The Motivation of Fear: Is It Driving You?

Shakespeare’s observation holds true, “Fear doth make cowards of us all.”  Many today are being manipulated by the medical industry to make rapid decisions regarding medical care that are not wise. I recently read a newsletter The Blaylock Wellness Report (August 2009) by Russell Blaylock, M.D., which stated that the pharmaceutical company CEOs had played their trump card – they knew that fear was the most powerful force that drives most people’s decision-making.

In 1976 I faced a dire situation, where I was told that I wouldn’t survive, unless I had immediate surgery. At this time I had been into health research for 15 years – and trusted more in Higher Power than in any pronouncements of medical doctors. Two doctors tried to pressure me into immediate surgery through fear. I thought about my father who was shot by a hold-up man and we were told by his doctors that he wasn’t going to make it. Our prayers gave him another 39 additional years.

When I was told that I could die, if I didn’t do as the doctors advised me to do – I replied that everyone is going to die at some point – and I was going to go home and pray. I was told not to pray too long. However, I prayed and trusted in receiving an answer – and it came in 3 days  Two and a half months later, I went back to the second doctor to show him that the tumor was gone. He wasn’t interested in knowing what I did.  His income depended on surgery.

All my life I have believed in the power of prayer and have seen many miracles occur. The son of a friend asked me why I believed and when I told him about some of my experiences. 
This young atheist said that he would be a believer too, if these things had happened to him. He asked me. “Why have these things happened to you and not to me?“ It took me awhile to come up with an answer.  The answer was that I wasn’t blocking my good by doubting the existence of our Creator.

Many fear death, but I am not afraid of dying and I do believe that we all have a destiny that doctors can accelerate, when you put your faith in them. Many people would live longer, if they trusted in Higher Power over the machinations of the medical ”experts“. I have read that men who don’t go through prostate cancer treatments for example, will live longer than those who opt for them.

Pancreatic cancer is touted to be the deadliest – and doctors give these patients six months. I spoke to a lady whose sister died from pancreatic cancer – and through nutritional help her life was extended for three years. Most people are operating in the dark, when it comes to nutrition. Most doctors’ nutritional education is woefully inadequate, so how can they help? My ex-husband died from pancreatic cancer. I tried to help him but his faith in his expensive Beverly Hills doctor killed him. The doctor gave him six months to live – and he died within that time frame. I was appalled that this doctor was so ignorant that he recommended liquid protein which was loaded with high fructose corn syrup to help my ex-husband put on weight. I know this cancer fuel accelerated the growth of his tumor. My ex-husband was angry at me, because I dared to question his doctor about the canned protein drink’s ingredients.

Hosea 4:6 “My people perish through lack of knowledge.” How true this is. If we had true knowledge, mankind would not be dying of catastrophic diseases. The war on cancer will never be won, because this disease is making a fortune for those who treat it. I heard G. Edward Griffin speak back in the 1970s about the cancer industry that is not truly interested in finding a cure, because this disease was such a fantastic money maker. He is the author of “World Without Cancer.”  There are others in the medical field who are trying to buck the establishment – whose primary motivation is in preserving the status quo – and permitting big bucks to be forever channeled into finding a “cure” for cancer.

I am not a doctor, but my trust in Higher Power has always guided me to the information that I needed. Simple truth is – people bring on illness, because they are doing things that create it. If people were doing all the right things they would never get sick. People tell me that they know how to eat right and they are eating a healthy diet. When I ask them to tell me exactly what they are eating, I am not surprised to find out that they really are setting themselves up for disease with every bite. Where do they get their nutritional information? They are getting it from the food industry which supports nutrition schools. I have spoken to dietitians who were brain-washed by this industry. They aren’t interested in hearing that their education regarding diet is bogus. Many people are aware that hospitals menus are notorious in producing malnutrition. Who sets up dietary programs in hospitals? Food Industry trained dietitians.

I have visited sick friends and relatives in hospitals. I have seen first hand the meals that they are being served. I am amazed, when they survive their stays in the hospital. Many don’t make it. Our whole society fears the future, because they have no idea of what causes illness. Doctors propagate this fear, because they can’t give their patients the information they need. Ask a doctor what causes a specific illness and the answer is, “No one knows.” They are searching for cures, but these cures will never come, because the medical industry is looking for expensive answers in treating all health problems.

