The Miracle of Natural Healing: How The Body Heals

When people call themselves healers, it disturbs me.  The only way healing can occur is when the cause or stress is removed by making the right lifestyle changes. It’s totally ego-centric to call oneself a healer. After 50+ years of research into the study of nutrition and health, I don’t say I am a Healer, as I have seen wonderful healings occur, when the cause of the problem was removed. The human body heals itself, when a person learns how to eat right and stops doing the things that contributed to the problem in the first place. If one has a problem, one must ask himself, “What am I doing wrong?” No doctor can follow you around 24/7 telling you what you are doing wrong, but healing occurs, when you stop doing whatever you did to cause the problem. Your body has the wonderful potential to heal itself.

People must learn to stop relying on the wrong people to solve their health problems. A subject called nutrition is of paramount importance, when 95% of health problems stem from eating the wrong foods. Putting the wrong foods or beverages into the mouth causes most major health problems. Sounds too simple? In doing research I have come across a number of doctors who have done their own homework and did not depend on information, offered by the Food Industry-Supported Universities. The dietary information coming from those industries which are primarily interested in moving products has put Americans into 46th place as to longevity. Two out of three people wind up with cancer; one of every two heart disease; and we are 3rdhighest in the world as far as our Alzheimer rating.. Americans spend more than any other country on medical care…and what has all this money done to get rid of cancer, heart disease, and other serious health concerns?

I am extremely grateful that back in 1961 a dear friend told me that I was depending on the wrong people.  I would not be here today, if he had not handed me some nutrition/health books and told me to start reading.
I had a very sickly child and did not know anything about nutrition. I depended on the doctor for everything I did. After I opened the first book I was shocked to see that the doctor’s nutritional advice had caused my son’s hyperactivity…and the 2nd thing I read that tranquilizers stunt the developing organs of children. First the doctor creates a problem through poor nutritional information, then he tries to alleviate the problem through a drug that could stop my son’s organs from growing right. This information totally blew me away. I came to the realization that I had to start learning. Much of the information that I started reading was not 100%, but I started out by eliminating white flour, white sugar and additives. It took awhile, but my hyperactive son who had learning problems, settled down and started doing better in school. He wound up graduating high school as a Physic’s Major.

His first five years took a great toll on his body. The formula that the doctor had placed him on was absolutely putrid and I didn’t know better. It was Corn Syrup and Evaporated Milk  and Tap Water. I gave this to my son, after it was boiled for 10 minutes. It contained absolutely no nutrition what-so-ever. The child cried continually for those first three months that he was on this no nutrient diet. It is a total miracle that he survived, but I do know that it harmed his nervous system. I never saw such a timid, fearful child and I had been around many children growing up. I could not pick him up and hold him without his body going rigid. When he started to eat solid food, the doctor had me give him jarred baby food, which contains no living enzymes. His future diet was lots of cooked food and desserts. This is what the doctor told me to feed him. I respected the doctor, because he had so many years of education. However, his education did not consist of any nutritional courses and it set my son up for health problems.

My health education has consisted of hand’s on experience, since childhood actually. My father and grandmother were very interested in health, but much of the nutrition information being dispensed was poor.
My grandmother taught me that eating too much starch could be shown in the formation of the stool. When I was about eight, she had me look at my little brother‘s elimination.. She told me that my mother was feeding him too many starchy foods. She said that I should notice how the stool was floating on top of the water and it was very frothy. Unfortunately, I did not recall this, when I was a young mother.  I remembered, after I got into the study of nutrition. My grandmother and father also warned me about white bread, milk… and margarine; I was taught at eight that “butter was better.” My grandmother was Swedish and loved to make doughnuts cooked in boiling grease. My father was very hooked on pastries. I was not raised on dairy, but I was given many starchy foods. I had to learn the hard way that these foods, sugar and coco-cola rotted out the teeth. My father’s teeth were very poor and so were mine.

