The Crucial Importance of Buying Organic

Most people first think about the pleasure of eatinf – and not the health aspects of the food.  They spend a fortune on eating “tasty” foods, without thinking about the end results of eating them. This has created serious health conditions worldwide and people fail to blame their poor food choices for these problems. If you have ever asked your doctor what caused your health problem, what is the answer you got? I know the answers I got, because I ask questions. In the past I got answers such as, “We really don’t know what caused your cancer,” or “It could be that you inherited this condition.” Since most doctors don’t study nutrition, how could they possibly give you the answer you need. 95% of health problems stem from eating foods, which don’t belong in the human body. Many “good” foods use up nutrients in the digestive process. They contribute no nutritional value what-so-ever. Others are loaded with toxic additives. The wrong foods are creating major problems globally. They are not only destroying human health, but the ecology of the planet.

It is crucial that everyone starts buying organic. This would stop the manufacture of more poisonous pesticides that wind up in the soil; and eventually wind up in the foods you are consuming. If health matters then you have to buy organic andreverse the damage that has been done by the agricultural practices being used today. The slash and burning of the rain forests in order to create more grazing land created an ecological disaster. The world’s oxygen supply has been put in jeopardy to satisfy the appetite for beef, which is not the greatest food. I gave up beef in 1973…and my health greatly improved. I discovered that even grass-grazed organic beef contained a massive amount of elements that stressed the human body. It was not a food humans required. It is costly and inefficient to produce. It takes 1,799 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef, when the world is facing a severe food and water shortage. Organically grown fruits and vegetables would feed people far more efficiently than beef could ever do.

If everyone started demanding organic food, it would remove one of the big obstacles to buying organic. Its cost! Organic costs more, because only a limited number are purchasing it now. If people would change their priorities – it would change their lives. There are many who are penny-wise and pound foolish. Many people who have the money to buy organic, put more emphasis on clothes and other material things than they do on their health. They trust that their doctors will steer them in the right direction; not realizing that their doctors know less about what produces health than they do. I lived in a very wealthy suburb of Los Angeles in the sixties and part of the seventies. I spoke to people who worked in the marketplace who told me that many in the area I lived in – lived on cheese and crackers. The death rate was appalling in the area. Many died at an early age. Just because people have money, doesn’t mean they know how to eat. I had an uncle who was very wealthy and ate in the finest restaurants in the world…he died a long excruciating death. I got over my desire to eat out, when I observed what it did to his health. People don’t think about the pesticides and the total lack of nutrition in many “tasty” foods they love. They see no correlation, between the foods they are eating and the health problems they are facing.

It’s unfortunate that information dispensed by the food industry has set some nutrient standards ultra high…so they can sell more products. Few need the amounts of protein being recommended. Many holistic doctors, trying to dispense beneficial information, have relied on questionable information coming from nutritional schools and our government. Our U.S. health statistics are atrocious. It is known that one in every two will have a problem with heart disease; and one in every three will face cancer. Things would change, if our government promoted valid nutrition information, which was not influenced by the food industries. The wrong information is creating rampant illness worldwide.

Obesity is a major problem in the United States. One of the major causes is “hidden hunger.” People are driven to eat more and more, because their bodies craves nutrients they aren’t getting. When food provides sufficient nutrients, the body does not set up a call for more food. Organic fruits and vegetables also provide something else…an excellent source of water…the best in the world. Most people are eating processed foods, which hardly contain any water at all. There is no better water in the world than the water that is obtained from eating raw fruits and vegetables. Many people mistake thirst for hunger .and if they ate foods with a sufficient amount of water in them it would contribute to the amount of water the human body requires on a daily basis. Pure H2O is ultra important…tap is not pure!

Many people today don’t know what real food tastes like. Even organic foods have been altered in some way; so they as well as, conventionally grown foods, don’t taste like they did over 60 years ago. I buy organic as much as possible…and I am appalled at the texture and taste of strawberries and tomatoes. These two particular foods aren’t at all like the tomatoes and strawberries I used to eat. They taste weird to me. I buy organic, when I use them, but I am at the point, where I don’t like buying them. Tomatoes used to have thinner skins and were not as thick rimmed. I am sure they have been altered, so they can survive the trip to market. Strawberries don’t taste as sweet and juicy; and they have a strange chewy texture. I wonder what has been done to alter these foods?

Knowing that over 50 or more chemicals are used on conventionally-grown apples and pears, I would only recommend buying organic. However, I am disturbed about the skin texture on these foods, too. Their skin and taste is not the same. In 1990 I took a trip to Greece and was ultra impressed with their open air produce market in Athens. I couldn’t believe the perfection of their fruit. Everything I bought was totally ripe and extremely delicious. It was in total contrast to the produce available here in America. In many cases, most fruit here takes days to ripen and in some cases fails to ripen. American farmers could take lessons in agriculture from their Greek counterparts.

It is important that you know something about the soil and how important it is to use more than the standard N-P-K fertilizer with S added in some cases. Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potash and Sulfur. Using these four elements can result in a healthy looking crop, but the produce does not contain all the trace minerals that should be in fruits and vegetables. Using organic fertilizer increases the nutritional value in these crops. They also help the plants remain healthier as they grow and the farmer will not need to use the large amounts of pesticides, which are on commercial crops. People have to be aware that Pesticides are Poison and the end result of ingesting toxic chemicals will affect the human body adversely. This is in the area of slow suicide…as it doesn’t happen overnight, but overtime the organs in the body are being inundated by toxic matter. Regular doctors don’t routinely do tests to check for toxins in your bloodstream and tissues. Some Holistic doctors offer chelation to get toxic metals out of the body, but it’s a costly time-consuming process. It is far cheaper to buy organic. My philosophy has always been to put my money into my food and not into the doctor’s bank account. What is more expensive than drugs, treatments, hospitals, and operations? People need to make wiser decisions, when they consider their food choices. They have to think before they put harmful foods and beverages into their mouths that tear down their bodies down and age them more rapidly..

