Barbara Charis has had many testimonials over the years from individuals who have experienced great changes in their physical and mental states from overhauling their diets through Ms. Charis’ consultations.

Marc D. (Los Angeles)  A young german student who was ready to drop out of college, because he had lost his ability to concentrate.  He had been a very good student, back home in Germany, but since coming to the U.S, and eating the standard “American” fast food diet, high sugar & fat, he had literally changed the way his brain had previously functioned.  His grades had gone from straight A’s to C’s & D’s.    Within 30 days on his perfect foods, he was able to regain his former ability to concentrate and finished college with ease.

T.O. (Los Angeles, CA) Another client, who was an actress, had a very rough go of it, as she began having great difficulty learning and remembering her lines.  After consulting with Ms. Charis, she found that the root of the problem was her then dietary habits.  After a complete overhaul, and replacing that diet with the foods that were perfect for her body,  her concentration was restored.  She continued in show business, until she decided to go back to school to pursue a degree; and became a psychologist.

Claudia N., (Baldwin Park, CA) this young woman sent a brief testimonial, which stated, “The results of eating the foods, which you advised me to eat: I’m more alert, aware and happy. I feel 100% better.  Everything you said that was going to happen to my body, did occur.  I lost about ten pounds; added muscle tone to my legs; and my cellulite no longer exists. My tummy kooks great”. Thank you!!!”

Irene A. (Pittsburgh, PA) a women in her 50’s states: “The spirulina and juices have really restored my health.  My blood pressure went from 160/100 down to 138/80, since May.  I feel good and look much better.  My energy is good.  I was taking blood pressure medication and diuretics – and the blood pressure medication and water pills are gone – no drugs at all.  It’s been a blessing to find good health.”
This same woman had been lying on her couch for five years. Her doctors had given up on her.  They called her a hypochondriac. However, she was willing to change her diet-  and in 30 days, she was out mowing her lawn.

Another client, suffering from diabetes and to whom Barbara had given his Perfect Foods told her that he was actually able to go completely off of his insulin within months of the consultation.

Jody V. (Norwalk, CT) writes, “Dear Barbara: As I sit watching my 13 year old son playing Little League baseball; I’m writing this long overdue letter of gratitude. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of nutrition and spirituality; you put your total energy into serving others.  Your work is love….Needless to say, I went your route and after following your cleansing plan and the “diet”, I found myself free of any prior problems.  I couldn’t believe it!  Besides increased energy—a new zest for life—a happier frame of mind—clearer skin and many other physical and mental advantages, to my shock I found myself pregnant rather suddenly (please note:  this client had been trying to get pregnant for the previous 8 years).  Getting back to that heartfelt thanks, my son Robby is a good student at one of the most academically-challenging private schools in the country.  He’s healthy, happy and a gift from The Creator. Thank you for being a vehicle of that love, knowledge and healing. May the Creator bless you and your family”