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Holistic covers body, mind and spirit, so after almost 40 health blogs covering the body….I decided this one was going to cover the spiritual.  In 1978 I was invited to be a speaker at the Total Life Show held at the Los Angeles Convention Center – and Spiritual Nutrition was my subject. I practiced for almost a month, before my speaking engagement, but had notes in hand, when I mounted the podium. However, after three minutes I put my notes down and winged it. The words started flowing rapidly and I saw the audience nodding yes to everything I said. After it was over, people came up to me to say that they never heard anyone speak so fast, but they understood everything I said. I have to admit that the Source of those words had taken over…as I spoke on this subject Spiritual Nutrition.

What is spiritual nutrition? It is the realization that our souls. as well as, our bodies need to be fed. If we fail to realize this, we will be running on empty and will never be satisfied; no matter how much we eat. So how do we feed our souls? I believe it is in going direct to our Maker, mind-to-mind. The way I do it – I close my eyes and become part of the Creator‘s Energy. When I think, “I love you,” an energy of love envelopes me. It is “nirvana’ or bliss as Buddhists teach. I believe this love nourishes the soul and the body – and it exists for all those who diligently seek to raise their consciousness in order to enter this loving state.

I was taught as a child by my Christian Science grandmother that God is Love. She taught me to pray (communicate) directly. I didn’t fear our Maker…I totally loved the One who created me. The prayer that my grandmother taught me as a child: “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I should die, before I wake. I pray the Lord my soul to take.” When I was very unhappy, I prayed that the Father-Creator would take me home. It comforted me to know that there was a place where total love existed.

As a child I spoke to the Creator all the time. Everywhere I went I felt safe, because I knew that I was never alone. I was guided and I listened. I got gut feelings, beginning, when I was five. These feelings saved me many times from harm. Many years ago I wrote a manuscript entitled For Thou Art With Me…which came from the 23RD Psalm. It came about, because of a young man’s question…“Why do you believe in a Creator?” He didn’t believe at all.

When he asked that question, it really made me think of all the experiences that I had that provided proof to me of the existence of a Maker. I started telling him about some of them and he said, “If these things had happened to me, I would be a believer, too. Why did they happen to you – and not to me?” I told him that his disbelief blocked him. He needed to be open-minded, so that Our Father could guide him.

Most people are looking for a spiritual connection, but they are unaware that it is available. You don’t have to be a saint in order to experience the loving energy of the Father-Creator. The physical contact can occur, when one makes mind/soul contact and as I said previously – it is established through loving the One who made everything that exists…Our Creator.

I don’t think of the Creator as a being having form. I think of the Creator as Loving Intelligence that resides in every living thing and connects us. We are all One, part of Creation. We were made to love our Creator and be loved in return. The one thing we can give our Creator is our love. Is there anything more important than love? It is the key to the universe. It can bring about miracles in life, when you believe in the power of love. I have seen incredible miracles happen in my life, because of my love for the Maker.

The biggest miracles were my four children. I asked the Creator for each one and was very specific in what I wanted. I wanted a boy first, so my daughter would have a big brother. I wanted him to have blond hair and blue eyes…and I got him. Next I wanted a daughter who looked like me with dark hair…and I got her. Then, I asked for a daughter who would look like a Heidi…from my favorite children’s story by Johanna Spyri. Then I asked for a boy with dark hair and green eyes…and my family was complete. I had no trouble conceiving…I simply went direct and asked for what I wanted.

I knew all through my early life that I was protected and I loved my teenaged years. I had no money, but I had a lot of friends who were very dear to me. I went to many dances and proms in borrowed gowns. If there was an event, I would ask the Creator to make the phone ring, so I would get an invitation…and it happened. I never sat at home.

When it came time for college, I applied, even though the money was not available. I asked to be blessed with the money to go to school and just before the fall semester started my mother got a raise.  My prayer came true and I was able to go to Penn State. My life has seen many of my dreams materialize, because of my faith.

In 1954 I suffered a major loss, when my grandfather died. He was the Rock of Gibraltar for me. I was so upset that it was hard for me to function. I cried for him for 50 years. He was a very dear man. I kind of lost my bearings at this time and it took me 19 years to regain my faith…with the advent of becoming a vegetarian in 1973. It changed my consciousness.

In 1977 I left my marriage, after 21 years. I was married to a man that didn’t have the ability to love me. I thought that I would give him the opportunity to find his soul mate (he did find her). I wanted to do something with my life, too. I left with an 8 month old baby who I wanted to raise as a champion.  In 1978 I wrote How to Raise an Organic Baby, but didn’t have the funds to promote it. In 1979 I wrote For Thou Art with Me…and perhaps one day I will revise them and get them going.

In 1980 I was driving home, after seeing someone that I had been interested in. I asked him what his biggest goal in life was – and it was so shallow that I totally lost interest in him. As I drove I asked the Creator to please send me someone and when I walked in my door a short time later my phone was ringing. The man on the other end of the line had been given my number by a friend. He was a very health-oriented vegetarian. When I met him, I was surprised to find out how great he looked at fifty. He could have been taken for thirty. I was interested in learning his health secrets. He had a full head of hair with no gray; wore no glasses; had a 28” waist and was entering physique contests; beating out guys 20 to 30 years younger. He told me that his grandfather had introduced him to Dr. Walker’s vegetarian food program, when he was sixteen. He ate no meat, fish or chicken. He ate lots of fruit and humungous raw food vegetable salads . He showed me how he held his hands over his food and asked the Creator to energize and bless his food. He ate nothing without doing this over everything he ate or drank. Well, I started doing this, too. I saw how well his diet and spiritual attunement worked.

