Psycho-Nutrition: Starving the Mind or Feeding it?

In 1976 Carlton Fredericks, Ph.D., published Psycho-Nutrition: The Diet, Vitamin and Mineral Way to Emotional Health.  It was ahead of its time and he was challenged by many in the medical community. Much of the information in this book is just coming to the forefront now. He wrote how psychological states may be affected by the food one eats. He covered Psycho-allergy: How common allergens can produce symptoms of hyperactivity, paranoia, neuroses, and other psychological disturbances. He also wrote about Schizophrenia: How nutritional deficiencies contribute to the symptoms of this disease; and how Hypoglycemia can cause symptoms of acute psychosis and how it could be controlled by a simple diet plan; and how Orthomolecular Therapy with a mega-vitamin treatment could relieve or cure psychological symptoms by treating their biological causes.  This book and others he wrote are available

There are many others who have been doing nutritional research into the causes and natural treatment of mental illness, which is affecting untold billions around the world. Dr. Fredericks acknowledged the work of many prominent doctors doing this research: Dr. Linus Pauling,, Dr. Bernard Rimland, Dr. H.I. Newbold, Dr. William Philpott, Dr. Marshall Mandell, Dr. Abram Hoffer, Dr. Humphrey Osmond, Dr. Carl Pfeiffer, Dr. Alan Cott, Dr. David Hawkins, Dr. Paul Dunn, Dr. Ray Wunderlich and many others too numerous to name, of my friends and colleagues in the International Academy of Preventive Medicine, the Academy of Orthomolecular Psychiatry. the International Academy of Metabology, and the International Academy of Applied Nutrition..

In An Acknowledgement he wrote regarding the efforts of these men: “These professional men and these societies form the advance guard – in science, always the target for severe and often irrational hostility – in the battle against the molecules of madness. Dr. Fredericks and these men were searching for answers that would free mankind from these debilitating diseases, which have afflicted so many since time immemorial. Why hasn’t the truth emerged? Why hasn’t the main medical community recognized the results that have been obtained through treating mental and physical illness through nutritional therapies? There is a major difference between the use of drugs and the use of nutrients in treating mental illness. Drugs may temporary alleviate symptoms, but they could never be considered a cure. A cure occurs, when the person is brought back to a state of mental balance through using nutrients that were missing in the diet. Drugs are not something that the human body was designed to use; and all have toxic side effects that can destroy the human brain and body, when used long term.

Why does the field of psychiatry ignore the massive studies that have been done in treating mental illness through nutritional means? Is the pharmaceutical industry so powerful that it has suppressed the truth that drugs are not the answer? Are governments (worldwide) need for money so strong that they supports industries over the welfare of their people? Every American industry that is responsible for the physical and mental decline of the American people should be penalized not enriched by our government; a government, which was designed to protect, not rip off its people.

The food industries are not providing Americans with foods that have nutrients in them. Processing natural food and turning it into products, removes most of the nutritional value in food. If food doesn’t have nutrients – the human body sickens, suffers debilitating illness, and doesn’t live its full component of years. Mankind is supposed to live 120 healthy years? How many see 100? And if they do last that long they suffer from poor health. In experiments a chicken heart was kept alive and beating for 40 years by giving the heart some nutrients, but without a body did it do the chicken any good? There is a vast difference between being physically and mentally healthy – and simply existing in an unhealthy state. The nutrients that we receive in our foods mean the difference, between being totally productive or just vegetating. The brain, as well as the body suffers from lack of nutrients.

Carlton Fredericks was well aware that lack of the right vitamins and minerals curtailed the ability of the mind to think. He recognized how sugar and flour were robbing the brain of nutrients that were necessary in order to think and learn. Our young suffer immensely, because of the lack of nutritional awareness that exists. Is the government deliberately trying to lower the I.Q. level? It is worse today, because of the chemical assault on the brain from the use of fluoride in the water, toothpaste, dental treatments, etc. Fluoride is not a harmless substance; particularly, when it comes from the waste created, when aluminum is produced. It is far from natural! We know that it can produce mottled discolored teeth, but how many know it can lower the I.Q.? It also has a myriad of other side effects. Don’t take my word for it…Google: Dangers of fluoride.

Processed Foods contain many ingredients, which negatively impact the brain. If you are smart you shop for natural foods and avoid buying products that contain questionable ingredients; many with names that you can’t even pronounce. Different food colors are added, which are known to adversely affect the brains of children, particularly, in the cereals they are consuming. Then again, grains even without adding questionable ingredients, damage the human brain and body You may not experience a problem short term, but long term you will not age well, if you eat “natural” grains. Far too many people have turned their youthful bodies into arthritic states, where they can barely move. How did they get from A to Z? By simply eating foods, which created the infirmities of age. It doesn’t need to be that way!

Years ago, I read about the Hunzacuts who at 100 were climbing mountain paths. Living healthy productive lives, until they died around 120 years. The main factors that produced life long good health…were not the Standard American Diet. and lifestyle. These people ate garden-fresh foods that came out of nutrient-rich soil; they did hard physical work daily; they had pure air to breathe; they slept well; they were not exposed to radiation and electronic devices; multi-generations lived closely together in families; and they started their day at break of dawn with prayer. Reading about them opened my mind to the possibility of living a long productive life – and not worrying about health insurance to pay for future health problems. As a man (or woman) thinketh, so it shall be. What do you aspire to create in your future? Health or sickness?

