Positive Steps for a Healthier, Happier and More Prosperous New Year 2012

Goodbye 2011! Hello 2012! We are ready for Change; a chance to wipe the slate clean and start anew. It’s the time when many individuals make resolutions they know are necessary in their lives. A new year provides the impetus to take positive steps to become healthier, happier and more prosperous. Health wise it is usually about making a vow to take off weight, quit smoking, drinking or drugs. In order to succeed one has to make some important lifestyle changes. One has to be willing to eliminate the wrong foods and start eating foods that totally feed the brain and body. This will help stop the craving for more food; generated by the body crying out for nutrients. If the nutrient need isn’t met the craving won‘t stop. When the body is fed right , the brain will also work better too. When the brain is working better, it will propel the body into getting off the couch and start moving. Most people have the desire to make positive changes, but the wrong dietary information is holding them back. Did you ever think about the source of your dietary information?

designed to sell their products to boost their bottom line. It is a sin that our government has not done the valid research that would determine the right foods humans need in order to be healthy. Instead our government permits profit-driven food manufacturers to furnish their own biased research along with their money grants to universities to train registered dietitians. This financial negotiation is responsible for lowering the mental and physical capabilities of most Americans…and many others around the world that are following American dietary information.

It is only common sense that processed foods of any kind are not the foods that the human body requires. Be aware, the standards set for protein, fat and carbohydrates, sodium, etc., are inaccurate. They have been elevated so people can eat more commercial food products which mainly benefit the food industries. This is a major reason that Americans have major obesity problems, because they are not only eating the wrong foods, but they are eating too much of them. In addition, some foods have ingredients added intentionally to create a desire in the consumer to eat more – and also create an addiction to the product. The food and tobacco industries have been found guilty of doing this.

In order to bring about beneficial health changes, such as a trimmer and healthier body, it is necessary to avoid processed foods, such as grain products and dairy. They are not health foods. We have been programmed to believe they are necessary in a healthy diet. I learned the hard way in the past how they caused health problems. Research has now come out that both grains and dairy are detrimental foods that contribute to poor health. There are many books available from Amazon on this subject, I.e., Grain Damage, Dangerous Grains, etc.

Many who have read the Bible have accepted as fact that bread is the staff of life. They are unaware that in ancient times that bread meant all food; not bread as we know it. Bread has little value in the body, because in order for grains to be eaten – they must be highly processed and heated to temperatures that destroys nutrients. It offers calories, but it is not a food we thrive on. We need living unprocessed foods in order to nourish the cells in our bodies. And dairy products taste good, but ask yourself. “What is cow’s milk for?” Realize it was designed by the Creator to bring about a 500 lb increase in a calf. Its protein composition is totally unbalanced for the growth needs of the human species. How many aspire to gain 500 lbs? Obesity is the price we pay for eating foods that weren’t designed for human consumption.

Want to be trim and healthy? It will happen, if you avoid the processed foods that don’t belong in the human body. Variety may be the spice of life, but check out how other species eat…instinctively. The lion is designed to eat meat…it has claws, sharp teeth and was designed to eat other living food. It does not eat fruit or vegetables. The antelope was designed to graze and eat greens. It is a total vegetarian. Each species simply eats – the food that the Maker designed for it. Only the human species seeks a wider range of foods and its appetite for variety has provided health challenges. When people eat foods that don’t belong in the human body – they create health problems. Many medical doctors don’t want to recognize this – so they dole out drugs, treatments and operations to treat the end results of putting the wrong foods in the mouth. Ask most of them what has caused a health problem and they have no good answer. They usually say, “Don’t bother thinking about this. I’m the doctor.” Food being a culprit – is too simple an answer.

It took a long time to learn, because most of the books I studied were filled with misinformation. My father had told me in my youth, “Don’t believe everything you read in books.” I learned the hard way by trusting information from “authorities.” Many health problems ensued by following information without questioning the source.. There have been many nutrition “experts” along the way whose advice I followed – and it was shocking to find out later on that many whose advice I followed didn’t live long. Dr. N. W. Walker was the exception. He lived well over one hundred. His books helped change my life. We corresponded and he told me how to set up my holistic center back in 1982.

I have covered a great deal of nutritional information over the past 18 months. It will provide you with health answers that have taken over 50 years to research. Good Health brings about happiness. When people feel good, they can accomplish their goals. Happiness is a goal that people worldwide desire. It is something that the founding fathers built in to our country’s Constitution guaranteeing a right to the pursuit of happiness. Happiness can materialize, if one is willing to work for it. One‘s actual needs are simple,. The things that make up happiness are having food on the table, clothes in the closet, a roof over the head and sufficient funds to pay for one’s needs. It also comes about from living in a manner where you contribute your skills and talents to society. Happiness is dependent on being able to give one’s time and energies to good causes. It does not come from being a parasite on society.

The pursuit of happiness is something that is the right of every individual. It needs to be fostered worldwide. Until that day comes it will hold back everyone from achieving this goal. When a person is disgruntled and unhappy, it causes major problems. World War 1 was caused by an anarchist who assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand (Austria). Unhappiness created by inequalities throws the world out of balance. We need to think globally not locally. One of mankind’s goals should be to see that the basic needs of all people are met through education that will teach them how to be healthy and productive. With knowledge. people could avoid the ramifications of unwanted pregnancies which contribute to serious problems, personal-wise, environmentally and globally with a population explosion that could doom mankind.

