Happy New Year 2012: Great Changes Predicted

The Mayan Calendar predicted that December 21, 2012 would bring life-changing occurrences.  Some think they will be cataclysmic events that could end the world, but others think differently.  They believe that it’s the end of one cycle – and the beginning of another. These changes will potentially lift the consciousness of all souls on this level and possibly be the catalyst that will save the planet from the low conscious materialism, which is destroying it.

People need awareness and true knowledge regarding the health of the planet. It is steadily going downhill to the point, where there will have be no natural resources left. The major players who are in control of the power and the wealth of the planet do not seem to be aware of the end result of their limited awareness. They have been so immersed in gaining total control of the wealth of this planet that they have lost their comprehension. The end result of their focus on the Bottom Line could destroy this planet.

It is incomprehensible how those who are in charge can’t see that without air or water, nothing can exist and they will not survive either. There’s no place to go, if Earth’s resources are destroyed. The mindlessness of those who put profit first is jeopardizing the future of Earth. Lack of foresight in creating new products without taking into consideration the possible problems which could be generated. Failure to do adequate research and know what effect the product would have on the ecology of the planet has brought about serious consequences globally.

One of the major products that is totally out of control – PLASTIC. This product was created without thought as to how it could be broken down. It may be changed to another form, but it doesn’t decompose.  Recently, I wrote about the floating islands of plastic gyres, which are hundreds of miles across and are located in five oceans around the world. Plastics of all sizes and shapes are contaminating and killing the fish and other life forms that live in the ocean. Plastics could possibly destroy all the waters of the Earth by destroying ocean life. Did the people who created this product called plastic ever give a thought to the devastation that this new product would cause? What can we do to alleviate this situation?

Giant trawlers are using massive mile-long nets to harvest fish – and I think these trawlers should be concentrating on using immense strainers to remove all plastic from the ocean. What is it doing to the health of those who are consuming fish contaminated with plastic?  Some of the plastic is very minute – and many have no idea that they are consuming fish loaded with plastic.

All the nations globally need to work together to solve this problem with these massive floating plastic gyres. People worldwide must be made aware of the disastrous ramifications of permitting more plastic waste to enter our oceans.  Many are aware that the forests/trees are the lungs of the world, but how many realize that the waters of the world are not infinite – and without the oceans there would be no life on earth. We are the only planet in our solar planet that has the perfect conditions for human life to exist. We can’t afford to keep moving in the direction that we have been moving. We need to totally stop producing more plastic.

The waters of the earth are also being used as a chemical dump. Many factories are dumping toxic chemicals into streams, lakes, rivers, which eventually wind up in the oceans. All around the shores of the oceans worldwide there are cities which dump their toxic waste unfiltered right into the oceans, too. Many seem to think the world’s oceans can absorb all this toxic matter, because they appear to be so immense. However, this waste winds up in the fish along the coasts and ocean fish too – and humans are eating these fish; along with other marine life who depend on fish too.  It is creating health problems for all species who consume fish. Water pollution along the California Coast is so bad at times, that people are warned to stay out of the water., when the bacteria level is high.   Fish worldwide are being contaminated and this may not be a big problem very shortly, because many fish are on the verge of extinction. What can we do about this? Stop polluting the oceans, crack down on polluters and limit our consumption of fish.

In the fifties a slogan was Better Living through Chemistry. It was thought that chemistry would bring about great changes and make human life easier.  In reality, it has created products and chemicals which threaten the globe; plastic is only one of them. Other chemical feats, such as creating hormones to increase milk production in cows and fatten cattle, has a very dark side. It has caused massive hormonal imbalance in many who consume these products. Many who consume these products are unaware that many of the health problems they are experiencing have been caused by eating food coming from unnaturally raised animals . For example, a cow may normally have over 50 hormones in her body, which helps create milk. However in order to boost milk production and extend milk production – many more additional man-made hormones are injected into cows. Don’t think that they don’t get into the bodies of humans consuming them. Women experiencing PMS and other hormonal problems need to stop ingesting these hormone-laden foods. Hormones used to bulk up cattle may also be responsible for tumor growth in the human body. Better living through chemistry has brought many health problems to the fore.

Many products that have been produced through chemistry, such as carpeting, mattresses, drapes, curtains, paint, plastics, etc. These products can outgas and give off fumes that can make people ill. Products being produced with toxic chemicals and fire-retardants have been forced on everybody. Why are corporations permitted to continue creating and manufacturing products through chemistry that are detrimental to all life on earth?  Better living through chemistry has not made life better; it has created critical problems world-wide.

Chemistry is responsible for the creation of pesticides. For many years I had a sign in my office on the wall…Pesticides are Poisons. Why are toxins being used in the food producing agricultural industry without thought to the end results of using toxic poison on our food supply? Getting rid of insects, but at what cost? Our soils have been totally contaminated by using chemicals, which wind up in all who ingest these foods. It seems to me that the scientists who worked for these corporations didn’t ever play chess. This game teaches people to think ahead, before they make a move and not make a move, until it is well thought out. These chemists have revved ahead without foresight; creating  life-destroying products.

