Phytic Acid: A Problem Substance in Many Foods

How much do you know about phytic acid or phytates?  These substances exist in many foods, which people are eating world wide on a daily basis; and are causing long term damage to the human body.  Phytic acid is a substance in many plants that nature has placed there for the storage of phosphorus and other nutrients utilized in plant growth. It is not a substance required in the human diet. Many food researchers have the idea that all edible foods were designed for human consumption, but this isn’t true. Many foods were created for other species and when humans consume them; they create health problems. Our food scientists haven’t taken this factor into consideration. Our technology is not determining the side effects of eating foods and beverages containing phytates that break down the human body. The food industry is primarily interested in selling as much product as possible, but it has not done sufficient research to determine the harmful effects of ingesting foods containing phytic acid.

Is the truth important to you? Many people don’t want to know the truth, if it means giving up their tasty foods. I hope that you are more receptive to information that could better your future health. It has taken over fifty years of research to realize most health problems have been created, because of greed. This is the only word for it. Many people are so into making big bucks that they don’t want answers to surface that would limit their income. This is why America spends more on medical care than any other country – and is going downhill health-wise.  The right foods are a 95% factor in creating good health, but few people really know which ones are right.  Many believe they are eating right, based on what they have been told by food industry scientists. These trusting, ill-informed souls are doomed to experience poor health throughout their lives; and major health problems by the end of their lives.

Let me tell you about many of the foods people are eating regularly that are responsible for many health concerns. Many people will be skeptical. Others will respond with denial and turn a deaf ear.
Here is the list: barley, carob, cocoa beans, coffee beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, corn, oats, rice, rye, sesame, soybeans and wheat. Most people are going to think that there is nothing left to eat. However, there are foods available that don’t contain mineral-binding phytic acid. People need to know this information. If food lacks important minerals; diseases, such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and even heart disease can occur. Every beat of the heart depends on a steady supply of calcium. Phytic acid binds calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, and other minerals; making them unavailable. Humans must be aware and limit or eliminate most foods that contain phytates.

What is the most important reason for eating? Nourishment! Eating phytic acid foods prevents important minerals from being assimilated. This results in serious diseases long term. Be aware.
Mankind has not really figured things out. Many are depending on others to do their homework for them. As for me, my passion is health. I am a health fanatic. I want to be healthy and not depend on the sickness industry for drugs, treatments and operations. I have been into health research over fifty years. I observe people – looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack – healthy people. I know what makes people sick, but it has taken forever to find answers as to what keeps them well. It seems that thePowers-that-be aren’t providing this information. Sickness is big business. I went down many wrong paths, because of the misinformation available in most health books I read. I had to learn the hard way: Trial and Error.

Most people have too much to do; and too little time to learn; so they depend on others to keep them well. Also, many fail to take an interest in one of the most important subjects – health and nutrition.
Yet, they’re interested in all kinds of extraneous things that will enhance their appearance…cosmetics, cosmetic surgery, exercise, fashions, jewelry, etc. They somehow don’t understand real beauty and health is created from within. They have limited comprehension as to the importance of the right foods, in regard to the physical appearance of their skin, hair, teeth and body. If the right information were available, America would not be in 46th place longevity-wise and 36th in health. We wouldn’t be in 3rd place in regard to Alzheimer’s, 2nd in Cancer and first in heart disease. Do you honestly believe the medical field knows how to create good health? This system is medically-oriented, not health promoting. It should not be called health care. Most doctors know little about nutrition; they promote drugs, treatments and operation. The above statistics should make people think. !

When I find information that works, I share it with others. I am of the opinion that there is nothing more valuable than good health. If you don’t have your health, you have nothing. Health is wealth!
Want health? Eat natural unprocessed food in abundance. If foods need to be processed and cooked, they are not foods that our Creator made for us. Remember, for hundreds of thousands of years there were no metal implements or stoves to cook foods. Agriculture and cooking has only been around 5,500 years with the manufacturing of iron objects. The human body was not designed to be eating heat processed, nutrient-destroying foods. These foods don’t contain anything valuable, but they rob the body of nutrients in order to be utilized. They fill the stomach, but they disease the body. It is amazing that people can function.

If people eliminated most phytic acid foods, they would not be overwhelming their immune systems. What do you think is the cause of allergies and food sensitivities in the human body? Phytates!
Years ago I knew that when I eliminated grains that I got rid of arthritis, colds, and pollen sensitivity. Other concerns like leg cramps are caused by the phytic acid in cocoa. I bought some natural dark cocoa to make a drink for my granddaughter. I also decided to make myself a large cup.  In the middle of the night I was awakened with severe leg cramps. This doesn’t happen to me very often…unless I eat something, which binds minerals, like phytic acid food. What did I do to neutralize this effect? I ate a couple large ripe bananas, which had vitamins and minerals in them. Bananas also contain tryptophan (an amino acid), which helped me sleep.