There are many doctors who will tell you that you are getting all the nutrients you need, if you eat a “balanced diet“. They will tell you that spending money on supplements is a total waste. In view of the fact that most doctors don’t live as long as the average man, I would say that they should demand that nutrition classes be part of the medical school curricula. For over 51 years, I’ve been experimenting with information that is available and much of it was erroneous. This information mainly provided by the nutrition industry serves the government and medical industry well; creating sick people who shell out big bucks for medicine. Healthy people don’t. need drugs, treatments, operations or hospitals. No incentive for those in charge to provide valid health information that would keep people well. It’s called economics!

There are many facets in the study of health and nutrition. It is important to know about soils, water, air, chemicals and many other subjects in order to be able to help people solve health problems. Every day I spend many hours doing research to the exclusion of everything else. I realize that I am blessed to be able to do this. There is nothing more fascinating to me than learning…and providing information to those who are also, seekers of wisdom and knowledge. In the early 1970s I came across information that made me wake up.. It stated that if you gave up watching TV and concentrated on just one subject – in 20 years you could become one of the most proficient people in the world in this subject.

In 1977, when I left my husband, I left the TV behind. I concentrated on my nutrition research – and in 1979 wrote a 300+ page manuscript entitled How To Raise An Organic Baby. It actually took 18 years of study in order to do it. I am glad it didn’t make the best seller’s list. There was so much more to learn.

I am not a business person. I am a researcher. I am health-oriented and don’t like to travel. It is not easy staying fit, when you travel a lot. I had no desire to do promotion at the cost of my health. So, I kept on doing more research. I did 17 years of free consultations in order to further my knowledge. It was challenging, because so much misinformation existed; dispensed by health writers everyone trusted and depended upon. When I wrote Sharing from the Heart, I asked for guidance and it flowed. I spent hundreds of thousands doing my own research; so I am beholden to none. In my blogs, I freely give product and book recommendations. I don’t look for or receive kick-backs from anyone. Many professionals recommend and sell products. I question their ethics. One entrepreneur chiropractor sold me on buying a case of supplements; said I needed 14 capsules daily of Omega 3; and I wound up with a fatty tumor. I seem to learn the hard way, but I learned. It took a year to get rid of it. Life is learning all the way.

My goal is to provide the most dependable information available. I believe as Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I want to make a difference, because I have passed this way. I want to touch as many people as possible…and get those people to touch others…and see the world change. I don’t like what I see today. People insanely destroying the planet in order to serve their own ego-centric needs to be important…thinking money and power are what its all about. The people involved in this planetary destruction are so totally shortsighted that they don’t give a thought to the fact that the planet is dying, because of their focus on the Bottom Line. Where will they go, when there is no more oxygen, clean water or decent food anywhere on the planet? It will not be business as usual, then.

Going organic would be a major step in solving many problems. Most who are seeking answers know about the dangers of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), but everyone has to get with it. Pesticides are pesticides are pesticides…and they are causing many serious problems worldwide, because chemical companies are putting money first. Labeling GMOs is just one answer, but getting rid of these companies who don’t consider the long term effects of what their dangerous products are doing – is a better answer, Destroying a planet, because they want to make fortunes is mind-boggling How could they be so lacking in perception? My dad told me as a child that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Bees, bats and animals are dying out from the horrendous chemical pesticides that are being used. All of mankind will follow, unless we stop using them now. All food crops will eventually be contaminated by these built-in pesticides. You are the end consumer of these toxic crops. Vote with your pocket book. Buy organic.

Few people really know how to eat right…and this affects their minds as well as their bodies. I am convinced some “scientific genius’s” who have come up with dangerous ideas and inventions aren’t feeding their brains right. Many of their ideas have not been based on logic. They don’t think ahead. They devise products which are detrimental to the planet, which can’t decompose or break down. They come up with ideas, which are totally harmful to all life…and people admire them because they have degrees. One of their wacky ideas was to send massive amounts of material into space to block the rays of the sun from over-heating the planet. I read about this years ago. These could be the chemtrails we are seeing in the sky, which others have said contain aluminum and many other toxic elements, which are “raining” back down on our soils worldwide. I have read that there are many inorganic metals being found in our food supply…and I wonder whether these “mad” scientists are creating this mess.

In my estimation there is nothing more important than natural sunlight, pure air, clean water and nutrient-rich soils. All countries worldwide need to set environmental goals to protect natural resources; not exploit them. Globally people would be healthier and living would be far less costly. My grandmother came to America in 1890; taught herself to read and write; and ran many businesses to support her family. She was very astute, when she pegged some people as being “educated fools.” Some “educated fools” have totally put our planet in jeopardy. Many think a university degree is the key to money and success, but little emphasis has been placed on common sense.. There was a story about King Midas who lost his most precious possession, when he got his wish that everything he touched would turn into gold – and his warm loving beautiful little girl turned into a cold gold statue. This is the mindset of those in charge today. It is mainly focused on money and power. They have lost their true raison d’etre. We were given life to Love our Maker and Love One Another…and care for our only home.

Healthfully Yours,

Barbara Charis

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