In 1982 I went to a Senior Center in Torrance and saw the lady who was in charge using a dowser. I had never seen this before and I asked her what she was doing.She told me that she asked our Maker to guide her…and help her with the foods she needed. She said that when the dowser moved in a clock-wise motion, the food waspositive. When the dowser moved in a counter-clock-wise motion, the food wasnegative. If it moved straight across the front of her body, it was neutral, which meant that it wasn’t harmful, but it had no value. I learned that It was a waste of money buying food that wasn’t positive.

I tried to see, if the dowser would work for me…and was surprised to see it did. I asked the Creator to guide me. I wanted to learn more about dowsing, so I took a class at L.A. City College. It wasn’t working for some of the people there, so I wound up showing others how to access the energy of our Maker.

Over the years I learned that many people who use dowsers are not “clear.” This means that they are using their own mind energy to move the dowser. Some people let their appetites guide them. In order to use a dowser one has to be in a totally neutral state of mind. One has to have no pre-conceived idea, whether the food is positive, negative or neutral. I started using a dowser in 1984 regularly for myself and others…when I did my nutritional consultations. Some people use dowsers for other reasons. They are used by people who are searching for water or mineral deposits. For more information: Google: Dowsing for water or Dowsing for minerals. I have seen another health professional on the internet that Dowses for Health.


I opened the Charis Holistic Center in West Los Angeles in 1982, but moved the center to my home in 1984..…and was guided to start doing free consultations in order to really learn. I had been doing nutritional research since 1961, but the information that was available was far from valid. I got in trouble following the advice of some well known people in the nutrition field. I went backward – not forward in my quest for health. It took years to learn that it is important to know where the information is coming from – in order to determine how valid it is.

What I learned from doing 17 years of free consultations…everybody is unique. No two people are alike. I also learned that many “good” foods were not designed for human consumption. Even in a family, one food may be great for one person and bad for another; depending on the genes that one has inherited. In addition, I was also able to eventually check out the organs in the body to discover their percentage of function. I would ask the Creator for this information, while going down a list of organs.

One young man who came to me told me nothing about his health background. One day during a consultation with him I went over the organs in his body and was shocked to see that his heart was only functioning at about 42%. I didn’t want to scare him, so I just asked him, if he ever had any heart problems. He told me that he nearly died in his teens, because of a heart condition. We worked together over a period of several years and with dietary changes and prayer his heart was healed.

When people came to me, I showed them how to hold their hands over their food and ask the Creator to bless it…I usually fed them too. After ten years of doing these free consultations, I was guided to do a book. While writing it, I asked for guidance over every line. I asked the Creator how valid my book Sharing from the Heart was and was given a percentage of 98%. Few books in the marketplace are as valid.

When my book was finished, I was guided to keep on doing free consultations for the price of a book. After another seven years, I was permitted to ask $100 for the price of a consultation. It only took me 40 years, before I was competent enough in the Creator’s eyes to do my consultations. Isn’t it incredible that doctors who should have nutritional knowledge may have a semester of nutritional training, if they have any. Many medical schools don’t even offer their medical students any nutrition studies. How can doctors operate without this information? It would be like an auto mechanic who had no idea of what kind of fuel or oil a car needed. Would you trust a mechanic who didn’t know the difference, between the different oils an automobile requires?

There is a major problem, when a great deal of the nutritional information that the public is receiving has been provided to the university nutrition schools by the food industry. Where do we find the truth? I would suggest going direct, if you want the truth. Ask for guidance…and be willing to change, when information comes your way.

Do you know what a Cyto-Toxic Test is? It is a test, where a lab will take a blood sample and then test its compatibility with a number of foods. It is not 100% accurate; only 80%, However it is better to be 80% accurate than to be 20% accurate, which is the way most people are eating. The way they are eating is disease-creating. There are medical doctors who are against this procedure, because if too many people had this test done and followed its recommendations, they wouldn’t need doctors.

I use a dowser, which is a Patrick Flanagan Sensor 11 pendulum, which I was guided to buy in 1982. I have used it for 29 years now. I have learned a great deal from using it. I wear it most of the time, so It will be handy, when I need an answer. I do get direct information , but the dowser verifies the answers for me. It is interesting, but it changes colors, when I work in front of a computer or go to a health convention, where there are many unhealthy people. It changes from a bright gold to a murky looking color. It absorbs negative radiation. It would be great, if everyone could have one.

Patrick Flanagan is not selling these pendulums anymore…but I do know that

www.ewater.com has two pendants that can be worn for protection against environmental magnetic energy frequencies. One looks like an opal stone…the Quantum BioEnergy EP2 Pendant. The other is the ETAG Pendant. It works the same as the EP2, but it is less expensive. It is more rectangular and dark green. I use my Sensor 11 pendant most of the time, but I bought an ETAG Pendant as back up. I don’t buy anything without asking and I got a Positive on both these pendants.

The Creator is my life. I feel very blessed to have found the greatest love that exists and to be working with my Beloved for the past 27 years. In 1983-84, I did a 40 day fast on water in order to open up the door, so the Creator would guide me. I turned over my whole life in order to be of service and have never been more fulfilled. I do sleep in the Arms of the Beloved every night (as Rumi, the Sufi poet wrote). There is no greater love than the love we can receive from our Maker who has given us so much.

May you find the love and the happiness I have found in loving and serving our Creator.

Holistically Yours,

Barbara Charis

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