It seems incredible that commercial-interests offer inorganic fertilizers, which are totally deficient. They’re composed of three relatively inexpensive elements (NPK: Nitrogen Phosphorus Potassium) while overlooking more than 100 other elements soils need.  Fertilizer corporations are partially responsible for many health concerns that have been created by deficient soils, such as heart disease and cancer. Manmade chemical fertilizers most likely provide far more profit than devising natural organic fertilizers. The producers overlook the facts that more natural ingredients would nourish the soil; the organisms that are in the soil; and those who consume the end results of agriculture – the consumers. If enough people were aware of what is going on, perhaps eventually they will demand food which is grown in the best method possible – organic without pesticides or inorganic fertilizer. People need to be more aware that they are paying out immense sums of money for drugs, treatments and operations, because the food being grown is toxic with poisonous chemicals and deficient in nutrients. Perhaps, if they recognized this, they would be more willing to pay for organic.

Another major concern is the electronic industry. Here again, insufficient research was conducted in order to determine the effects that electronic products would have on human life and other species. When money is in the equation, the danger connected with the development of products is swept under the carpet. This is themodus operandi of other industries, too. When the profits in industry are great, those who are reaping – don’t give a thought to the destruction that they are sowing. The electronic devices which we are so enamored with – have created problems with the navigational abilities of birds, bees, bats, etc. They are also affecting people who live in the vicinity of cell towers. They are detrimental to the brains of those who are using cell phones, I have seen photos on the internet of heat generating rays from two cell phones, having the ability to fry an egg, which was placed between them. Perhaps, if one could limit the use of the cell phone to a minute at a time and use it for an emergency – it may do little damage. However, what is major daily cell phone use doing to those who use them? Is it responsible for the increase in brain tumors in humans? There has not been enough valid research done on these electronic devices. It is imperative that major industries be held accountable for the damage that they are inflicting on human beings, other species and the environment. Making major profit should come with accountability on the part of those who desire to create wealth. It is inexcusable that some major corporations are getting away with the massive destruction that their products have done to the entire planet.

What about the greed of a corporation that is grabbing up all the agricultural seeds – patenting them than forcing farmers to purchase the Creator’s seeds from it? How petty and ignorant could it be? Has the corporation no awareness that it is accumulating major karma and every one connected to it will be held accountable. . No one can steal the Creator’s property without paying for it. The Creator never sold Monsanto seeds – so it could monopolize them. It is a major mistake. In addition the seeds were chemically altered and changed, so they were given abilities that the Creator would never have given them. The people involved in altering these seeds were not intelligent. They somehow injected pesticide into these seeds without thinking of the problems that would be created through doing this. The end result – food plants that are going into the bodies of animals and humans – and these foods are causing damage in the intestines of both animals and humans The pesticides wipe out healthy bacteria, which are necessary in order for living beings to maintain health. Farmers are finding that crops that have come from these seeds. which have been genetically modified (GM) are causing animals to have spontaneous abortions. Can this do the same to human beings? I am afraid that this corporation has not done its homework! It has altered seeds, which has caused many problems worldwide for those who are being forced to use them.

What can we do in order to combat these industries which are trying to take over the world for financial gain? It is important that we are aware of what is going on, then we can inform others.  Right now,  many in California are working to get GM foods labeled, so people will know, whether or not GMOs are in their food. Vote with your pocketbook. Support organizations which are fighting “Goliath” – Monsanto – who seems to be the major player in this ugly scenario. A good place to start would be

www.labelgmos.org . Another website is www.ResposibileTechnology.org     If we don’t take a step now, we will be forced to buy foods, which will destroy the health of every living thing.

What else can we do?  Buy certified organic.  Avoid all GMO crops. If everyone was aware and did this, there would be no financial incentive in promoting these GMO crops.  What crops have been genetically altered? Which ones must we avoid? The major ones are: soy, corn, canola (rapeseed), sugar (sugar beets), crookneck squash, cottonseed, zucchini, and Hawaiian papaya. Potatoes have been GM and this year alfalfa was designated to become genetically modified without adequate scientific research being done. If you eat processed foods, you will find that almost every food product has been contaminated with GMOs. If you want to remain healthy, you need to be very careful by reading labels. If you see corn, corn syrup, corn starch or anything with the word corn avoid. The same goes for soy. Anything with the word soy in it can contain a GMO, i.e. soy lecithin, soy sauce, etc. Don’t purchase it!  Think Certified organic.

One can survive very well without consuming foods that contain GMOs. We need foods that have nutrients that feed our bodies – not Franken foods, which offer nothing, but health problems. Variety may be the spice of life, but a limited number of very nutrient-rich foods will do more for the health of the human species than what we have been told by the food industry to promote their nutrient-poor food. Almost none of the GMO foods are paricularly good for human consumption – so it would be no great loss for people to simply avoid any of the foods mentioned above that have been genetically modified..

Change is inevitable as nothing in the world remains the same. If earth is to survive, only awareness will help us combat those who have no regard for anything, but themselves and their bank accounts. Those who are such limited thinkers that they can’t focus on anything, but the Bottom Line need to be put out of business. There are many who are aware of the fragility of this planet and are dedicating time, energy and resources to prevent its further deterioration. However, everyone needs to get involved. Be awake and aware. Pass the word along to everyone you know. If enough people take action, positive changes will occur. Support good causes. Volunteer time and energy, Use money wisely. Don’t contribute to organizations who are destroying Planet Earth…and may 2012 bring wonderful changes to the entire globe. Trust in our Creator more and men less! Wishing you a very healthy and Happy New Year!

Healthfully Yours,

Barbara Charis

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