Let’s Talk About Cures!

Many times people have asked me what they should do for different health problems.  They would like to know, if I had heard of a cure?  I do have an answer, but few would like to hear the answer I would suggest.
It would be to find the cause and stop doing what created the condition in the first place. I have to add that there is no magic cure that exists anywhere. There is no potion that will heal anyone; and there isn’t a healer anywhere who can help you get better. You would not have a health problem, if you were doing all the things that are necessary to be healthy. If you are ill, you’ve brought this condition on by unknowingly doing things that have thrown your body out of balance.  Living the right way is the answer. I don’t believe in cures.

Remember the old saying: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Prevention depends on seeking out valid information in regard to being healthy; not spending a fortune trying to get well. Many are sick and dying, while depending on others to make them better and cure them. I have studied health and nutrition for over 51 years, but do not call myself a healer. I think it is arrogant of any man or woman to say, “I am a healer.” The only One with this ability is the one who created all life, our Creator. The Creator can guide you to the answers, just ask and have faith. If you eliminate the cause, the body will heal itself. Remove the stress and you will find success.

I suffered with excruciating migraines for 30 years. I had no clue as to their cause. Everything I ate seemed to bring on a migraine. After I became a vegetarian, my headaches got worse. I really prayed for an answer.
I realized that I had to be doing something wrong, but I didn’t know what it was. I knew that the Creator has the ability to heal…but what good does it do to remove the pain. Pain is a warning you are doing something wrong. If the Creator removed the pain, it would be the same as taking pain medication, without removing the cause of the pain. If you don’t remove the Cause, it will eventually break down your body and kill you.. When I had the migraine problem, I had to discover the Cause and eliminate it…and No More Migraines. I wrote about this in my last blog. I didn’t need a Cure…I needed to remove the Cause.

My health was not great as a child, but I would not consider myself sickly. It actually was a blessing that there was not much food during the Great Depression in the 1930‘s. Less can be better, if the food isn’t right.  Poor quality food is a major cause of illness.  Food was ultra scarce for my first twelve years. When I was weighed annually at school, I always weighed ten pounds less than my peers.  I remember as a child getting sick around my birthday (end of February) every year. My father still held a birthday party…and I was permitted to lie on a couch in the next room watching the celebrants. In the thirties the food supply was not as contaminated and lacking in nutrients. What little food we ate had more value than the food has now .It was not adulterated with unnatural chemicals. I was never sick for more than a few days…and wasn’t given medicine to cure it. Years later, I figured out that the nutrients I got from the previous summer sunshine and fresh foods were totally depleted…and the poor foods I ate during the fall and winter led to bouts of illness yearly.

The Hunzacuts in Northern Pakistan up in the Himalayas ran out of food by the end of winter. They endured a six to eight week period every year, where they had no food at all to eat. Yet they remained ultra healthy. During the year they primarily ate foods that came right out of their gardens. Their gardens were nourished from the minerals that they got from the glaciers above them. Their soil was ultra rich. They rarely if ever got sick, because they ate very simple garden-fresh food and raw fruit. We did not have this in Pittsburgh, when I was growing up. I was raised in a city and our family had little money for any fresh food. As I said, we were fortunate that we didn’t have a lot to eat or we would have been sick more often. Sickness is a time to cleanse and get rid of toxic build-up in the body. It is nature’s answer. One would not become ill, if one did not have toxic matter in the body. Taking medication, when you are ill…is adding fuel to the fire.

In 1952, I lost a very close friend who died at seventeen from lupus. I was invited to eat at her house and had a chance to observe how the family ate. I know today that the foods she was eating were a contributing cause.
My father was not Jewish, but he did not believe in mixing milk and meat. This is part of the food code known as Kosher. My dad thought it had great merit. I was taught as a child to never mix these foods. We didn’t eat hamburgers along with milkshakes. In fact, we weren’t encouraged to drink milk at all. We had little money, so we didn’t eat out and mother mixed a little hamburger meat with a lot of cabbage in a frying pan. Anyway, back to my friend who died. When I went to her house; her mother who was Jewish, made sure my friend drank milk along with the meat that she was fed. I knew at the time mixing milk and meat wasn’t good, but didn’t want to say anything. Later on, I read how difficult it is for meat to be digested, when it is neutralized with milk in the stomach. When this occurs it stresses the stomach’s digestive process…and the food is never properly digested. Both dairy and meat propagate hordes of bacteria in the colon, which creates disease.