Happiness stems from being able to provide the necessities of life for one’s children. It is not responsible for people to bring children into the world that they can’t afford. It is important that people are taught to take responsibility for their actions and not take sexual intercourse lightly. One brief moment of pleasure can bring on a lifetime of hardship and misery. Sexual education of our young people must include teaching about all the responsibilities of home and family that come along with sexual information. I did write about this in my book Sharing from the Heart.

I was born during the Great Depression. I remember not having enough food or clothes; seeing an eviction notice being attached to our home, but somehow our family survived the Depression. It did give me the perspective to look at all sides of the equation. I don’t see my early years as depressing. My mother had the educational background to earn a living, so my father stayed home with the children. He was a voracious reader who was instrumental in developing my love of books. Reading was happiness to me. My father could read a book in an hour. I tested him by opening a book and asking him questions. He always knew the answer. He took us to the library, flower shows, swimming in the Allegheny River, biking and also roller skating across the city, on nature hikes, exploring swamps, camping out, My daddy taught us almost every sport there is – and he spent time teaching us all kinds of games. We had a childhood filled with many adventures. We were never bored. There was no TV or any other electronic gadgets. We had very little money, but we had a very exciting childhood. It was very interesting, being raised by a man.

Happiness was listening to fairy tales on Let’s Pretend every Saturday morning. It was produced by Nila Mack emanating out of New York City and its sponsor was Cream of Wheat. It was a very special time for me, just listening to exciting fairy tales. I found out years later that Ronald Reagan usually played the prince in these radio shows. Going to the movies was relatively inexpensive and many Saturday afternoons, I could be found in the theater watching Bob Hope and Bing Crosby in the Road Movies, Tarzan. And Tom Mix or Gene Autry in westerns. David, a boy who lived across the street went to the movies with me. He is still in my life. We have been emailing for years – and see each other occasionally. He lives in the Los Angeles area. We loved Pittsburgh and our childhood. We did not feel deprived.

Happiness is not always dependent on money. It can be brought about by being able to spend time with those you love. I remember how excited I was as a child to go to my grandparent’s home. Many Friday nights my grandfather would drive by our home after he finished work. When we heard his horn honk, my sister and I would dash to his car. We were thrilled to be able to be with “Nannie” and “Dad.” Their little home was filled with happiness. I have many happy memories with just being with them. They were very dear. Loving people in your life makes for happiness.

Happiness is a state of mind. Acquiring possessions may bring a temporary satisfaction, but it doesn’t fill that inner void that comes from lack of real love. Many people in this world have never had enough love in their life. My mother didn’t have much time for her children, as she was busy putting a roof over our heads. My father was a total disciplinarian and “big brother” figure. He was not affectionate or loving. My grandparents were the ones with the hugs. My grandmother encouraged us to dance as little children…and have a good time. My grandfather and I used to listen to many radio shows together. It felt so comforting being near them. “Dad” never got angry or raised his voice. Children need a loving environment and I was blessed to have these people in my life. They were my happiness, too.

We are products of our environment and our early years formulate the way we think. Our values are developed by what we are exposed to as children. Being a child of the Depression I learned the value of money – and how to work. My father had us doing jobs, such as polishing his boots; cleaning the house, washing clothes with a wringer washing machine, hanging clothes on the line, and other odd jobs. There was no allowance connected to the work…so I went out and started working for a small family market delivering circulars, when I was eight. I also started babysitting for a three year old, when I was nine. I had experience as my parents had me babysitting for them, starting at five. I was a very responsible child. At ten I was doing housework for a very nice lady in the neighborhood. Starting at twelve I babysat for many families. While I was babysitting I would wash dishes and clean up too. I learned how to work and it does give one a very good feeling to know that they can earn what they need.

When I was a teenager there was a young guy who was very rude and made a nasty remark about our home. His words lit a fire under me – and I vowed that one day I would have a fantastic home. When I was older, I had about 12 marriage proposals and the opportunity to marry three men who were millionaires. However, I married a hard-working man who I fell in love with – and eventually he became a millionaire. We worked together to achieve our dream home. It took about 22 years from the time those “motivating” words were spoken.

It is interesting how my dream home materialized, I sketched it on a piece of paper. I showed this sketch to a realtor in 1970, but she never showed me anything like it in two years of looking. In 1972, Sissa, a good friend from Iceland, became a realtor and I showed her this sketch. She took me to three homes. The first two were interesting, but not exactly what I wanted. One day she called me and said, “Barbara, I am standing in your home.” Immediately I went to meet her there. It was the home I had sketched. Within three months… it was ours.

I don’t play the lottery or gamble, but I am willing to work for what I want. My needs have always been met, because I am attuned to the ONE who brings true prosperity into our lives. When I think of something I need, it does materialize. There is a promise that your needs shall be met. I have communicated directly with the Maker, since I was a small child and have seen many incredible things happen. I am not into formal religion, but heed Matthew 6: which shows us how to approach Our Father. Trusting in the Maker will bring many blessings into your life…such as health, happiness and prosperity.

Healthfully Yours,

Barbara Charis

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