“Earthing”: The Electro-Magnetic Connection Between the Earth And You

I didn’t know much about the phenonomen called “Earthing”, until I opened the Winter 2012 Issue of Health Freedom News.   The information resonated with my psyche and it brought back some wonderful childhood memories.   June always brought the end of the school year and the opportunity of escaping to the country to visit my grandparents for the summer. What was one of the greatest things I remembered about this? Taking off my shoes for the entire summer and going barefoot. Being a Piscean…shoes were always a bug-a-boo for me. I loved the freedom of going without them. I had no idea that this was so totally beneficial. It just felt psychologically uplifting…freeing my feet from the wearing of shoes,

Are you aware of “the healing power of the Earth?” A former electronics expert claims to have found scientific proof that the human foot being in direct contact with the Earth experiences healing throughout the whole body. One day in 1999 this man sat down on a park bench in Sedona, Arizona and observed the passing parade of tourists and their footwear. Sneakers. Sandals. Hiking boots. It occurred to him that everyone was wearing some sort of rubber or plastic sole. And then, as he described it, “ a light bulb went off,” He thought back to his cable industry experience and the practice of “grounding.” This is connecting all electrical and cable systems to the Earth in order to stop interference from outside electromagnetic fields.

The name of the above gentleman is Clint Ober and this is his story. The thought entering his head, which changed his life was: “Could wearing insulating rubber or plastic soles affect human health?” From the moment that Ober first sat down in Sedona and wondered whether shoes hurt our health, he became obsessed with finding an answer.

His first experiment, using a simple voltmeter measured the electro-magnetic field (EMF) induced on his body from appliances and wiring in the walls of his apartment. He then took readings while “grounded” and sitting or lying on makeshift metallic duct tape grids he had connected by wire to a ground rod. He found that the measurements varied dramatically based on whether he was grounded or not. For instance, as he rested on the bed with his bare skin in contact with his crude metallic tape grid, his voltmeter registered almost zero. Ungrounded, there were varying levels of voltage. Here he discovered that being “grounded” allowed him to sleep for the first time in many years – without having to take his usual pain pills for chronic back pain. Night after night, he repeated his little experiment and found that his pain diminished and his sleep improved immensely.

Does this sound like science fiction? Fascinated, Ober conducted a similar experiment with willing friends who had similar problems. Same results. Better sleep. Less pain. It became apparent that being grounded and “in sync” with the Earth’s natural electrical energy had unique benefits. As he recounts in his book, Earthing,Ober’s next challenge was to refine his crude grounding grids. Working with specialty companies, he developed cotton sheets with conductive silver strands woven into them. He also developed grounded mats, patches, and bands with which to connect people to the Earth.

Ober began grounding people who had chronic pain, severe inflammation, immune disorders, insomnia, and even conditions so disabling as multiple sclerosis (MS). Within a short period of time – sometimes as fast as overnight – many people reported significant symptom relief. Word spread rapidly about the amazing effects of simply being reconnected to the Earth and people would seek out Mr. Ober for his grounding devices. Over time, the repeated positive results convinced Mr. Ober that contact with the Earth restores a natural electrical state in the body – and that the planet has abundant yet overlooked healing properties.

Initially, other researchers wanted nothing to do with Ober’s idea. In fact, as he first tried to solicit doctors and scientists to investigate his discovery, he was met with ridicule. But as word continued to spread, some members of the health community started to listen and conducted their own experiments using Mr. Ober’s devices. In one early experiment, Dr. Maurice Ghaly, a retired anesthesiologist, conducted a pilot study measuring the secretion of cortisol, the so-called “stress hormone,” in people before and after grounding. (Elevated cortisol levels indicate chronic stress and contribute to poor sleep as well as a host of other problems.) Ghaly’s study found that Earthing during sleep “resynchronizes cortisol secretion in alignment with its natural normal rhythm.” People in his study reported better sleep and less pain – the very same findings that Mr.Ober and his close friends had experienced.

In 2001, the work of Clint Ober attracted the attention of renowned cardiologist, Stephen Sinatra, M.D., who has been in medicine 30 years.; combining conventional with alternative treatment. He says, “I regard Earthing as the greatest health breakthrough in all my years in medical practice. Regular grounding (another name for Earthing) restores the body’s natural electrical state, calms the nervous system, reduces inflammation, and improves circulation. No pill on Earth can do what Mother Earth does.”

Inflammation had recently been identified as the cause of arterial and cardiovascular disease, and Sinatra reasoned that if grounding reduced inflammation in the heart (which is regulated by electrical impulses), then grounding might provide a “new weapon against heart disease.” Dr. Sinatra asked Ober to determine whether or not Earthing indeed reduced inflammation. With the help of other professionals, such as biophysicist James Oschman, Ph.D., and William Amalu, D.C., the president of the International Academy of Clinical Thermography, Mr. Ober found the answers he was seeking. Yes, Ober and his associates had found that the Earth itself is one gigantic anti-inflammatory aid.