My Swedish, Christian Science grandmother believed in natural remedies. When I was in agony with an earache, she gave me a drink: whiskey, lemon, honey and hot water, which would put me to sleep.
It wasn’t a cure, but it stopped my pain. I wasn’t given medicine as a child.. My other grandmother was Jewish and was into prayer too, but she believed in doctors. My mother (her daughter) knew nothing about nutrition. It was an interesting experience being raised with all these different people influencing me. I was the oldest of five children; and when one of us came down with a contagious disease; we all got it. None of us became seriously ill from these diseases. We also developed lifelong natural immunity from going through them. Thank heavens, there were no toxic vaccines being given, when we were children. Wonder why this generation of children will not be live as long as their parents? Too litttle raw fruit and vegetables; too much processed food and medical intervention.

After studying health and nutrition for years, I came to the realization that cures did not exist. What is the truth?  There is an important Universal Law that needs to be recognized…the Law of Cause & Effect.
If people knew this information, the whole world would be far healthier. Dr. Lorraine Day produced a very good DVD… entitled Diseases Don’t Just Happen. She was an orthopedic surgeon who wound up with breast cancer in the 1990s. She tried every modality known to get rid of this tumor, but nothing worked , until she changed her diet and her lifestyle. She’s been cancer-free for almost 20 years. Her website iswww.drday.com   She also attributes getting well to the Maker. I have heard her speak and bought her videos. There is good information in them. However, I have to add that she does not realize that many of the fruits, vegetables and other foods she is recommending are not all perfect for the human body. Her physical appearance last September 2011 at the Cancer Control Convention at the Sheraton Universal showed lack of knowledge. Excess weight is caused by eating foods not designed for human consumption. Just because a food is considered vegetarian and does not have a face on it…does not make it right for humans to eat.

If you have a health concern, you need to know that 95% of the time, your problem is caused by eating foods which affect your blood chemistry. The wrong foods stress your Immune System. and contribute to illness.
It may sound incredible, but by simply removing the offending food(s), you will alleviate the stress on the lymphatic system. It works continually to produce white corpuscles to clean foreign proteins out of the blood stream. Eventually, the lymph system can’t produce enough corpuscles to get rid of rid of foreign matter. This matter causes bacteria to propagate in the blood stream and poisons it. The lymphatic system becomes over-whelmed and can’t function. Sickness occurs. It is totally illogical to take medicine to “cure” a problem, when medicine of any kind is another major stress. I ask the Creator for guidance and would not think of putting toxic matter in my mouth. The first thing I do, if I develop a problem, is ask myself, “What did I do wrong?” As I have written before, I keep a food/fitness journal, so I can be more aware.

In 1961 It was an eye-opening experience to open a book and find an answer as simple as eliminating the food(s) that were making my son hyperactive. His pediatrician had been the one who had told me how to feed him. Then at five, he was put on tranquilizers for his hyperactivity. I am forever grateful to my brother-in-law. He handed me some books and said “start reading.“ The first thing I read “Sugar creates hyperactivity.” The next thing I saw “Tranquillizers stunt the developing organs of children.” After discovering this information, I realized all the foods the doctor had told me to feed my son had created his hyperactivity; and next the doctor gave him drugs that would stop his internal organs from growing right. From then on, I was on a crusade to eliminate sugar, white flour, additives, preservatives and anything I couldn’t pronounce. It took awhile, but eventually my son settled down and the child who could not sit still and learn; graduated high school with honors. I simply removed the sugar, white flour and other things I mentioned…and he was no longer hyperactive or on drugs that could destroy his organs..

