Make New Year Resolutions to Benefit You and the Planet

A New Year is like a clean slate, which needs to be filled with healthy choices that will make you healthy, wealthy and wise. We all need to make and keep resolutions that will benefit our health, our pocketbook, our mind and our beautiful home, Planet Earth.

#1 Think Green: for both our health and our bodies we need to avoid foods that come from factory farms. The foods that comes from them are loaded with toxic matter, such as, antibiotics and hormones; plus the animals have been fed GMO food, which none of us need or want. We get all these toxins, when we eat foods that are not certified organic and cage-free. If you eat meat, eat it only, if it is humanely raised. Regular supermarket fare is not the way to go. Organic costs more, but the cost of illness is astronomical.

More Green: Recycle as much as you can. Don’t buy small bottles of drinking water; not only are they dangerous, because of the chemicals, which leach out of them and enter the water, they are harming the environment. Buy Distilled Water in 5 Gallon Jugs. We use Arrowhead water. We also carry special re-useable containers that don’t contain BPA, when we are out.

I don’t know how many of you saw Erin Brockovich? If you saw it, she crusaded to get the poor people who had been harmed by hexavalent chromium – compensation for their serious cancer problems. Well hexavalent chromium (Chromium 6) has been discovered in the tap water of many cities in the U.S. I would totally recommend distilled. I have drinking it for well over 35 years without a problem.

#2 Avoid Vaccines: They are primarily designed for the benefit of the manufacturer – not the consumer. Read books, such as, “Don’t Vaccinate! Before You Educate by Mayer Eisenstein, MD. or How To Raise A Healthy Child: In Spite of Your Doctor by Robert Mendelsohn, M.D.. or Immunization: the Reality Behind the Myth by Wallene James. If you would like more information Google: Books on Dangerous Vaccines. There is a great deal of information available.

#3 Avoid Chemicals in food : If you buy any type of processed food, read the labels. If you see any word you can’t pronounce – it is probably something that you shouldn’t be eating. We are not supposed to be putting anything in our mouth except food.

#4 Exercise Daily: Walk, Dance, Take the Stairs. Clean the House. Movement is life. Most exercise doesn’t cost money, However, the benefit of exercise is profound. It means the difference between health and sickness. Couch potatoes don’t live as long or as healthfully. Regular exercise reduces cancer risk, increases longevity, helps achieve and maintain weight loss, enhances one’s mood and makes one look and feel better.

#5 Get Organized: A Place for Everything and Everything In Its Place. It will save time and your mind, if you can find what you need, when you want it. So start the year out right by organizing your home, your files and your office.

#6 Live in a Smoke-Free Environment and Avoid Toxic Air Fresheners, too. What we breathe has a great effect on our lungs. People who don’t smoke can develop cancer from second hand smoke. Don’t exercise next to a busy street with lots of fumes. Try to find a low traffic neighborhood that has lots of trees. There is nothing better for your lungs than clean air. Avoid Dirty Air.

#7 Learn Something New: Take a Class or Go Back to School, Read a Book, Join a Group, such as, Toast Masters. It pays to exercise the mind. The more we stretch the mind, the longer it will function. People who stop learning are more susceptible to problems, like Alzheimer’s Disease.

#8 Volunteer: Be giving to others: It is food for the Soul to help others. We aren’t just one dimensional beings. In order to feel good about ourselves, we need to donate our time and energies without thought of compensation. Mentoring a child, helping at the local library or visiting people who are shut-ins are just a few ways of being helpful. If you have a skill, share it with others. It will make you feel good. Donate clothes, furniture, household items. It truly is better to give than to receive.

#9 Visit Some Place New: Whether it is for a Day Trip or a Two Week Vacation – go somewhere that you have never been before. If you are a member of the Auto Club read their suggestions for trips. Make a list of places that would be interesting to see in your own city, for example, China Town or New India, which is close to down town. Los Angeles. I wanted to go to Greece all my life and my children and ex-husband sent me there as a Christmas gift back in 1990. My dream came true. Now I have set a new dream into motion. We all need dreams to make life meaningful and travel is a great way to broaden one’s horizon.

#10 Avoid Radiation: Many medical and dental x-rays are not necessary. Airline Scanners are in the same category. Excess radiation causes cancer. We are being bombarded by radiation in our daily life from microwave ovens to cell phones to computers, etc. One out of every two people will wind up with cancer, We don’t have to wonder, why?

#11.….Sleep well. Get into bed well before midnight. Make sure you get eight hours nightly. Early to bed and early to rise…will make you healthy, wealthy and wise.

#12 Count Your Blessings. Do reflect An Attitude of Gratitude. We are blessed to be living in this country and not in Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa or in many other countries around the world. We may be unhappy with the way things are going in this country – so speak out. We can use the internet to express our viewpoints. Contribute to organizations which are defending the environment, wildlife, etc. We do have the freedom to worship any way we please; many do not have this freedom. I have never joined a religious organization, but I do connect with the One Source of all life on a daily basis. It keeps me grounded. We all need to have a deep love in our life – and the Creator is mine.

Wishing you the very best in 2011.

Healthfully Yours,

Barbara Charis

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