The Battle of the Bulge: Fighting “Belly Fat”

The battle of the century deals with the issue of “belly fat”.  A Daily News headline (7-8-2011) was “South is losing battle of the bulge.” The article went on to say: Rural Mississippi is the country’s fattest state for the 7th year in a row, according to an annual obesity report issued Thursday. Colorado, a playground for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, is the nation’s thinnest.

The report by two public health groups has again delivered bad news: The nation is getting bigger and bigger every year. And looking at state-by-state statistics, the groups found exponential waistline growth – Colorado with 19.8 percent of adults considered obese according to 2010 data, would have been the nation’s fattest in 1995.

“When you look at it year by year, the changes are incremental,” says Jeffrey Levi, executive director of the Trust For America’s Health, which writes the report with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. “When you look at it by a generation you see how we got into this problem. The study says a dozen states topped 30 percent obesity in 2010, most of them in the South. Alabama, West Virginia, Tennessee and Louisiana were close behind Mississippi. Just five years ago, in 2006, Mississippi was the only state above 30 percent.

Jim Marks of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation said that the numbers have sky-rocketed over the last couple of decades. The reasons given – the growth of portion sizes and the ready availability of unhealthy foods. Also, schools have ditched physical education programs and school lunches have gotten less healthy.

No state decreased its level of obesity, which is defined as a body mass index of 30 or more. The body mass index is a measurement based on a calculation using a person’s weight and height. A person who is 5 feet 5 inches and weighs 150 pounds would have a body mass index of 25, for example, but if that person weighed 180 pounds the BMI would be 30. This doesn’t always work for someone with a lot of muscles, such as an athlete. However, it is considered the best way to measure the general population. The authors of the study say it allows them to measure large numbers of people because those surveyed can easily provide height and weight. My note: A 5 foot 5 inch female or male should be considered overweight at 150 lbs. with a BMI Of 25.

There was a bit of good news in the report: Sixteen states reported increases in their obesity rates. Down from 28 states that reported increases last year. Levi says those increases have been gradually slowing, most likely due to greater public awareness of health issues and government attempts to give schools and shoppers access to healthier foods……

What can we do to whittle down the waistline? This is a major problem, because the visceral fat (intra-abdominal fat) that accumulates in that area raises the risk of Type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart disease and other chronic diseases. While it‘s often referred to as “belly fat“ because it can cause a “beer belly“ or an apple-shaped body; you can have visceral fat even if you are thin. So even if you aren‘t trying to lose weight, cutting out unhealthy carbs in your diet could have a positive impact on your levels of visceral fat, and thereby potentially reduce your risk of chronic disease. . An important point to remember is that reducing carbs in the diet will promote the loss of deep belly fat, also known as “visceral fat” even when no change in weight is noticed.

Most people are totally confused as to what types of food that they should be eating. Our Food Pyramid emphasized eating grains. This is a food that is highly responsible for the obesity problem. I used to think that there was something wrong with me, because I gained weight, if I ate any bread or grains. Little did I know that grains turned into sugar and contributed to the fat that I was struggling to lose. When I eliminated the grains and dairy, my weight and inches dropped. I used to be size 14. Today I wear size 6 pants and a Small top. It took years of research to gather this information, because of the misinformation that is being disseminated by those whose primary interest is selling you their unhealthy foods.

Americans have a love affair with unhealthy carbs – bagels, pasta, pretzels, rice, potatoes, cake, ice cream, pastry, etc. A full two-thirds of the U.S. population is overweight or obese, and nearly one in four is considered obese, not just overweight. Cutting out these unhealthy carbs can lead to weight loss as even moderate reductions in your carb consumption will help you lose weight. If you are really serious about losing that visceral fat, you need to give up the foods that create it.

Excess carbs in the form of high fructose corn syrup, sugar, syrups, and even honey are contributing to the visceral fat around the middle. This fat is devastating your internal organs. Most processed foods add to it. When the body is out of balance from having eaten a nutrient-poor diet for a lifetime…it will get to a point where even eating fruit will affect it. Many people in this country can’t handle more than a piece or two of fruit, because their pancreas has been damaged by eating wrong. However, I have seen vegetarians who mainly live on raw fruit and vegetables thrive.

