The 2000 Calorie Diet: The American Standard for Healthy Eating???

How many people actually take the time to figure out how many calories are in their daily diets?  How many know the calorie count of the foods they are eating?  How many really care?  Looking at the health statistics for America, it would appear that very few count calories or know how to eat right.  Our obesity level is growing worse year by year. However, the bright spot is – people could turn these statistics around without counting calories or becoming nutritionists, if they simply learned what foods to eat. People need to know that the food products they are eating are responsible for their weight gain and that by shopping mainly in the produce aisles they would get back on the road to health.

Many people in America are eating more than a 2000 calorie diet, but many who are struggling to lose weight should be eating far less than 2000 calories. This is a major problem, caused by the wrong info. This 2000 calorie diet does not work for everyone.  If I ate 2000 calories daily, I would be obese.  I have a 1200 calorie limitation.  Each person is different.  This must be taken into consideration, when setting up the right diet.

Other problems hamper weight loss.  People may love the taste of their foods and not experience an overt (negative) reaction, but internally these foods are breaking down their bodies; and slowing down their thyroid glands. I had to learn the hard way.Two of the most difficult foods for me to give up were cheese and nuts. I had no idea that they were the cause of my excess weight and disastrous migraine headaches. I knew nothing about the function of the organs in my body; nor did I know I was stressing my liver by eating a high calorie, high fat diet. I didn’t know about the effects of eating cruciferous vegetables.  I had a lot to learn, before I finally achieved my perfect weight.

Let me tell you about one of the functions of your liver, it produces a substance called bile. This substance helps emulsify (dissolve) and break down fat in the foods you are ingesting. Humans were not designed to be eating the amount of fatty foods; available in the American diet. Our modern diet is a very unhealthy phenomenon. It is not only loaded with an excessive amount of calories, it also contains excessive amounts of fat, protein, processed dead carbs, sodium, iron and other unnatural ingredients. An organ, called the liver is over burdened by just trying to remove these substances; and many other deadly chemicals that get into the body through the air, the skin or one‘s mouth..

There is another organ called the gall bladder. It is used for the storage of bile. However, there is so much fat to emulsify in the standard American diet, it is becoming an unnecessary appendage. The Standard American diet is known as SAD. It is not only responsible for the gross amount of overweight people; it is creating a massive amount of serious illness in America, too. So, who is to blame for this? Both the food industries and the Americans who have failed to do their own homework; and have depended on the wrong people for guidance. Most dietary information is coming from the food industries.

My history with dieting started, when I was 13 years old.  I had no weight problem for my first twelve years, because I was a Depression baby. There was very little food to eat for years for many families. I remember being ten pounds underweight at every school check-up as a child. At 12 years of age, I was five foot tall and weighed 90 pounds. Unfortunately, I went on a spur of the moment trip to visit relatives in Los Angeles and wound up living with an aunt and uncle for six months. I ate foods that I wasn’t used to and in six months gained 30 pounds. What were the foods? Primarily dairy, meat and potatoes. After, I went back to Pennsylvania, I not only didn’t take off the weight; I gained another 30 lbs, because I tried depriving myself of calories in order to lose. This didn’t work, because I wasn’t eating the right foods. First I would starve, then I would binge. I knew nothing about nutrition; and neither did my mother. She had a Masters in History, but was totally unaware of the right way to feed her family. Her idea of a good meal was opening a box of macaroni and cheese.

My average weight during my teens was 150 solid pounds. I was very active and walked about five miles every day. I biked, roller-skated and participated in many different sports. There was NO TV. After school I would join friends to go to an ice cream store for a milkshake or to a pharmacy soda fountain for a cherry coke. Another treat was a banana split, loaded with ice cream and chocolate syrup. It didn’t help my weight being a soda jerk for a summer and eating ice cream daily.

First I would eat, then I would starve myself. This was the pattern of my life during my teens. And I just stayed the same 150 pounds throughout most of my high school years. At seventeen, I went to Penn State.
After I started eating in the dormitory dining hall, I found it easier to take off weight. At the end of the first year I weighed in at 128 pounds. I remember developing a craving for spinach – and few of the girls at the table we were assigned to,  wanted their spinach; so I ate it. I still eat spinach almost daily.

Another reason it was easier to lose, I had access to a scale and could keep tabs on my weight. This is something, which I do regularly today. I mark down my weight in my Food Minder Journal daily.
If people did this, it would help them cut back on the amount of food or the wrong kind of high calorie foods, if they started gaining weight.Nipping it in the bud, before it becomes an over-whelming problem.

After I went back to school in my junior year, I went to the University of Pittsburgh. I stayed with a family as a babysitter, while going to school. Unfortunately, once again the food was not healthy.
I started packing on pounds during the semester I lived with them. At the end of the semester, I lost my grandfather and it was a devastating experience. He was my Rock of Gibraltar. I couldn’t function. My sister offered to take me on a vacation to Miami, Florida to cheer me up. We went and it helped.. We learned how to water-ski and did this daily. She also put me on a high protein diet: a fresh eggnog for breakfast and a steak and salad for dinner. We didn’t eat anything else. I dropped 18 lbs in three weeks. I went down to 132 lbs. I was a size 12 again from a size16.

In 1955 my weight was down even lower, 122 pounds. My sister and I were both involved in serious romances. However, My mother wasn’t pleased with our choices and coaxed us into going with her to California. Her motive was to break up our engagements; she succeeded. I had not been happy living in California previously and did not want to go back. However, we went and it was such an unbearably hot drive we didn’t feel like driving back to Pennsylvania immediately. My sister and I were subsidized rent-wise by an aunt and we both wound up working for the Bank of America. Money was so limited we were lucky to survive the month food-wise. It was easy keeping my weight down at twenty-one on a limited food budget. Two months to the day that we got to California, I met my future husband. This is how I wound up staying in California. I never went back to Pennsylvania, except for visits.

