distilled water sweetened with raw honey or stevia. After his call I started doing more research and came across many testimonials on the internet regarding the use of ACV in dissolving kidney stones.

What are kidney stones? Kidney stones (also referred to as renal calculi) are basically clumps of mineral salts that form due to a variety of reasons. They can occur, when the diet has too much animal protein or grains in it (which turns the blood acidic and leaches calcium out of the bones). Another reason. dehydration is a culprit. Many people don’t drink enough water. How much water do people need? If people ate enough fruits and vegetables – they wouldn’t need the max, which depending on one’s size – would be 8 to 12 glasses of distilled water daily. It should be distilled, because people don’t need more stone-forming, inorganic minerals from their water. These inorganic minerals can lodge in the soft tissues of the brain and in the joints. In addition, a deficiency of potassium, magnesium, vitamin C and/or B-Complex can also be a cause of kidney stones forming.

Kidney stones can be caused by eating or drinking the wrong foods: Eliminate, beer, soy and sodas (high in phosphoric acid which forms stones). Avoid high oxylate foods such as, rhubarb, chocolate, parsley, beet greens, beetroot, strawberries, wheat, pepper and nuts. Some nutritionists say – avoid spinach, but cooked spinach is the problem. I eat raw spinach every day and remain stone-free. Cooked spinach was not recommended by Dr. Norman Walker who was a true authority on the subject of health and nutrition.

Also avoid high amounts of phosphorus, which are found in meat, fish, poultry and dairy.  Grains also contain phosphorous – and should be avoided. So what foods containing lower amounts of phosphorous could be recommended?  Broccoli, organic free-range eggs, lentils, mung sprouts, white button mushrooms and raw spinach.

The majority of kidney stones are composed of calcium oxylate – also known as calcium stones. They can vary in size; as small as a grain of sand to as large as a golf ball. Kidney stones basically leave the body by passage in the urine stream, and many stones are formed and passed without symptoms. If stones grow to sufficient size before passage – on the order of 2-3 millimeters – they can cause obstruction of the ureter. The resulting obstruction can cause severe episodic pain, most commonly felt in the lower abdomen and groin (a condition known as renal colic). Renal colic can be associated with nausea and vomiting. Hematuria (bloody urine) is commonly present due to damage to the lining of the urinary tract.

Calcium is important in the diet, but excessive amounts can be crystallized in the kidneys…and start forming stones; creating high levels of urinary oxylate (aka hyperoxaluria). This can be helped by increasing the fluid intake and supplementing with vitamin B6.

Another type of kidney stones – cystine stones. Cystine serves as a building block of nerves, muscles and other parts of the body. However, excessive cystine build-up in the urine can lead to the formation of cystine stones. Although this rare condition is thought to be hereditary as it can run in families, there is a possibility that eating the wrong foods passed down from one generation to the next could be the cause. High levels of cystine in the urine are usually treated by increasing fluids.

A third type – Struvite Stones (magnesium ammonium phosphate), also known as infection stones, which develop after an urinary tract infection affects the urine’s natural balance. They are more common in women because they are more susceptible to urinary tract infections than men. They can be dissolved by using high amounts of vitamin C and cranberry juice. Cranberry juice can help restore the proper functioning of your damaged kidneys.

The role of Vitamin C in preventing and dissolving kidney stones. Both the kidney infection and the kidney stones will stop, if enough vitamin C is present in the diet. The current US RDA for Vitamin C is 60 mg. It is far too low. If you have kidney stones, try using at least a gram or more daily, which would be 1000 mg.+ in order to break up the stones. Some people may need more. Solgar has a C-Complex with 500 mg of Vitamin C (Calcium Ascorbate), plus it also contains citrus bioflavonoids, hesperiden and rutin.

The fourth type of kidney stones – Uric Acid Stones, which result from a problem metabolizing purines (the chemical base of adenine, xanthine, theobromine {in chocolate} and uric acid). They may form in a condition known as gout. Stopping the eating of meat will lower purines tremendously as meat is high in uric acid.

Remember the important steps in getting rid of kidney stones:

1) Stay hydrated. Drink 8 to 12 glasses of water daily.

2) Drink distilled water – You don’t need more inorganic minerals forming kidney stones.

3) Use an ounce or two of apple cider vinegar 3 x daily in 8 oz of distilled water.

4) Start the day with the juice of one lemon in 8 oz of distilled water.

5)  Drink pure cranberry juice (unsweetened)found at Trader Joes. Drink 8 oz. daily diluted with water .

6) Sweeten the above drinks with raw honey (if you aren’t diabetic) or stevia. No sugar!

7) Exercise daily…walking 3 miles in 60 minutes should be your goal.

8) Drink fresh organic fruit and vegetables drinks, such as, blenderized apple with distilled water, banana smoothies, spinach and carrot juice.

9) Eat sufficient roughage – high fiber foods keep the digestive tract open. A clean colon means that more nutrients will be assimilated and the body will function better.

10) Supplements needed: Potassium-rich foods, Nature’s Life 500 mg Magnesium with B6 and Solgar Vitamin C-Complex, as mentioned above.

11) Avoid meats (high in purines).

12) Avoid high oxylate foods (see above).

13) Think positively. Turn to Our Creator for strength in overcoming all problems. Ask and you shall receive.

I know this advice is harmless and less invasive than that offered by the medical profession. I believe in asking for guidance, when I have a problem and it has worked for me for 77 years.

If you want to check out testimonials click on:www.earthclinic.com/CURES/kidney_stones.html

I don’t particularly recommend the olive oil and lemon recommendations, because of the high fat content of a cup of oil. It could devastate the liver. I had a major problem with my liver in the past and it took me years to be able to handle any fat at all. It took 30 years to overcome my migraine headaches, which were related to fat consumption.

Almost 1 in 20 will develop a kidney stone in his/her lifetime. And if the pain is not the worst part of it, you can actually be one of the millions who spend thousands of dollars on hospital visits, harsh side effect medications and surgery. And the best or worst news (depending if you have spent thousands of dollars on kidney stone treatment or not), you can treat kidney stones naturally with a simple home remedy for kidney stones. In fact, your body can naturally pass its stones with no medication, no surgery and without spending a fortune.

We still have freedom of choice to make our own health decisions, but we do need to have the knowledge in order to do so. Become informed – it will save you from suffering needlessly.

Healthfully Yours,

Barbara Charis

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    1. Barbara Charis Post author

      Have not had the time to even visit my website for months. I am mainly into research…experimentation…and learning. Now, I am getting ready to do another book. My first one is a transition book. It is good for people who are not totally ready to get down to the nitty gritty and give up all the “good” foods that are slowly destroying them.

      I am sure that many people will reject the truth, because this is a nation of addicts. More food addicts than anything else. Food, as well as, alcohol and drugs – break down the human body. It only took 54 years to research my information, because of all the misinformation that exists.

      Hope this reaches you. Wanted to thank you for your information. I am not trying to attract visitors to my website…until I am about ready to go with my second book. Time is more valuable than money.

      Barbara Charis

  2. Vicky Harisis

    I just LOVE you … Thank you for your information and for your honesty about health and your many years of research in order to help people. I will buy your books.

    1. Barbara Charis Post author

      Hi! I just came across your comments and wondered what you thought of my book? It took 33 years to acquire the information in it and hundreds of thousands of dollars. No doctor in the world has gone where I have gone in order to uncover information.
      I’m planning on having another book finished in the near future…and I’m not doing consultations…so I have to change my video and website information. I love public speaking…so perhaps I will just do lectures.


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