In my consultations I came across many people who simply couldn’t handle more than a piece or two of fruit daily. I didn’t realize at the time that their bodies were so defective, because of eating too many processed foods that they had lost the ability to eat the primary food of mankind….FRUIT. I can eat several pounds daily, without a problem. Fruit makes me feel good, but I cut it in half to 24 oz or less daily, so I can trim some inches..

There are fruits, which people shouldn’t eat. These fruits are ultra high in sugar and they can damage the pancreas and cause weight gain. What fruits should you avoid? Dried fruits, such as apricots, figs, dates and raisins, plus most grapes. Some organic concord grapes in the fall could be beneficial. Needless to say, avoid pesticides in the fruit (and vegetables)you are eating.

High glycemic foods, such as processed cereals, contribute to this stubborn visceral fat around the middle. If you want to be trim, they must be avoided. Don’t feed them to your children, because they will set them up for future health problems; and they are very addictive.

Another food group that packs on pounds is dairy. It is not only a food that is designed to pack on pounds – it causes many other health problems in the human body; mentally and physically. Dairy and grains have both been implicated in autism. Children who have been taken off these two foods have shown great improvement. If people would only use their heads, they would question the use of a food that our Maker designed for the 500 pound growth of a calf. Most people are enamored with cheese. It takes 8 quarts of milk to make one pound of cheese. It is one of the most concentrated compact forms of protein.

Perhaps, you don’t know that excess protein/fat feeds the growth of tumors in the human body. I learned first hand back in 1976, when I got a tumor in 3 months, after going to a nutritionist who told me that I needed more protein. (The tumor dissolved in less than three months, when I stopped the dairy). Needless to say, I gave up dairy. Only occasionally, do I have a Chai Latte…and every time I do…my weight goes up the next day…and my nose starts dripping.

There is a major problem in this country created by the food industries who need to sell their products. The food industries have set the nutritional standards convincing the populace that they need more protein, more carbs, more fat, and more sodium than they actually need. The food industries give grants – and information to pass on – to future nutritionists in the universities. This of course helps them to sell their products. They have done this for many years. You need to realize that America is way down low on the totem pole of health, because the food industry has created false standards in order to sell their products. The end result of their actions, America spends more on medical care than any other country in the world. We are about 30th or more in world health.

Most people today totally believe in a high protein diet. Well, high fat usually goes along with a high protein animal-based diet- and we don’t need this combo, if we want to be healthy and trim. There are things about high protein that haven’t been stressed enough. It has no fiber to help propel it through the intestinal tract. The human body has 32 feet of intestines for food to pass through…which was designed primarily for the slower digestion of fibrous fruits and vegetables. Carnivorous animals have a 4 to 8 foot intestinal tract designed for the rapid expulsion of meat. When animal protein without fiber takes too long to be expelled, it putrifies and bacterial growth ensues. These bacteria can migrate all around the body and cause health problems. Colon cancer has been connected to red meat consumption. Animal protein contributes to constipation, because of its lack of fiber. This leads to weight gain, too.

There are other foods that create problems in the intestines. People think that taking high fiber supplements is the way to go to get rid of constipation. In many cases this can make the constipation worse, because the fiber can get trapped and create a blockage, if one isn’t drinking enough water. Oatmeal also creates problems in the colon. At one time oats were used to make wallpaper glue. Oatmeal can adhere to the walls of the intestines, harden and coat them so thoroughly that no nutrients can get into the bloodstream. There are other foods like pizza with its melted cheese, which can harden in the intestines and coat the walls…and without nutrients getting through the walls, people will become unhealthy The intestinal tract can become bigger and bigger, but people who eat these foods will develop severe malnutrition. Have you ever seen men with big guts, pasty complexion with red blotches and very little hair. This is caused from being malnourished. I am sure you have heard it said that Americans are over-fed and under nourished.