My weight for the first five years of marriage was fairly stable, except when I went up to 165 pounds twice, while pregnant. In 1961 I got involved with Adele Davis’s books and her dietary program. She emphasized high animal protein…125 grams a day. I followed her suggestions to a T. This attempt to get enough protein into my diet packed on the pounds. Also, within two years my son and I had to have our tonsils out, as we were sick so often. I had started going to a vegetarian health spa in 1960, which was located in Tecate, Mexico, called Rancho La Puerta. It provided a very strict low calorie vegetarian diet and a great exercise program. After, I got back home from this resort in 1963, I stayed on even a stricter diet…600 calories. By the time November rolled around I had lost seven dress sizes and weighed 114 pounds. I didn’t realize how serious this calorie counting was health-wise, It was not the way to lose. I wound up in a mental hospital with a “nervous” breakdown.

People can lose weight eating Twinkies, if they count calories. However, this is deadly for the brain. The brain as well as the body requires nutrients to function. Add major stress and a “nervous” breakdown will occur.
In 1963, I was diagnosed as schizophrenic, because psychiatrists have no nutritional background. No blood work was used to determine what nutrients were missing, because they didn’t know the brain requires specific nutrients in order to function – not drugs. Unfortunately, I was given deadly drugs for my chemical imbalance and shock treatment, which wiped out my memory of what had put me in the hospital.  I wound up in the hospital many times, because I did not remember I had been on this radical diet. I kept doing extreme diets to lose weight. There is an apt quote, “Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.” Wiping out the memory with shock treatments and drugs – takes away the possibility of a cure. Life long dependency on the psychiatric field is the result.

Why was I so concerned with my weight? My mother was heavy and I did not want it to happen to me. When I had seen her nude body as a teenager, I made a vow to myself that I would not wind up looking like her.
I had also seen my father’s mother in the nude at 60 – and she looked like a statue of Venus. I learned that one’s body didn’t have to change, because one had children. I also met another lady who had eight children who looked fantastic. I just had a very strong desire to look the best I could – so I kept on struggling to be thin. There had to be answers and I was determined to find them.

Years later, I came across the journal I had been keeping in 1963, which contained the 600 calorie diet I had been on. What was I eating? For breakfast: a piece of toast, an egg and a cup of black coffee. During the day I drank many cups of black coffee, which wiped out the B vitamins that the brain needs in order to function. For dinner: a small amount of ice berg lettuce, a small tomato and a 3 oz hamburger patty. I counted calories to make sure that I didn’t go over 600 calories daily. I did this for about four months. Then a very stressful event occurred, when I told my husband I wanted a divorce. He became violent and ripped off my dress and beat me up. I retreated into my bedroom and refused to come out. He convinced me to go see a psychiatrist; and I was hospitalized. This is how I got labeled, “schizophrenic.”

Once you get into this psychiatric system they don’t want to let you go. It pays for people to wake up and realize the importance of getting the nutrients the brain needs; as most psychiatrists don’t study nutrition. Here it is 50 years later and there are only a few doctors in the psychiatric field who have a nutritional background. The rest dismiss nutrition, because it won’t produce income for them in the way that drugs do. Income is far more important than being able to help patients get cured. There are no cures in the psychiatric field…only life-long treatment.

My goal has been achieved. I am happy, when I look in the mirror. I am the weight, I should have been all life. The weight tables have been adjusted in many cases; permitting people to weigh more. However, when I did my book, I gave the tables as they should be. I am 5’2” tall now and weigh 107 lbs., which is my Perfect Weight. The way for women to determine weight is by inches/centimeters and pounds/kilograms. In the United States we use pounds. In Europe they use kilograms. Starting at 5 feet …the range goes from 95 – 105 pounds depending on bone structure. It advances upwards from there.

In order to attain your Perfect Weight, you must determine the amount of calories you need daily and not exceed them. Secondly, eat foods that are perfect for your body. The fat will easily melt away. carries an interesting Eat Smart Scale that measures fat, total body water (TBW) muscle mass and bone mass. The scale is $54.95 It is a good investment. It will help make sure you are well hydrated, because you will exchange water for fat; when you stick to high water content foods. These enzyme-rich living foods have far less calories than processed foods. Eat mainly from the produce section of the market and you will find your whole life changing for the better..

In 1983-1984, I did a 40 day fast to elevate my consciousness. I came to the realization – the answers mankind needs don’t exist on this level; only the Creator who formed the Cosmos knows our needs. I found the answers I needed through expecting my prayers to be answered. Most of mankind is coming from the aspect of EGO. It is all about money, power, fame, popularity. If answers don’t fill one’s bank account; they will not be promoted. I learned this in 1976, when a surgeon was not interested in hearing how I got rid of my tumor. He had told me that it couldn’t be regressed. He tried to frighten me into having an immediate operation. My reply was “Everybody is going to die sometime. I am going to go home and pray.” I received an answer! I got rid of my tumor and have told thousands over the years about how I got rid of it…free of charge.

Calories are not perfect, but they do give a limit to the amount of food that the body requires daily. If one goes over one’s limit, one will gain. If one stays under, one will lose, but eating right counts. The wrong foods hang up in the fat cells and stick like glue. In fact, one “good” food was once used as wallpaper glue and coats the intestines. When this occurs over time, the belly gets bigger and bigger; and nutrients can’t get through the intestinal lining and into the bloodstream. Malnutrition occurs, while people gain weight by simply eating the wrong foods. Calories are not always the criteria. Try sticking with enzyme-rich foods that don’t need to be processed – and you will be aWeight Loss Winner.

Healthfully Yours,

Barbara Charis

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