Another problem, Dowager Humps…created by mineral-binding phytate foods in the human body. My mother had one…and I found out that from a very young age on she was addicted to lots of chocolate.
It creates osteoporosis, because its phytic acid binds calcium and other minerals the body needs. Chocolate is being promoted for its anti-oxidant qualities. However, raw dark chocolate/cocoa contains a high amount of phytic acid. In addition, it would not taste good, if it wasn’t sweetened with sugar or other sweeteners. I like it too, but I limit the amount I ingest. Too much, can slowly break down the bones, as it prevents the minerals they require from being utilized by them. Too soon old! Too late smart! – George Bernard Shaw.

Is Bean-O natural? When a food creates gas, people need to realize this isn’t a food that was created for human consumption. Using an unnatural product to combat the formation of gas is not right. Legumes, beans, lentils have to be cooked in order to be eaten. This should tell you that they weren’t designed for humans to ingest. Raw nuts may not have to be cooked, but they were designed by the Creator to grow trees. They are loaded with many substances, so they can do what they are supposed to do. They contain phytic acid to aid in their growth, plus they are overloaded with fat and protein in order to produce the fuel necessary for this massive growth. People don’t know much about the amount of fat and protein (or other elements) they need daily. They fail to realize that 100 grams (3-½ oz) of nuts and seeds contain far too much fat and protein for their daily needs (even if they consumed no other foods).

Our nutrition standards have been set by the food industries whose biggest need is to sell products. The protein, fat, carbohydrate, calcium, sodium and other recommended requirements aren’t valid. When I got my first tumor back in 1976, I found out how excess fat and protein in the dairy I had been advised to use; rapidly accelerated the growth of a tumor. It went, when I stopped the dairy. In 1993, I eliminated nuts and seeds, which had helped cause excruciating migraines. It took stopping all other fats too for a period of four years in order to heal my liver. It takes lots of bile to break down excess fat. Nuts, seeds, butter, salad oils contain too much fat. I fought weight all my life, because I had no idea that the food groups set up by the food industry for meat, dairy, nuts, seeds, beans, and grains were not beneficial. The promotion of these foods has caused health problems globally and ecological damage to the earth.

There are no schools where people can find the answers they need. All the university nutrition schools are supported by grants from the food industry. Where can doctors find valid information?
In 1983, after 22 years of health research, I came to the realization that the information people need was not available on this level. If it were available, millions would not be dying yearly of catastrophic illnesses. Untold trillions are being poured into medical research, but no cures are forthcoming. In 1976, when I got my first
tumor, I had been into health research 15 years. I did not go along with the medical doctors who had advised
surgery as the only solution. I told the 2nd doctor, that I was going to go home and pray. He had told me the same thing the first one had told me that I would be given no guarantees, unless I had an immediate operation. His answer, “Don’t pray too long.” Well I prayed and two days later a book came into my hands, which provided the answer I needed.. I went back to this second doctor, just to show him the tumor was gone. He wasn’t one bit interested, even though he had said that regression wouldn’t work.

The Creator has the ability to give you the answers you need, if you believe and just ask. Ask and you will receive. In 1980 I asked the Creator to send someone special into my life. It happened! Within an hour my telephone rang and a man called who had been following Dr. N.W. Walker’s dietary program for 34 years. He had been sixteen when his grandfather got him interested in nutrition. When we met I was astounded to see a man who was the healthiest looking fifty year old that I had ever seen. He looked at least twenty years younger. My children asked to see his birth certificate, because he looked so young. He was living proof of the proper diet and he changed my life. There were no grains, dairy, meat or cooked food in his dietary program, but he ate HUGE AMOUNTS of raw fruit and vegetables. He only used a little olive oil and lemon on his salads. His mentor, Dr. Walker had seventy-five years of nutrition research behind him, when he wrote Pure & Simple Natural Weight Control in 1981 (at the age of 105). I disagreed with Dr. Walker on one thing. He erroneously believed that all fruits and vegetables were designed for human consumption.