If people knew the truth, it would take away their fear. I am not one bit interested in Medicare. I am aware that there are people who are living long productive lives without the aid of medicine. I don’t believe in drugs, radiation, and invasive treatments. I know that  the answer lies in avoiding illness in the first place by following a healthy lifestyle. If people really ate the natural foods that their Maker intended for them, got sufficient sunlight, exercised, slept well and avoided the substances that wrecked their health, etc. – they would live 120 healthy years. True knowledge would take away the fear of the future. It is the fear of the unknown that is depriving us of the joy of living.  People worry about not having the means to pay medical bills. If people thought positively – and took the steps to learn the truth – they would not depend on doctors who don’t have the answers they need. In 1961 I was handed books by a good friend who told me to stop depending on the wrong people. I would not be here today, if I had not heeded his advice. I have been reading and searching for the truth for 50 years. It never stops, because there is so much to learn. The information that is being taught in medical schools is all about drugs and treatments – and very little, if any information, about prevention. There is no money to be made, if people didn’t get sick.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the 32nd president of the United States said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” He was totally right as fear is a paralyzing emotion, Fear like prejudice comes from lack of knowledge. If people have knowledge it banishes fear. Unfortunately, most people do not do the most important research, which is in regard to their own health. It usually takes a crisis, before people become interested in the subject called health. Many people place their total faith in the medical community – which is hard to fathom, because untold billions has been spent on the War Against Cancer and little progress has been made. If I had waited for the right answer to be forthcoming from the medical industry for my tumors…I probably would not be here today.

People don’t get the picture…destroying a tumor with poison or radiation is simply treating a symptom. It is not addressing the cause. Until the Cause isidentified and eliminated, the tumor is bound to return. Radiation and chemo both – not only attack the tumor – they destroy the immune system. Nobody can be exposed to these treatments without wiping out their natural immunity. If fear motivates you – fear those treatments that are life-destroying.

I, too, believed at one time that doctors’ advanced education guaranteed competency. I scoffed at first at my friend who gave me some health books (because he wasn’t a doctor), until I opened them and saw answers to problems that were being created by the doctors that I was relying upon. It is amazing how knowledge can remove one’s fear and reliance on people who don’t have the right answers. It is totally unfortunate that our higher education system in regard to nutrition has been funded by those who have a vested interest in selling their food products. If our medical doctors were studying information which was provided by the food industries and supported by grants given to the universities – they wouldn’t know much more than what the average person knows about nutrition.

Nutritional research should have been done by our government using unbiased researchers. This subject contains the information necessary for the propagation of true health. Without the right information, disease is created.   95% of illness can be attributed to putting the wrong food and substances into our bodies. How can the medical industry be so ignorant? The next time you ask your doctor what caused your problem – don’t be surprised if he doesn’t have an answer.

Does fear motivate you? If it does – don’t let it paralyze your brain. I have been in many harrowing situations in my life, but I always turned to Higher Power for help.As an 11 year old walking along a dark street at night, I was reciting the line from the 23rd Psalm…Yeah though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death I will fear no evil for thou art with me…” When I saw a man come out of the bushes headed for my sister and me, I was 50 feet away, before I looked back and saw that fear had paralyzed my little sister. I ran back, threw her over my shoulder, and ran 2 blocks home with the Maker’s help.

Months later my sister saved my friend and me from two teenagers that had put knives on our throats – and were about to force us to remove our clothes.  When this occurred, I reached out to the Creator and thought “What happens next?” Instantly, there was a sound of many voices calling out “Barbara! Barbara.” The young guys said, “What is that?” I replied “That is my mother and my father…right there!’ (Pointing in the direction of the voices). It only happened to be my sister and two little brothers, but my sister said that something made her have my brothers and her – raise and lower their voices – and it sounded like a crowd. The two boys ran in the opposite direction..

When I was 17, I was in an automobile accident caused by a fellow I was dating. I had warned him that he was driving too fast, but he refused to slow down. We went around a bend in the road at 100 miles an hour – and a car was sitting there at a stoplight…he hit the brakes and his car went over 100 feet sideways before we hit the car. I was in the passenger seat – and there were no seatbelts at that time. I reached out with my mind to the Maker and asked, “What happens next?” I was told to put my feet under the dashboard and brace myself. It was a miracle that all I had was a tiny bruise mark on my right hip.

I am a cautious person, but I don’t live in fear. I have had many other life threatening situations in my life, which I survived with the Creator’s help; always trusting that the outcome was in greater hands than mine.. When people will learn to trust in the Infinite and not be fearful about the outcome, they will find that their prayers will be answered. Fear is a totally counter-productive emotion…real knowledge will eliminate it.

Fear not only stems from lack of knowledge, it comes from lack of faith in a Higher Power that created all that exists. I came to the realization years ago that our Maker was the only one who had the answers. The answers we all need for the survival of the planet are only available, when we seek the Creator first. Mankind has been limited by ego, which fails to recognize the existence of the Father that we were told to pray to – almost 2000 years ago. Matthew 6:6-8 We weren’t told to join an organization in order to access our Creator…we were told to go direct for guidance. If people did this and received the answers they needed – there would be no fear. The Creator made all life – and exists in all life that was created. The life-force of the Creator is within every living thing.

Fear needs to be replaced by trusting in the One who created us. If you are seeking answers, don’t go to other humans. I believe in going to the Highest Authority for guidance…and have overcome every problem that I have faced for a lifetime.“Perfect love casts out fear.” Loving the Lord (and loving one another) was what we were told to do. See Matthew 22:35-40. I am not into religion, but I do believe in seeking everywhere for the truth.

Healthfully Yours,

Barbara Charis

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