The other day a friend emailed a link to a You Tube video which was entitled Lunchtime Scholars. A young man was interviewing a number of students on a high school campus – and I was appalled.  I never felt all that bright in high school, but the answers these kids gave made me feel like I was a high school genius. They were being asked some very simple questions – and found it difficult to answer them They were asked what countries bordered the United States? What war brought about our independence? Name a democratic candidate who is campaigning for the presidency? Name a country whose first letter starts with U? Who was the Vice-President of the United States? You have to see it – to believe it. Some of them said that they had studied this information, but couldn’t remember.

What does this say to me? These kids are consuming too many diet sodas, regular sodas, and other nutrient-poor foods. They are not getting the nutrients that feed their brains. Without foods that contain the right nutrients memory is affected, alertness is compromised and depression can set in. I feel for these kids, because as a child my diet was very poor and I found it difficult to think. I lived in a neighborhood where most children were well fed. I went to school without eating.and would fall asleep in class. I couldn’t concentrate and felt mentally deficient. Both parents had a high IQ. My mother had skipped two grades as a child and by the time she was 17 – was a teacher. I also recall how difficult penmanship was, as I didn’t have the energy to hold the pen properly. Reading was my best subject, because it didn’t take energy. It felt like I was in a dream-like state during my first six grades in school.

In 1946 I had an opportunity to go to California…and wound up living with an aunt and uncle in Los Angeles for almost six months. They fed me, too well. I gained 30 lbs. However, I was happy about getting very good grades in school. and making the honor roll. Looking back, I realized that I wasn’t stupid…I simply wasn’t getting nutrients my brain needed.

At seventeen, in 1951, I went to Penn State. The food was probably better then, than it is today.  However, it was mostly cooked and very little was raw….and who knew about vitamins and supplements? I wasn’t the greatest scholar, but I sure knew more at seventeen than many kids know today. When I was in my thirties I went back to school with a little nutritional knowledge under my belt…and got the highest grades in the classes I took, such as geology, ancient history, etc.  Nutritious food did make a difference in the ability to learn..

I remember how I used to feel, when I was not nutritionally-aware. Sweets would give me a short high, then I would experience a major drop in energy. My body and brain felt lethargic. It was very difficult for me to concentrate and remember. I found it very hard to lose weight, if I ate even one slice of bread daily. This is a sign the body is being affected by a food it shouldn’t be ingesting. My body has been my lab and I’ve been waging a lifelong battle to overcome a very poor nutritional head-start.

My father was very interested in fitness and nutrition, but a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. He warned me about margarine in 1942 , as an 8 year old. He told my mother not to buy it.  He did not believe in milk.
He pointed out the sickly looking children who were drinking it. He gave us coffee instead. We didn’t have money for much meat, but there was always bread in the house. Wonderful caramel-colored white bread. He didn’t realize that whole wheat wasn’t so whole – and it wasn’t so good for the bodies and brains of children. Thankfully there wasn’t that much! It is better to eat less of the wrong kind of food than too much.

My dad had met Gayelord Hauser (nutritional writer) in New York City in the early 1930s…and had been influenced by him. Gayelord Hauser influenced many notable people around the world. Adele Astaire, Queen Alexandria of Yugoslavia, Duchess of Windsor, Baron Philippe de Rothschild, Ingrid Bergman, Greta Garbo , Grace Kelly, Jeanne Moreau, and others. He was highly criticized by the AMA and the flour and sugar industries for his advice to avoid those foods. Too bad that he didn’t warn my dad about flour and sugar…my dad was addicted to pastries. They totally affected his brain. He was very hypoglycemic and lost his temper easily. Later on in life he became diabetic.

My dad believed in endurance contests, where we would ride our bikes nine miles to the Allegheny River; swim all day; and then push our bikes up hill (most of the way) going home – on empty stomachs. He didn’t realize that growing children needed food. I remember praying for the energy – just to make it home. He used to say that he couldn’t understand why his children weren’t champions. He also said that any other kid could come along and do better than his kids could do. It is hard to believe that he didn’t know that energy is produced by the right food…and without the right food in our stomachs we were lucky to survive. The first twelve years of my life  I was always 10 lbs underweight at every school check-up.

Psycho-Nutrition: the right foods have nutrients which feed the brain and enhance it. The right foods keep the mind functioning well. The wrong foods simply make you psycho or psychotic. It is incredible that more people haven’t awakened to the fact that you are what you eat. If you don’t give much thought to eating for health – and you just eat to satisfy your appetite – you are setting yourself up for future health problems, mental, physical or both.

Dr. Abram Hoffer said that no amount of evidence can persuade a person who is not listening. It is hard to believe how many people are so addicted to the wrong foods that they refuse to listen. I came across information that Dr. Hoffer had written forty years ago, in regard to bringing the brain back to balance through using B vitamins. I tried to prevent a nutritional breakdown in the 1970s by ingesting massive amounts of vitamins. It didn’t work. In some cases it takes an injection directly into the bloodstream for it to work. I had brought about this crisis through radical dieting to lose weight. I had been on this path, since I was 13…after living with my aunt and uncle, as mentioned previously in this blog. Her diet had caused me to gain weight…and I struggled to lose that weight for far too many years.

What am I doing today to maintain my brain and my weight? I am very careful about getting the right nutrients daily. I don’t starve myself. I eat five small meals daily ; and use some important supplements; such as high potency Solgar B Vitamins; specific amino acids; and also non-prescription low dosage lithium orotate. I go to sleep happy and wake up happy. I have no mood swings. My home is in order and my life is in order. I only wish that I looked as good body-wise thirty years ago. My weight is where it always should have been: 107 lbs. I am a size 4 – just like my two daughters. I finally learned how to eat.

Healthfully Yours,

Barbara Charis

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