Textbooks provide all kinds of information in regard to nutrition but much of their information is not valid. If you want superior health, you have to forget about C. W. (Conventional Wisdom). Most of their information has come from those who are promoting the sale of foods. Foods that don’t offer any real benefit to human health. Animals don’t need textbooks in order to eat right. They instinctively know the foods, which are right for them. Humans have lost their instincts, because they have been eating the wrong foods, since the advent of agriculture. The wrong foods have deteriorated human health; and the human brain has suffered as well. It is not able to discern, truth from fiction. Humans go by their taste buds…not instinct or nutritional awareness. In addition, some manufacturers add addictive chemicals into their food products; designed to get the consumers to eat more. This is similar to tobacco manufacturers who add chemicals to strongly addict smokers to cigarettes. Many people are totally addicted to the wrong foods. Foods, which are destroying their bodies and their lives.

Phytates naturally occur in many foods grown globally. Harming people by slowly deteriorating their bodies. Yet few doctors even know phytates exist; and treat symptoms they cause with drugs. Food producers skirt the issue, because it would affect the food industry. If people ate the right foods, it would wipe out many processed foods. Raw foods are the primary foods of mankind. As I said, there were no stoves, utensils, dishes, etc., for hundreds of thousands of years. Food was not heat processed and altered. The human race survived without a food industry or modern medicine. There was no mechanization to free massive amounts of oils from grains, nuts and seeds. How much fat or protein does mankind need? The amount that can be obtained in eating an abundant supply of natural foods. However, people are being advised that they need far more. Nuts and seeds are ultra high in fat and protein; and bone-disintegrating phytic acid. Other foods with phytates: corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and yams.

So what is there left to eat? Every person has specific foods, but they are not unlimited in number. People who own pets know that their charges require very specific foods in order to stay well. People who feed their pets table scraps produce the same diseases in their pets that they acquire. Most species eat very specific foods. Mankind is a species and has very specific foods, too. If humans stayed with their Perfect Foods, they would be healthy. What are our Perfect Foods? Primarily, very specific fruits and vegetables (not every one). Human beings can also handle a very limited amount of animal protein, such as eggs and fish (but not every variety); and not on a daily basis as this puts them over the max amount of protein, fat and other nutrients required by the human species. We need far less protein, fat and other nutrients than the “experts” have recommended. Save money! Save your life!

Hopefully you will heed this information and prevent problems from occurring. Take charge of your own life and start learning the most important subject you could ever study…human nutrition.

Healthfully Yours,

Barbara Charis

7 thoughts on “Phytic Acid: A Problem Substance in Many Foods

  1. Terry Oakley

    I’m aged 71, male & confused.
    On one hand I’m told that
    foods rich in phytic acid will reduce tumours & on the other hand told that all foods high in phytic acid are bad. What am I missing here. I’ve tried to follow a fairly stringent health regimen to now be faced with prostate enlargement. Where have I gone wrong? What can I do to reverse what’s happening short of jumping on a plane & getting close to one who knows a lot more than I do?

    1. Barbara Charis Post author

      Haven’t visited my website as I am immersed in research for another book. Every person is unique, which means that even the wrong fruit or vegetable could cause a reaction in your bloodstream. Every one should observe the animals and how they eat by instinct. They know which foods are right…animals out in nature, that is.. People have lost their Creator=given instinct. They need to tap into Higher Power and ask for guidance. I found it…and the key was: I love you! This is the # 1 Commandment. The our Father – the Creator behind creation – made all living things…and how few recognize the Source. The name Creator is only mentioned five times throughout the Bible. The word god is not the name the Creator prefers. It is a name that the Roman Emperor Constantine and his cohorts used, when they created Christianity in 325 A.D. at the Council of Nicea in Turkey; along with the Greek and Turkish rulers. These three cultures believed in multi-gods. This is the reason that the word god came into wide use. There was no actual Bible, until the 1450’s, when the first work off the newly invented printing press was the Gutenberg Bible. There were only parchments…and not 1800 parchments existed…like in the 1800 page King James Bible done in the early 1600s. The early writings were very limited, but generation after generation, of men added to them. How valid is the Bible? Ask and ye shall receive; so it is written. The Bible is a great work of literature and I believe everyone should read it, but remember to ask for direct guidance, before accepting everything in it as the true gospel.
      Sincerely, Barbara Charis

  2. Hannah

    Ok, but why not give examples of low phytates foods then…

    So basically fruits and vegetables for breakfast lunch and dinner?

