Iodine, The Thyroid and You!

In June 2010, I did a brief health blog on the thyroid gland and how I was starting to use an iodine supplement to stimulate my metabolism. I didn’t expect it to take this long to follow up. I started using Iosol, a liquid iodine from a company called Wellness Resources. It took several months for my temperature to get to normal…98.6 degrees. I saw that they had another product called Thyroid Helper, so I ordered it from them, too at:

in January 2011, I went to my doctor to have blood work done. I got the results in February. I found out my thyroid was back to normal and I didn’t need the medication he wanted me to take back in September 2010.
I had looked at the list of ingredients in the medicine and they were loaded with toxic dyes and other questionable fillers. About nine months later, I went back for another test and the doctor said that the test was questionable again, but I refused the medication, because I wanted to find out what had changed the result. I did find an answer…keep reading.

I have relatively few symptoms of a sluggish thyroid. My weight is better than normal and my energy is fine. I achieved my target weight: 106 lbs., after using the Iosol and Thyroid Helper. No more cold feet. My skin is less dry. My finger nails could be better, but I seem to find them in water much of the time and I don’t use gloves. I have recommended these products to others and they have found beneficial results, too.

What are some of the symptoms of a thyroid disorder?

  • Difficulty in losing weight
  • Low Energy
  • Dry Skin
  • Low Blood Pressure
  • Elevated Cholesterol
  • Thickened Tongue
  • Low Body Temperature
  • Hair Loss
  • Constipation
  • Irritability
  • Mental Depression
  • Dullness of Mind and Slurring of Speech
  • Swollen Eyes
  • Swollen Face
  • Recurrent Infections
  • Female Problems: Heavy Menstrual Flow & Cramping

I have several symptoms on this list, but I want to solve them naturally. I am staying on the Iosol and the Thyroid Helper, because they contain the most natural ingredients to support thyroid health. If I have a problem, I try to resolve it nutritionally. I discovered that using too much iodine can work in a reverse mannerand can create a thyroid deficiency.  I started cutting down on the amount of liquid iodine that I was using. I had heaped up on the iodine after the nuclear disaster in Japan in March 2011. The government had proposed 100 mg of potassium iodide in the advent of a nuclear radiation problem. I wasn’t taking anywhere near that amount and the iodine I was using was far less irritating to the human body than potassium iodide. If you go you can read all about Iosol and Thyroid Helper; and other natural products.

By the way I am not affiliated with any nutritional supplement companies. I am giving you the benefit of my experience in using certain products over the years. I do believe in supplements. Being totally aware of the poor soil in this country, it would be a health disaster not to try and compensate for the lack of nutrients in our food. I am gathering information to do a blog on soil/fertilizer very shortly. Are you aware that even though organic is the best way to go – it does not guarantee that you will be getting all the nutrients you need. It all depends on what is being added to the soil. However, I try to buy organic, because it does not contain pesticides which are toxic to the thyroid and the rest of the body.

Another fine product that I am using is Amino Acid Rich Trace Minerals. I was at the Cancer Control Convention going around checking out various products back in September 2010. I check them with my dowser to ascertain their value. I was very surprised to see that many of the products at this one booth tested very positively. I met the proprietor and he was a very healthy-looking gentleman in his fifties by the name of Fred Van Liew. If I go to a booth and see someone who doesn’t look too fit…I keep on moving. If I stop to check the products being sold, I usually find that they are negative or of little value. Fred Van Liew also has a really fine shower filter, which my daughter got me for Christmas. It was interesting to find out that he is also handling Iosol and Thyroid Helper, now. He knows what is good. His website is:

Thyroid hormones regulate metabolism. Metabolism controls the rate at which the body uses energy to empower all its cells. As energy is created by the cells, heat is produced. The cells have a great need for very specific nutrients in order to work right. One of the most important is iodine, but it is either missing or deactivated by foods, which contain goitrogens. Many today are eating one of the worst foods ever created by the food industry. It has been touted as being a health food, but it is far from it. What is this iodine-destroying food? SOY.   If you want to be healthy, avoid soy in all forms. If it is listed as an ingredient, don’t touch it.

America is experiencing a problem of massive proportions called OBESITY. Many foods other than soy contain these goitrogens, which are causing radical metabolism problems. Be aware that there are many low calorie foods that contain goitrogens and people are eating them without realizing that their thyroid glands are slowly being broken down by consuming them. If the thyroid malfunctions, it will cause all the above problems and more.

What are some other goitrogen-containing foods? The cruciferous family of vegetables: broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and kale. In addition, mustard greens and turnips impact the thyroid too. Many nutritionists state that cooking deactivates the goitrogen food, but I have been guided to totally avoid these foods…even if cooked. I know that I couldn’t even start losing weight, until I stopped eating them.