The information regarding diet was almost non-existent, when I was in my teens. I was taught in school about the seven food groups, but I thought the information being taught was extremely boring.  It didn’t motivate me to eat right. Also, my mother was the one who did the shopping and selected the food we ate. After going through the Depression with barely any food, anything went as far as I was concerned.  I felt blessed just having food to eat, but every tooth in my head went bad in my teens from the wrong diet. In school a science teacher showed us how a tooth dissolved over night in coco-cola, but I didn’t make the correlation between coco-cola and my teeth. Unfortunately, dentists are taught to treat symptoms and don’t usually tell children  that eating right would prevent cavities.

In fact, I recently learned that a tooth can re-mineralize itself, if the proper nutrients are provided and the wrong foods and beverages are eliminated from the diet.Dentists should start teaching young patients how to eat right and avoid cavities. This information would save people pain, grief and costly bills. This would benefit the whole world. Everything dentists are doing; from using the wrong metal instruments while cleaning the teeth to filling cavities, then eventually doing crowns – is actually setting up the human body for serious health problems. There are isolated peoples in this world who don’t even know what a toothbrush looks like. Yet, by simply eating natural unprocessed foods their teeth are perfect.

Medicals schools are also failing to provide doctors with the information that would prevent illness. Money is truly more important to this industry than the health of the people depending on them. Most doctors are given little information in medical school about nutrition. When I asked my O.B., what nutrition books he would recommend (when I was expecting my last son in 1976). He told me to read Ladies’ Home Journal. I was flabbergasted. I was familiar with the magazine; its cooking advice and pretty pictures. He didn’t know how to eat. I asked him another question. “How many eliminations daily are normal?” His answer, “An elimination every two or three days was fine. “ When I heard that he had wound up with prostate cancer later on, I was not surprised.

The same year, 1976, I developed a lemon sized tumor in my vagina. My O.B. and another doctor that I went to for a “second opinion” both told me that they would give me “No Guarantees,” unless I had an operation. I told the second doctor that I was going to go home and pray. He told me that I shouldn’t pray too long. I told him that everyone was going to die sometime and I believed in prayer. I did pray. In about two days a book came into my hands on raw fruit and vegetables…and I felt my prayers were answered. I eliminated the dairy, which another nutritional doctor had told me I needed…and in 2-½ months went back to the second doctor to show him the tumor regressed itself.  I took away its fuel…and it dissolved. When I had mentioned regression to both doctors, they told me not to mess around. Get a operation immediately. The medical field motivates people through their fear of dying. I am not afraid of dying, so they couldn’t scare me into an unnecessary operation.

In 1988 I got another tumor on my chest, which was bulbous and had spikes coming out of it.. My children told me that I had to go immediately and have it surgically removed. I felt that this tumor presented me with the opportunity to see how I could get rid of it too. In Japan or China the character (symbol) for crisis is the same one for opportunity. At this point I had been into nutrition research for 27 years. It was quite a struggle, because of all the conflicting information. Dr. Paavo Airola (The author of How To Get Well) was the nutritionist whom I paid for the advice, which triggered off the tumor. He told me that I needed dairy, because I was going to nurse a baby. Well,, his advice created a tumor for me and the dairy he promoted probably caused the stroke that took his life at 64. .

The second tumor took 2-½ months to dissolve, just like the first one, when I stopped giving it the food it thrived on. What was the food? The best raw honey I could afford. I was using it in the herb tea I drank.  When I got this tumor I closely examined what I was eating and became aware that I was going through a five pound can of raw honey every three weeks. I was drinking 8 to 10 cups of herb tea daily. I wasn’t gaining weight, but it triggered off the growth of this tumor. I stopped the honey and within 10 weeks there was a little pink spot left on my chest, where the tumor had been. Nothing on earth grows without a fuel! Eliminate the fuel and you will eliminate the growth. Over the years, I have told thousands of people this story, but few have taken it seriously, because they have been so impressed with doctors’ degrees. I am not impressed by degrees, I want to see results.

