Doing All the Right Things?

If you are doing all the right things, then why don’t you feel great? For starters, lets take a look at your average day. Do you start off the day with a noisy alarm that blasts you out of bed? This is not the way to start the day. You need to awaken to very low pleasant music. It is a stress on the body to awaken to a jarring alarm.

The first thing you need to do in the morning is have an elimination. If you are eating enough high fiber foods and high water content foods, you will start the day out right. High fiber foods would be apples, bananas, blueberries, pears, spinach, other greens, yams and perhaps a hemp food supplement which contains 11 grams of fiber per ounce. December 22, 2011 I covered the topic: Are You Getting Enough Fiber? It gave a suggested high fiber menu

The next thing you might do is have a shower, but make sure it isn’t too long or too hot…and make sure that you have a water filter on your shower, so your body wont be absorbing chemicals. If you need a water filter check out www.ewater.comBoth my daughter and I bought their Water filters. It feels good knowing that I am not bathing in chemicals. nor breathing them in from the steam.

Brushing the teeth and flossing are important, but avoid toothpastes that have chemicals in them, like fluoride, which is a toxic industrial waste. It probably would be better to forego the use of a toothpaste – and just brush and floss. Google: Dr.Mercola Fluoride. We have been sold out by financial interests, such as, the aluminum industry, the fertilizer industry and nuclear waste industry who needed a place to dump their toxic waste. Inorganic toxic waste is not going to keep your teeth healthy. Also, don’t use any other chemical waste products like mouthwash.. Healthy teeth are created by eating healthy foods…not from brushing with unnatural fluoride toothpaste.

After you shower don’t use any kind of an deodorant or anti-perspirant. If you are eating right, you won’t need them. If you perspire just wash under your arms more frequently. These products are toxic and can cause a problem with the lymphatic system. They are unnatural and can trigger off the immune system.

One of the best products for the body is coconut oil. It is a food which nourishes the skin, Coconut Oil is beneficial in many ways for the entire body. Pure Coconut Oil does not have any chemicals in it. If it is pure enough to eat, it is also pure enough to put on the skin. After you shower use coconut oil all over your body. It will keep your skin beautiful and smooth.

Time to get dressed. Make sure that you are wearing cotton underwear. Avoid synthetic fabrics, particularly next to the body. The body needs to breathe. Cotton is the best fabric you can use in all your clothes.

Avoid dry cleaning, if at all possible, because fumes from dry cleaning can be very toxic. If you do use dry cleaning, remove the film, when you get home and let the clothes air out for a few days.

Make sure that the shoes that you are wearing are comfortable. Don’t wear shoes that are uncomfortable. They stress the body and the face. I can remember what Dr. Norman Walker said, when he saw me in a photo wearing heels. He told me that heels break down the calves – and they also stress the face, when you wear uncomfortable shoes.

After leaving the bedroom, let’s head for the kitchen. The first thing I drink is a 10 ounce drink made with Moringa Leaf Tea. I fresh squeeze 2 oz of Lemon Juice in it and sweeten it with Stevia. . It is an ultra high nutritional drink, The tea comes from Africa and it contains lots of organic nutrients. In addition make sure you are eating at least 4 – 4oz servings of fruit, adding 3 oz of coconut milk, plus 7 oz of Red Zinger Herb Tea. Another breakfast drink is made with 4- 4 oz servings of fruit, and 6 oz of Hemp Milk and 8 oz of water. If you want more fiber, add Trader Joe’s Vanilla Hemp Protein Powder. If you are interested in buying Moringa Leaf Tea,

It really is important that you start the day out right. The best fruits for a smoothie are bananas, blueberries, kiwi, pineapple., and strawberries . The one fruit family that doesn’t go in a smoothie would be the melon family. If you want to eat melons, you must eat them on an empty stomach…and make sure they are organic, because the water-rich melon family absorbs a great deal of pesticides from the soil.

In between meals make herb teas like Celestial Seasonings Red Zinger, or Republic of Tea’s Red Teas Good Hope Vanilla . You need to make sure that you are getting enough fluid daily. It would pay to keep a record, so you don’t skimp on water.

If you are wise, you will avoid grains. Now that most of the grains are being genetically modified…it is most important that you avoid these GMO’s. If you go and click on books, then check out Dangerous Grains by James Braly, M.D. There are a number of other books on grains that will open your eyes to the facts that grains are not beneficial. This goes for GMO corn and rice, too.. What can one eat? Carrots, spinach both raw and steamed; steamed vegetables, like organic yams, organic green beans and some cruciferous vegetables, such as, broccoli. Cauliflower and cabbage. Now that Sugar Beets are going to be genetically modified; this along with corn in every form has to be eliminated. If you see corn oil, or any corn ingredient…in processed food…avoid. The same goes for canola oil. It too has been genetically modified.

Other foods that you may want to add to your shopping list: Organic avocado, organic mung bean sprouts, organic Alfalfa Sprouts, organic spinach. Organic grated carrot…can all contribute to a very tasty salad. Trader Joes has some wild Alaskan salmon. Trader Joe also has some water packed sardines which can be added to a salad. I do feel guilty about eating tuna…even, when it says “Dolphin-free.”

It is very difficult to eat right, if you aren’t aware of the dangers of eating foods that aren’t organic. Perhaps you aren’t aware of the dangers of eating non-organic foods. It pays to opt for organic apples and organic pears, as pesticides are deadly. I don’t always buy organic bananas, but I do buy organic kiwi.  I also buy organic carrot juice and spinach. I know how important it is for my health to eat right. Organic foods contain more nutrients than non-organic.

Supplements are very important. In order to take them regularly I have set up 20 little jars, which I take I jar after breakfast and 1 jar after dinner. Each person is biochemically unique, so I am using the ones that I am being guided to use. I am continually experimenting.  What I am doing today, I may not be doing six months from now. However, I have been using Solgar’s C Complex for the past few years, it is something that the majority of people need.  I have found that Solgar is one of the better supplement manufacturers. If anyone is interested in buying vitamins and minerals…and saving money, I can recommend

Exercise is totally mandatory on a regular basis. It keeps the body and the brain running smoothly. I ran into problems with my exercise routine in January. I got a bad blister, which forced me to stop exercising January lst. When the blister healed, I turned my ankle and was in agony for the next few weeks. I didn’t start exercising until the 7th of February…and I really slowed down, after laying off for a month.  I am just now getting back to my program.

Sleep is another factor that is most important. Without adequate rest you won’t be able to feel your best on a daily basis. December 1, 2010 I did a blog on Secrets to Sleeping Well. If you have a problem getting to sleep, the information in this blog could help you overcome your problem without the need of prescription drugs.

If you click on, you can look at a number of health blogs that I have written in the past few months. I don’t know how long the blogs will be active. If you have subscribed to my blogs you will get them automatically – and you will be able to see them, when ever you want.

Here’s wishing you success on your health program. I hope that you are doing all the right things and that you are feeling great.

Healthfully Yours,

Barbara Charis

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