Summer Eating: Take A Vacation From Cooking

It’s summertime and living could be easier.  Hopefully you are eating lighter foods, such as fruit and raw vegetables.  It will help you keep cooler, if you eat foods that don’t require as much energy to digest. If you are eating right for the season, you will be able to enjoy life without standing over a hot stove preparing meals. Bring out your chopping board for vegetable salads and use a blender to make delicious summer smoothies. Take a vacation from cooking – save time, money and energy. It will also reward you with better health as the right raw foods will help in taking off weight.

The best raw foods are those that don’t require cooking. They have more of the nutrients one needs in order to have excellent health. Fruits, such as, blueberries, strawberries, peaches, nectarines, plums. oranges, lemons and limes are summertime favorites. Bananas are available all year. All of these aforementioned fruits are great in fruit salads, smoothies, plain fruit drinks or eaten just as they are. Making a meal on fruit is the easiest. I have two or three of these simple meals daily. Starting out with my Moringa Tea with lemon juice…then my smoothie and later on some more fruit. At dinnertime I usually have my carrot-spinach drink. Two nights a week, I have been eating 3 oz of raw salmon, or perhaps some sardines on sliced tomatoes with a dab of mayo. I was losing too fast, when I cut these foods out entirely.

Perhaps you have a problem handling fruit, so what are you going to do? I would advise you to eat more vegetables, until you get your organs working better Many people in this country have a problem handling the sugar in fruit, because they have been eating foods, such as, grains, which have over-burdened their pancreas. It would be best, if they simply gave up all grains and stuck to vegetables, organic cage-free eggs, specific fish (not farm-raised), certified organic chicken and avoided all other meats. If you feel that you must have meat, make sure that it is organically-raised, grass-grazed, not GMO grain-fed.

In 1973 I gave up meat, fish and chicken at one time and for 13 years totally avoided them. I felt great and had only one problem caused by eating too many nuts and salad dressings. It took many more years to learn that my body doesn’t handle fat well. When I stopped those foods, no more headaches.

Variety may be the spice of life, but it isn’t always the healthiest. We need to take lessons from animals in nature and not let our human egos guide us. Each species has specific foods that were designed for their physiology. Carnivores don’t crave vegetable foods or fruit. Herbivores don’t eat meat. Mankind best handles fruit and vegetables as our tooth structure and long intestinal tract testifies to this fact. We put all kinds of food and beverages in our mouth that wreak havoc in our bodies, because we “think” that we need variety. We have broken down our bodies, because of our ignorance and reliance on those who have provided the wrong information; usually in order to make a profit.

Life would be a perpetual vacation, if we simplified it by eating intelligently. We would never be sick and would save a fortune in medical bills. We would not have to worry about the future, if we took charge of our own health and stopped depending on those who really don’t have the right answers. When I develop a problem, I ask myself what did I do that caused it? No doctor can give you this information, because they are not with you 24/7.

I am continually learning all the time. I do experiment with health information that I read about on the internet or in Doctor’s Newsletters that I am receiving. There is a great deal of new information constantly surfacing and being in the health field – I need to know, if it is valid or not. In many cases my body is my lab. In the past year a little problem surfaced with a fatty tumor on my wrist. I discovered that this problem was created, because I went to a chiropractor who told me that I needed to take a large amount of Essential Fatty Acids…and I was also getting them in other foods and supplements that I was using. I had to stop all my supplements and even my chia seeds, because they contained too many Omega 3’s. Now, the end result is: the tumor is gone.

The chiropractor claimed that my under-active thyroid needed more Omega 3’s. She had me buy 12 jars of her Omega 3’s. I paid a lot for her misinformation and solved my thyroid problem myself. I simply started using a natural liquid iodine and another product which I wrote about June 8, 2011 (Healthy Tips to Keep Your Weight Under Control).

It had been a struggle for me all my life to lose weight and to keep it down, because of misinformation. I thought that there was something wrong with my body, because I couldn’t eat a piece of bread without gaining weight. The last blog I did covered lectins…these carb-loving proteins that set up cravings for grains and other foods that cause weight gain. Since, I gave up the grains and the dairy, my body is finally getting to the place, where I wanted it to be for a lifetime. It is sad that it took me all these years to learn, but finally I can help others achieve great results by avoiding the foods, which pack on pounds.

I know people who have told me that fruit was making them gain weight. How were they eating it?  They were putting it on top of their cereal, which was swimming in milk. It wasn’t the fruit that caused the problem…it was the cereal and milk. These two foods are very addictive and they were not designed for human consumption. Cereal has to be highly processed in order to be eaten, which eliminates it from the category of a natural food. Milk was designed for a 500 lb growth in a baby calf. If you are interested in having good health and looking good – you will avoid grains and dairy.

Eating right takes DISCIPLINE. Most people are sadly lacking in this trait. They don’t want to give up the foods, they love (even if these foods are killing them). I had a friend who asked me to help a friend of hers who was dying of cancer. I gave her nutritional information to pass along. My friend told me that this lady told her that she would rather be dead than give up all the foods she loved. She did die, shortly thereafter. I got this feedback from many others who were totally addicted to unhealthy foods.

People do have Positive, Neutral and Negative foods. When people come to me, I give them this information. Fruits and vegetables aren’t all Positive, even though many think they are. I have spent over 27 years doing nutrition readings for many people – learning that everyone had different food needs. I didn’t know in the beginning that some people couldn’t handle their positive fruits, because their organs were not functioning right. The fruit would have worked – if they had healthy pancreases.