In order to clean the intestinal tract of accumulating waste, which builds up the abdomen we need to eat more raw food with natural fiber. If one has a serious problem with constipation, it needs to be addressed. Colonics might be necessary along with getting more magnesium-containing foods into the diet. Two foods I recommend for magnesium are almonds and spinach. I also would suggest using Nature’s Life Calcium-Magnesium with Vitamin D. It would provide 1000 mg of calcium and 500 mg of magnesium daily. If this doesn’t help the constipation problem, then take an additional plain capsule of magnesium at bedtime…400 mg Nature’s Life. Perhaps, some of you will remember Milk of Magnesia and Citrate of Magnesia. They contained magnesium for people who needed help with constipation.

Another important point is daily exercise. In order for the body to function right movement is necessary. Walking is good, but if you want to really burn fat you need to do a 20 minute mile or less. If you do slow walking, it won’t burn fat and inches. My daughter had me get a heart rate monitor to make sure that I was walking fast enough. It didn’t get into the burning mode until I did a 20 minute mile. This exercise along with the proper diet has me moving in the right direction. For a year I was walking daily, but I wasn’t having results, until I started walking faster. It is frustrating, if you aren’t seeing results.

Dr. Mercola mentioned in an article that you don’t lose weight doing most exercises. I learned myself, when I did a 4 hour 25 minute marathon run in 1981 that I mainly lost ½ pound of water weight. Right before the marathon I ate a pound of bananas and a pound of plums. They gave me plenty of sustained energy, but didn’t contribute to weight loss. In order to take off pounds one has to eat less high glycemic foods and carbs…move at a pace that gets your body into a burning mode as mentioned above… and work out on a regular basis.

I have been looking at weight loss ads and came across an interesting one on Dr. Mercola’s website for a product called BioThin. It claims that its users lost 28 pounds around the middle in just weeks. It was a natural product formulated from Hoodia, Garcinia Cambogia, Fucoxanthin and five other plants and herbs. Dr. Mercola says that it works deep down at the command level, which controls your fat cells. He did advocate the use of a healthy diet and exercise along with using it. I have less than 5 pounds to lose, but those last pounds and inches are the hardest. I thought that I would give this product a try and then let you know what results I experienced first hand. I have been keeping a monthly record of my measurements. I will be interested in seeing if it will take off inches – and those last few stubborn pounds.

My daughter thinks that I am doing great for my age, but I believe there is always room for improvement. We need to set goals and aim to achieve them. I totally believe in rejuvenation and think that 60 to 100 is Middle Age. It really disturbs me, when people refer to 60 year olds as “elderly.” I feel better at 77 than I did in my teens. I have no physical limitations. From spending many years in the sun I acquired wrinkles – but the foundation of my body – the bones are very strong from the Vitamin D. I shun sunscreen, because I know how it works. It blocks the formation of vitamin D…and the chemicals in it accumulate in the liver and harm it. Sunscreen is one of the causes of osteoporosis and rickets.

My body is ultra firm – no fat on my hips, backside or legs. People are amazed at how firm I am. I know that the information that I am giving you is the best there is – and don’t discount it, because it isn’t coming from a doctor. Doctors in general know very little about good health; their primary focus has been on disease. I know this for fact. I have had doctors tell me that I knew far more about nutrition than they did and good nutrition is what builds a healthy body. Poor nutrition destroys it.

I also credit our Creator for the guidance, which has led me to finding the answers I needed to achieve results. There is a lot of misinformation coming from those who are looking to sell their products. I was told a long time ago that studies can be slanted in order to provide the information that manufacturers give you, which in many cases is erroneous. I don’t believe everything I read, but the Creator has kept me on the straight and narrow – and away from most products that were bogus. One does learn from trial and error, but it costs one time and in some cases causes health problems.

If I weren’t being guided, it would be all trial and error. I would not be as healthy as I am, if I didn’t ask for and receive guidance in every facet of my life. When people come to me I show them what I do in order to receive the guidance I am getting. Some people have told me that they questioned my dowsing, but when they got results it validated the information that they received. I always ask people, “Who would know more about the human body than its Maker?”

Healthfully Yours,

Barbara Charis

P.S. A good friend sent the following quote: “While health may not be everything, without your health, nothing else matters”. – Royden Brown


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