It is proclaimed that soy has anti-nutrients in it, which can’t be deactivated, even by cooking. Well, I have been guided not to eat soy, since I first came across it in the seventies. I tried it one time and wound up in the restroom throwing up. I am ultra sensitive to the wrong food.

Other goitrogenic foods are the legumes: peas, lentils, bean sprouts, black beans, navy beans, pinto beans and even green beans to a limited extent. I read that the cassava root along long with the cruciferous vegetables, was responsible for millions of Africans acquiring toxic goiter problems. Just because it is called a vegetable, doesn’t make it all that good to eat. Many fruits and vegetables can cause health problems in the human body, which doctors who are ill informed about nutrition, treat with other toxic matter, called drugs.

I came across interesting information in a book entitled: Eat Fat, Look Thin by Bruce Fife, N.D. It had good information in regard to the thyroid. 1 in 4 or 23% of the population is experiencing health problems created by modern living and eating processed foods. It’s not an infectious disease, it’s called thyroid system dysfunction. He covered information, which I found to be very beneficial. I have some of his other books too, related to the use of coconut oil. He has done a thorough study of this subject. He proposes that the use of coconut oil can help raise the temperature of the body, which needs to occur in order to get the thyroid functioning right. I read some of the testimonials of those who had changed their metabolism through the use of raw virgin coconut oil. I do use coconut oil daily. I put it all over my body, which I know makes its way into the bloodstream – and I eat about 2 teaspoons daily. His readers claim that they consume 2 to 4 tablespoons, but I don’t believe that 28 -56 grams of extra fat daily is the way to go, I go along with Dr. Doug Graham who wrote The 80-10-10 Diet that only 10% of the calories should be from fat.

After 51 years of health research, I am still fascinated with this subject. I intend to do another video to attach to my website in the near future, because I have seen major changes in my body. Since I started this blog in June 2010, I have dropped 4 dress sizes healthfully. I went from size 8 to size 4. All things are possible, if you have faith and I do have a great deal of faith. I ask for guidance in everything I do.

Another Piscean by the name of Albert Einstein came up with his Theory of Relativity. I have my own ideas on the subject that Age is a Matter of Relativity. I am turning 78 years young the end of February. I have never felt better in my life.One thing that really disturbs me, when I read the newspaper is – anyone over the age of 60 is described as “elderly and fragile.” It doesn’t have to be this way. Our minds must be open to thinking “outside the box.” The future holds unlimited possibilities and one of them is our concept on aging. People of 40 were at one time considered ancient. The life expectancy standards are changing all the time.

My mother lived to 89 on a very poor diet. She died of renal kidney failure and heart disease. If she could make it to 89 on a bad diet, my concept is: I could live 30 years longer on an excellent one. I changed her sister’s diet (my aunt) who was challenged with arthritis at 78 – and she lived to 97 playing golf and ballroom dancing up to just a couple weeks before she made her transition. She was willing to give up some of the foods which were causing her condition. This same aunt influenced me very strongly, when I was in my twenties. She said, “A moment on the lips; an eternity on the hips.” It made me think…”Is this food worth it?

If your thyroid is working you will feel like exercising…and walking is a very fine exercise. I learned a good lesson about walking. You literally are wasting your time, if you don’t walk fast enough. I spent a whole year walking between 5 and 10 miles daily with very limited results…until I got a heart rate monitor and started moving fast enough; getting my heart rate above a certain level. I cut down to 3 miles daily and started losing inches by simply making sure that I did 3 miles in less than 60 minutes. Intensity of the exercise is very important. If results are important all things must be factored into your life and exercise is life!. Being a couch potato doesn’t get anyone very far!

There are other supplements, which are recommended for those who are seeking beneficial health results. Both selenium and chromium work in conjunction with iodine in getting the thyroid functioning better. No one supplement is the answer, as they all work together synergistically to produce results. Each person is bio-chemically unique, so both supplements and food must be determined on an individual basis. Also, not all vitamins and minerals are the same. I have spent hours in the health food store with very limited results in finding supplements that were POSITIVE.  Many were eithernegative or neutral.  It used to disturb me greatly to see what people were putting in their carts…paying steep prices for foods and supplements that were destroying them, Sometimes, I tried to help, when I saw people feeding their children junk food. I got a lot of flack, so I stopped interfering. People are really addicted to their poor quality foods – and they don’t want to be given contrary information.

Two billion people on this planet are iodine deficient, I do hope you are not one of them. Don’t depend on nutrient-deficient soils…start using supplements that will turn your life around. Open your mind to the concept that you will be eternally young and healthy…go for it! Make it happen! As a man (or woman) thinketh, so it shall be.

Healthfully Yours,

Barbara Charis

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