The electrical energy on the surface of the planet takes the form of a limitless supply of negatively charged sub-atomic particles called electrons. When you make direct contact with the Earth, they are absorbed into your body; and appear to absorb the positively charged free radicals. These free radicals are responsible for causing chronic inflammation. Although inflammation results from the body’s attempt at healing itself through the release of white blood cells to an injury site, sometimes the inflammatory response persists even when the initial illness or injury has passed.. This chronic inflammation can eventually harm healthy cells in the surrounding area. Mr. Ober and his co-authors believe that “normal inflammation veers out of control because of lost contact with the Earth…{This} generates an autoimmune response manifesting as chronic inflammation. The immune system {runs) amok, attacking its owner – you,” A lack of grounding, they contend, causes an electron deficiency. Reconnection with the Earth eliminates it and a healing process unfolds. Inflammation, sickness and pain are but a manifestation – in large part or small – of an electron deficiency and the remedy is right under our feet.

Inflammation is related to a rogue’s gallery of ailments: Multiple sclerosis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, intestinal disorder, headaches, kidney failure, chronic pain, diabetes, cancer, allergies and cardiovascular disease. It can also be caused by a reaction to foods people are eating. One of the great promises of Earthing is that it offers a simple and natural way to impact inflammation and aid the body in combating pain and dysfunction that inflammation causes. We can connect to the Earth as easily as walking barefoot on the ground outside, or sitting with our feet planted on the lawn, or swimming in the ocean. When we go inside, that connection can be maintained by sleeping on one of Mr. Ober’s grounded sheets or working at the computer with bare feet on one of his grounded floor mats.

Mr. Ober’s book Earthing, contains thermal images of wounds before and after grounding therapy. The pictures show a decrease in inflammation, after Earthing is applied. In addition, before and after pictures provided by Dr. Sinatra show that after grounding for forty minutes, red blood cells that had been clumped together in a pattern indicative of cardiovascular disease thinned out into healthier patterns. This is the apparent result of the red blood cells acquiring a greater negative charge through Earthing, and thus being better able to repel other red blood cells. (The book also contains numerous testimonials from people whose quality of life improved dramatically with treatment.) The blood-thinning effect has been documented already in a pilot study, with another larger study in the works. If Earthing is indeed found to contribute to blood thinning, the implication for cardiovascular disease would be profound.

Mr. Ober believes that Americans, in particular, have been lulled into a false sense of health security. Promised that there would be a pill for all our ills and medical insurance for everyone. That hasn’t happened – and even if it had, asks Ober, at what cost would it be offered? Meanwhile, we have become increasingly disconnected from nature and the Earth. Not only do we eat increasingly unhealthy and unnatural food, but our environment has become more and more unhealthy and unnatural as well. Technology has delivered a double whammy: First plastic soled shoes replaced traditional (and conductive) leather shoes; and then we became surrounded by electronic devices, wireless connections, microwaves, and cell towers – devices that constantly assail our bodies with forms of interference that act like electricity running wild through our ungrounded bodies.

The result? From the latter half of the 20th century on, everything in our homes, schools, and offices has hampered our ability to connect with the healing power of the Earth, while bombarding us with electronic contamination. Ober points out that people have never lived like this before. Native Americans, such as those in Mr. Ober’s home state of Montana, knew the value of the Earth. They walked on it barefoot or with moccasins; they slept on it; and they healed from their interaction with it.

Ober pleads for us to become more aware of our own health issues, become proactive, start thinking of “health assurance” versus “health insurance,” and begin reconnecting with the Earth. He believes in a healthy diet and exercise; but he also believes that if we are not grounded, we are failing to take advantage of a remarkable source of healing that is available to all of us, all the time, for free.

But what if we can’t spend enough time outside, walking barefoot on the grass or swimming in the ocean? Ober has created a line of products that allow users to ground from almost anywhere inside homes and offices. He has spent millions to develop his dream and accomplish his mission. He states that his desire for the future is simply to get the message out to more people, to share the healing that Earthing has o offer, and to motivate everyone to get earthed and share their experience with friends and family – and help bring about the “natural” health and wellness revolution.

What a few (of many other experts in the article) are saying about “Earthing”:

* “Earthing is a return to the healing power of nature…here’s a simple but powerful way to restore your health on all levels.” – Hyla Cass, M.D., author of 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health

* “Earthing ranks right up there with the discovery of penicillin…probably the most important health read of the 21st century.” Ann Louise Gittelman, Ph.D.,C.N.S., author of Fat Flush Plan

* “Earthing may be as fundamental as sunlight, air, water and nutrients,” Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology & Medicine, University of Arizona

You can view reports and videos related to Earthing at Ober’s websites –www.earthing.com and www.earthinginstitute.net

This article came from the National Health Federation’s magazine Health Freedom News, which is a very valuable resource for alternative health seekers. The NHF is waging a tremendous battle to prevent the loss of our food supplements. Please check out their website – www.thenhf.com  I became a lifetime member many years ago and recommend that others join this organization and join in the fight for our personal health freedom.

Today I spoke to my brother Alan about Earthing and he was well acquainted with this information. He told me how to purchase a meter to check whether or not my electrical sockets are grounded. He also suggested ways to become grounded, if there is copper plumbing in the home. I am doing further research on this subject.

I am being guided to get back to nature; taking my shoes off…and walking on dirt paths, as well as lawns that have not been sprayed with chemicals.  I love the beach, but driving across traffic-congested Los Angeles is not a picnic –  and it’s impossible to find reasonably priced parking near our beaches.. It would be great to swim in the Azure waters off the coast of Rodos in Greece again, but in the meantime I have to content myself with getting grounded by connecting with the earth nearer home on a regular basis.

Healthfully Yours,

Barbara Charis

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