Fruit has never been a problem for me, because I have kept away from bread, pasta and other grains most of my life. I have been dieting, since I was 12. I started heeding an aunt’s advice as a young girl: “A moment on the lips; an eternity on the hips.” Thank heavens, that I can eat pounds of fruit daily. I did cut back a little recently, because I wanted to get to my perfect weight. I am almost there. I am eating about 2 pounds daily…and when I want to stop losing and stabilize will add more fruit to my dietary program.

There is a website that you should look at:

The man who started this website is Dr. Doug Graham, the author of Grain Damage and The 80-10-10 Diet. He has been a raw-fooder for 27 years. He highly recommends the eating of a massive amount of fruits and vegetables. I have read testimonials from many who are following his advice and it has been working for them. He makes it very clear that fruit is great, but green vegetables are critical in order to be healthy. He suggests that men eat a pound of greens daily – and that women could eat a bit less. He doesn’t advocate eating too many nuts or seeds, because of their high fat content. He also is against salad dressings and recommends limiting the consumption of avocado, because of its high fat. He is close to sixty and looks very healthy. He is a life long athlete and has coached elite athletes from around the world. He has helped thousands of people lose weight and gain health through his lectures and consultations.

Dr. Graham recommends eating anywhere from six to nine pounds of fruit and vegetables daily (primarily fruit). This amount is equivalent to 24 to 36 servings daily. Think about the average American who is only eating 3 servings (12 oz) (or less) servings of fruit and vegetables daily…and our health authorities have just now raised the standard to five to nine (4 oz) servings daily. No wonder our country is in such trouble health-wise. Americans spend more on medical care than any other country in the world….because they simply don’t know how to eat right.

Many people complain that they would starve to death eating mainly fruit, but they have no idea that the SAD (Standard American Diet) is creating massive malnutrition in their bodies. Organic raw fruits are loaded with nutrients…the problem stems from people not eating enough or not being able to handle the amount of fruit that they need, because of their poor organ health. If people were able to eat enough fruit at a meal, they would not be hungry an hour later. I know that in the past, when I have eaten two pounds of fruit for breakfast that I have gone many hours without being hungry. In fact, when I did a marathon, which took 4 hours and 25 minutes back in 1981…all I had before the marathon was 2 lbs of fruit and I had total energy for the whole event. I did the same for 3 other marathons, too.

Summer is the perfect time to get into eating more fruit as it is fruit season. I go to the farmer’s market every week to buy organic pesticide-free fruit and vegetables. I also buy organic produce during the week at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. Many people aren’t aware how important it is – to avoid pesticide-laden produce. It may cost more, but it will save you bigger bucks in the long run, because it is better to spend your money on decent food than to pay for medical treatments and drugs.

In addition, it saves nutrients, when you opt for a raw unprocessed food meal. The simpler the better. It is the way people ate for hundreds of thousands of years, before the advent of cooking.  Many claim that mankind has been cooking food since the beginning, but how can one cook food over a fire unless you have some sort of a metal implement that won’t burn? In the time frame of history, the Bronze Age didn’t start with its process of metal-work, until approximately 3500 BC. There wasn’t any pottery, until 4000 BC., either. Try to visualize eating hot cooked food without dishes.

It is interesting to note that cooking may break down a food and make it easier to eat, but our natural foods don’t need to be destroyed in order to be eaten. Fruit doesn’t need to be cooked and fresh tender greens may be enjoyed in lovely vegetable salads or blender drinks. If you give this way of eating a real chance, you will experience a great change in your mental and physical health. A sense of lightness will pervade your body and state of mind. You will sleep better and wake in the morning with far more energy than what you have derived from eating mainly cooked foods. I am in far better health today than when I was in my teens. I was rather lethargic as a teen-ager, carrying 150 lbs weight-wise. I would never have been able to do a fast five mile walk daily or even think about doing a marathon.

My grandparents and parents really knew very little about nutrition. Their foods made them over-weight and too old looking for their age. I didn’t want to emulate them health-wise. I was appalled, when I saw my mother deteriorate and was determined to find better answers than the ones she had. I am eating the way that I am advising others to do and have found great satisfaction in feeling the way I do. I feel like a healthy teen-ager…not fragile and elderly as the news media refers to people over sixty.

So, turn off the stove and take a real vacation this summer from cooking. It will change your life and your health for the better. Remember you can eat far more of the right foods than you should eat of the wrong ones. When you make a salad, get a large quart-size (or larger) bowl. Fill it with tender greens, such as spinach, romaine lettuce, red or green lettuce, plus tomatoes or white button mushrooms. …and for a dressing I would recommend fresh lemon juice, a dab of honey and a teaspoon or two of olive or raw coconut oil. This entire bowl constitutes a meal for one person. Two lettuce leaves and a slice or two of tomato should not be considered a salad..

If you have a problem handling fruit, it can be solved by eating an abundance of raw vegetables, until you can rejuvenate your pancreas and other organs, then you will be able to eat more fruit. Eating this way could set you free from cooking for more than just a summer. If health is important to you than make it a reality for a lifetime. You will save time, money, nutrients and your health by not destroying good food by cooking it.

Healthfully Yours,

Barbara Charis

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