Food for the Soul: Divine Love

Man does not live by food alone – and soul food has been totally neglected.  Years ago, we heard a lot about Soul, but it’s not mentioned much in the world today.  Mankind has stopped tuning into higher consciousness, because of worldly distractions.  People put on their ear phones to listen constantly to music or information, but they are not tuning into the Divine Inspiration that exists, which would alter their consciousness and the world. It is sad that they do not seek a direct connection to their Source. They are missing out on an awesome connection.

Life can be incredible, when you establish a relationship with the One who created you. I’ve gone direct, since I was a child and have seen unbelievable things occur.  I have done a lot of writing, but didn’t have it published.
I am a writer, not a salesman. I am more into writing…and not particularly interested in the details of promotion. In 1979 I wrote a manuscript entitled For Thou Art With Me. It was all about the experiences that had occurred in my life, since childhood. I would not be here, if the Creator had not intervened many times

I look everywhere for information that would help people understand what their mission in life is. In 1982 I had a meeting with the author of What’s Your Card?  I discovered his book in the Bodhi Tree  in L.A
I was so impressed that I wanted to sell it at my holistic center. I tracked down the author, Arne Lein and arranged a meeting to buy his books. It is very interesting what I have learned about people and destiny from doing readings using the information in this book. It taught me how to read special Friendship and Relationship Cards. The boy across the street in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania whom I met in 1940 happens to be the same card as mine…which is Queen of Clubs and represents service to others. It is also a soul mate card. He is Taurus and I am Pisces. This lifetime we were not supposed to be together.

In 1982 I opened my holisticcenter in West Los Angeles – and I don’t know how it happened, but an important paper came into my hands from an unknown source. I was so impressed I xeroxed it for 25 years. 
I  handed it out to everyone who came to my center.  It was originally entitled The Persian Rosary and the author’s name was on it. I was guided to remove his name, because people might reject information, coming from an unknown man with a foreign sounding name Mirza Ahmad Sohrab. I was also guided to entitle it The Path to Spiritual Unforldment.  Recently, I went into the Internet to see what I could find out about the man who wrote it.  Googled his name and discovered information. He was born in Iran and was of the Bahai faith; and had been persecuted by Muslims. He was forced to leave and go to India with his uncle. He was a writer, so I checked Amazon and found a book entitled The Bible of Mankind (it defined many of the world’s religions.) He was most enlightened. I am passing along his divine spiritual food for the soul:

The Path to Spiritual Unfoldment

Love and serve humanity. Praise every soul. If you cannot praise him, let him pass out of your life. Dare, dare and dare; and then dare more. Do not imitate. Be original. Be inventive. Be yourself. Know yourself. Stand on your own ground.

Do not lean on the borrowed staff of others. Think your own thoughts. There is no saint without a past. There is no sinner without a future. See only good in every face. All the perfections of the Creator are hidden within you. Reveal them. Let his spirit flow. Be cheerful. Be courteous. Be a dynamo of irrepressible happiness.

Assist everyone. Let your life be like unto a rose; though silent it speaks in the language of fragrance. You are a trinity of body, mind and soul. The food of the soul is Divine Love. Therefore feed your mind on Divine Love so that body and mind are invigorated. Be deaf and dumb concerning the faults of others. Do not listen to gossip. Silence the tale-bearer with virtuous conversation. Stop the circulation of the poisonous germs of religious fanaticism through your veins and arteries and those of your children. Never argue with any soul concerning his religious beliefs. Religious controversies lead to hatred and separation. Spirituality is love and fellowship, not theological dogmas, creeds and rituals.

When you have real love, tolerance and sympathy in your heart for your fellowman, you have the highest type of faith, no matter by what name you call yourself.  Rest assured that the emancipation of the world is through the One who created Love and in the nameless Religion of Love. Develop the qualities of essential goodness. Every soul is endowed with the attributes of intrinsic beauty. Discover those attributes and hold them before the world. Spirituality is a personal relationship between man and his Maker. Do not interfere with it. Do not organize it. Neither try to reduce it to statements. Organization, in whatever form, is the death-knell of spirituality. Do not preach this. Practice it and demonstrate it.

Let no one dictate to you regarding what you should do or what you should not believe and do in your spiritual life. The Ultimate Authority is the Authority of the Spirit within you and not that of any man, dead or alive. The Unerring Witness is standing in the center of your being. All powerful. Mighty and Supreme! His is the final testimony. His is the court of last appeal. His love is in you and for you. Share it with others through association. Do not court separation from the creatures, but unite with them in love. To know yourself through your fellowship with others – is to know truth. Have courage. Realize your divine origin. You are the ray of the sun of immortal bliss. You and the Father are One. The Deathless Radiant Self is in you. Reverence your celestial station. No harm will come to you. His Perfect Image created you. Abide in the fort of His Protection. Association with all people will lead to spiritual unfoldment and not the deterioration of the soul. Live above the world of faith and infidelity: religion and atheism; liberalism and orthodoxy; truth and error; angel and devil; and you will be living with and in the Creator’s world of absolute goodness; absolute beauty; and absolute perfection.

In spirituality there is no compulsion. The path to spiritual unfoldment is not by restrictions and constraints; not anathema and excommunication, but by constant progress from world to world, from star to star, from constellation to constellation, forever and without end. The Light of Lights is in your heart. Uncover it. Let it shine for the illumination of mankind. Do not expect a favor from friend or foe, and you shall never be disappointed. Overcome malice, envy, personal spite, and prejudice – and you will be the Master of Destiny. Do not condemn a single soul. In condemning him, you are condemning yourself. Never for an instant forget that he is also a traveler here.

Upon the great sea of spirit, there is room for every spirit, there is room for every sail. In the limitless sky of truth, there is room for every wing. Have a sin-covering eye. See only the beautiful, the lovely, the noble. Be gentle. Be lenient. Be frank. Be positive. Soar in the atmosphere of freedom. Walk in your chosen path and let no criticism disturb you in the least. This is the way to success, happiness, health, glory and prosperity. Let me walk on a path of spiritual unfoldment all the days of my life.

We are born for a reason and purpose. Everyone has talents that we are supposed to discover and nourish. These talents will contribute greatly, if one develops them. The Bible speaks of buried talents; many assume this means money. Well, having something to contribute is a talent that will put money into your pocket. It is not only a duty to discover one’s abilities, but in using them wisely, one will thrive and be able to influence and help others do the same.

Healthfully Yours,

Barbara Charis

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