In 1986 I developed a problem with arthritis. I had read Carleton Frederick’s information on foods that he believed contributed to arthritis. He recommended avoiding the Nightshade family of vegetables. I was doing consultations and telling people to avoid white potatoes, tomatoes, red & green peppers, paprika, cucumber and eggplant. Eggplant was the worst for most people, except those who were from the Middle East. They adapted to it through generations of eating it. Tobacco is also a nightshade and can affect the joints, too.  I had given it up many years earlier. I was also guided to tell people to eliminate zucchini. It may not be a nightshade, but it has similar characteristics. I was not eating these foods, because I had been guided not to eat them. So, I checked out my food journal and discovered that a month or so earlier, I had started eating two pieces of bread daily. My neighbor worked at a deli and was giving me beautiful loaves of fresh bread. So, I felt guided to stop the bread…and within two weeks the excruciating pain that I felt in my arms and shoulders was totally gone. I had not been able to lift up my arms above my shoulders. After I stopped the bread I was home-free. I decided about three months later to start using the bread again. I wanted to see what would happen. This is how the majority of people learn:  ByTrial and Error. So, I started eating two pieces of bread again on a daily basis. Within two weeks I was at square one again. Couldn’t lift my arms without experiencing the same horrendous pain…and my elbows hurt so badly that the pain brought tears to my eyes. When this happened, I stopped the bread immediately. It took another 2+ weeks, before I was back to normal. I haven’t had another problem in the past 24 years. I may have a piece of sour dough every so often, but no corn, wheat, oats, rye. quinoa, spelt. barley, sprouted breads, etc. They all happen to take processing to be utilized and are not considered the right foods for human consumption. Sour dough is permitted on occasion. I do ask for guidance and if I am told not to eat something, I comply. Sometimes I am permitted a small indulgence.

When I did consultations, I checked out alcohol. I found that grain alcohol wasverboten. However, there were certain alcohols, which people could use in moderation; and every person was different. The wrong alcohol could set the person up for addiction. However, the right alcohol in moderation could stop the addiction. If a person were allergic to a certain food, then the alcohol had to be free of it. For example, apricot brandy. Some people are allergic to apricots…and needed to avoid apricot brandy. Even the wrong fruit can cause an allergic reaction in the body. I can’t handle wine. I am not guided to eat grapes. One little glass wipes out my energy. Yet, I occasionally have tequila…and I am fine. I am not into drinking. I may have a Margarita every few months made with tequila, fresh squeezed lime and stevia.

Colds and sore throats are totally eliminated, when one doesn’t eat the mucous-creating foods that cause this problem. There has never been a germ found to be responsible for colds. The wrong foods are the culprits. However, the wrong foods are the foundation of the Food Industry. Processed foods make them money; raw produce does not have the same bucks attached. If people want to avoid cancer, heart disease, MS, arthritis and every other disease, they need to learn which foods are right for their body. I have told people about Cyto-Toxic Tests previously; and about labs which did these tests; drawing blood to check for food allergies. These tests are about 80% accurate and cost in the neighborhood of $600.- $800  I did similar tests for 17 years free…and they were Creator-guided and far more accurate.

Pick a disease and I will tell you how to create it  If you want to avoid disease you must be willing to eliminate all the foods and the lifestyle, which has created it.  Natural healing is as simple as all that.  People need to be receptive to the truth that the body will heal naturally, if one simply is aware of all the little things, which could negatively impact the body. In my book Sharing from the Heart, I take people through a day in their lives to show them all the things they are doing, which could be harming them. I asked the Creator about the importance of nutrition…and was told that 95% of all illness is created by putting the wrong substances into the mouth.  So, if you want to stay well, get well; or avoid serious illness you better become well informed and find your Perfect Foods. Once you find them you will never have to be concerned about developing future health problems. You won’t have to think about illness, drugs or hospitals in your future. This is the miracle of natural healing.

Healthfully Yours,

Barbara Charis

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