    1. Barbara Charis Post author

      Hannah, I am immersed in research in order to do another book…sorry for the long delay in answering.
      Humans were not designed to live in this modern technical world. Observe the animals in nature and people might learn how to eat. They eat their specific foods, because they have been given an innate intelligence…called instinct. Mankind is too intelligent to believe in instinct…lost it a long time ago. Mankind now eats as the food industries advertise. The food industries sell the food products…and they support the nutrition schools…and they provide the dietitians who tell the world how to eat.
      Unfortunately, the soils have become so deficient that vegetables grown on these soils; are almost nil in nutrition. If one doesn’t buy organic, only bulk, fiber, pesticides are in the end result; little nutrition. I don’t eat a wide variety of vegetables…I eat like the gorillas do.
      When the nutrition researchers were studying animals, they primarily used rats in their research. This was unfortunate, because rats are not even close to the human species. Why didn’t they observe gorillas? I am being guided to go by the gorilla’s modus operandi…not by what rats eat.
      I primarily eat fruit and vegetables, but use some supplements to fill in the missing nutrients that my body requires. I am doing great at 80.
      Each person has specific fruits and vegetables…mine happens to be bananas, pears, etc. fruits in season). However, I know others who can’t eat bananas or pears. Many favor apples or ??? We are all different. Listen to your body. If you have any gut instinct…listen.
      People have forgotten that mankind is a species, just like other species. If we ate the foods, our species requires, we would almost never get ill.
      Holistically yours,
      Barbara Charis

      1. s

        This article was typical of badly written health articles: Starts off with a big scare tactic! Scare tactic again! List all the things we must avoid due to this scare tactic! And never mention the other side of the story – all the articles out there that tell us phytic acid is actually GOOD for us. Then never list foods that are acceptable under this scare tactic story’s “rules”.

        This is why people stop reading – both this article and those on other sites saying phytic acid is good. We decide that neither side knows anything.

        And to the question of what foods are “OK” under this phytic acid theory, the reply “fruits and vegetables” isn’t an answer. People can’t live on only fruits and vegetables. See Paul Jaminet’s book on why starch is needed for health in the gut, the probiome of probiotics in your digestive system need a certain amount of starch.

        Besides, the author of this article -hello – doesn’t just live on fruits and vegetables. You just aren’t being honest with your readers.

        1. Barbara Charis Post author

          Our Creator who made us…provided everything necessary for all species. The huge elephant only eats what his instinct tells him to eat; the bison and all other animals eat… living food…not processed or cooked. When nutrition studies started being done Dr Kellogg (founder of the corn flake company) decided to study rats to find out the food of mankind. He opened a sanitarium and fed his patients grains. Now rats and mice can eat grains that have not been cooked, but man can’t. Processed grains offer little to the body except calories. The vitamins and minerals are destroyed by the high heat it takes to process them. Mankind was not destined to eat grains. I gave up meat over 43 years ago…dairy 40 years ago..grains 30 years ago. I rarely touch dairy…and have wound up getting sick almost instantly, when I even had a latte.
          Fruit and vegetables are the food of mankind…and even nuts and seeds, which are easily obtained today…can break down the liver’s ability to make sufficient bile to break down fat. I learned the hard way…suffered from migraines for years. I have not had one migraine in over 20 years, since I limit the fat. I am not a vegan…as I eat eggs occasionally, but I like The 80-10-10 Diet Doug Graham, D.C. He is into total raw food…and his book is one of the best. At 82 I feel better than I did at 22. I even did 1,000,000 stairs last year in my exercise program.

        2. Barbara Charis Post author

          Sorry not to get back sooner…on another project and rarely check my website. You have no idea what health looks like. There are few really healthy people left. I met one man who was the epitome of health…he was 50 and looked 30. He had all his hair, no gray, no glasses, a great body with a 28 inch waist. He entered physique contests…and beat out men 20 – 30 years younger. He was a total raw fruit and vegetable man. He had been doing this since he was 16. He followed Dr Norman Walker who wrote 10 books on nutrition. Dr Walker lived 118 healthy years. I met someone who knew him for many years…and saw his baptismal certificate. Dr Walker was walking 5 miles daily up to a month or two before he died. He ate fruit and vegetables. Animals like elephants, deer and other animals eat raw fruit, vegetables, and living vegetation other than meat. I strive to eat fruit and vegetables primarily…no processed foods…but I do occasionally eat high quality organic eggs. I may give them up in the future. Over the years I have given up meat, poultry, dairy, grains…and with the oceans as polluted as they are… all fish will be contaminated soon. I have Alaskan salmon every few weeks, but I keep a detailed breakdown of my foods…and every time I eat fish or eggs I go over my protein max for the day. We can get plenty of protein, if we eat 5 lbs of fruit and vegetables daily. Check out The 80-10-10 Diet Doug Graham, D.C.


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