It took many years to really learn the truth, because a great deal of the information in the books I read wasn’t valid.  I really thought I knew something in the sixties, after I got my son off the organ-stunting tranquilizers. However, I did not know what I know today about the right bio-chemically perfect foods. This information did not exist. The Science of Nutrition is in its infancy. It has been impeded, because there are too many people in the world who don’t want the truth known. They have ties to the corporate industries who are processing foods in order to advance their Bottom Line.  Processed Foods have no place in the human diet. Mankind survived for hundreds of thousands of years as foragers without the many ills that the wrong foods have created. This may sound too simple. However, the truth is simple. Lies are complex.

I don’t believe in contributing to medical research that is looking for cures, because CURES DON’T EXIST. Common sense should tell health seekers that the medical industry isn’t truly interested in finding cures. How would the medical industry exist , if there was no cancer, heart disease or other illnesses? If people ate the right foods, it would wipe out the medical industry, drug industry, the dairy, meat, and grain industries. It would shut down most of the ubiquitous pharmacies that are proliferating all over. All our super markets would primarily sell fresh produce. All those jars and cans sitting on the grocery shelves would not exist. If you are looking for “cures,” the right natural foods would be more in line with what people really needed . Our entire society would be different, if people stopped looking for “cures” and learned about eating right.  They need to discover their specific bio-chemically-perfect foods..

In my fifty-one years of research I have overcome every health problem by simply looking for the cause. In mystery books the answer could usually be discovered in the words…cher chez la femme. ..find the woman.
I think a lot of the mystery in discovering good health would be solved today, if we would think cher chez le cash!  Who is providing the money to dispense information that is creating our very sick and obese society?Poor quality foods don’t nourish the body or brain. There are many mentally ill people today who could get well , if they ate right and received nutrients to feed their brains. People have lost their ability to think or reason. If one buys the newspaper, it’s appalling to read the daily happenings. Mothers and fathers killing their children. Children killing their parents. People randomly murdering others. It was not like this back in the thirties to fifties. It was headline news, when there were one or two murders yearly Today, it’s not in the headlines; unless a famous person is involved. When I read the paper there are many murders daily; buried in the back pages. How do we stop the insanity? There are answers!

Stop looking for cures. Focus on alleviating the true Causes of Illness: processed foods which have no value…coming from soils depleted of nutrients…going into homes, where cooking wipes out any life force left.
People have to stop relying on the government and others to take care of them. They need to start doing their own homework. There is nothing more important than good health. Depending on others who have a vested interest in their own Bottom Line is equivalent to letting the foxes guard the chicken coop.

Two doctors told me I would die, if I didn’t have a tumor surgically removed.  I elected to go home and pray; and an answer came, which caused my tumor to be regressed.  I decided to go back to show the second doctor.
He didn’t ask one question. If I had been a physician I would have asked questions and would have been very interested to find out what my patient did to get rid of the tumor. As a young girl I read about Dr. Walter Reed who experimented on his own body to learn the cause of Yellow Fever.  There used to be other doctors who I read about who were interested in finding answers. What kind of doctors exist today? Mainly mercenary ones who don’t want to learn anything that would affect their income. There are some doctors who are looking for answers, but unfortunately there is a lot of erroneous nutritional information available. Since the main cause of poor health is bad diet, doctors need to know more about the right natural foods.

Life is an opportunity to live and to grow.in wisdom.  Every day is a chance to learn something new. Perhaps you will experience a crisis, which will give you the opportunity to find an answer that everyone needs.
In the Chinese language, the symbol for crisis is the same symbol as the one for opportunity. Know this, you know more about your own body than anyone else; and by simply seeking out the right knowledge and following it; you can overcome any problem you face.  Hosea 4:6  “My people perish through lack of knowledge.”

Healthfully Yours,

Barbara Charis

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  1. ask

    Thank you for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your further post thank you once again.

    1. Barbara Charis Post author

      Thank you for your response. It’s been a 54 year search now for information that would make a difference. I am working daily to improve myself…and will change the video on my website shortly to reflect the changes which have occurred, since the video was filmed. Emile Coue was a doctor in the early 1900s who gave every patient a prescription…on it was written: “Every day in every way, I am getting better and better.” They were to say this out loud at least twice daily. Putting the right thoughts into the consciousness changes the entire body for the better.


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