The Power Behind the Thought

Many years ago I read The Power of Positive Thinking by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.  It contained a great deal of uplifting, inspiring information; and over the years I have sought out many other similar books.
These books influenced my thinking and helped me deal with both the blessings and adversities of life. However, the words that influenced me the most came from my grandmother who told me that the Maker loved me. These simple words gave me the ability to open my heart and mind to the One who created me. And I have been communicating direct, since I was four years old. I have seen incredible things happen, because there weren’t any blocks between me and the Creator. I know for sure how powerful thoughts are – and how they can alter and change your life; particularly when you are in sync with the One who does have the ability to work miracles. I was never told that I wasn’t good enough to go direct. There was no limitation placed on the Creator’s ability either. Not a sparrow falls that the Creator isn’t aware.

My parents were very open minded about religion. I was given the right to make my own choice. I didn’t feel compelled to join one. I had friends of all religious persuasions and went with them to their places of worship. My mother gave me books containing biblical stories and my father was primarily into nature We were taught respect for the earth first and foremost. We didn’t have a Bible in our home. I didn’t start reading the Bible until I got into junior high school – and volunteered to read The Bible almost daily.

My 7th grade home room teacher profoundly influenced my thinking. He was a science teacher, who was into the Creator. He defined the Maker in three words: Omnipotent (all powerful), Omniscient (All knowing) and Omnipresent (All ways present everywhere).  I never forgot what he said and it influenced my thinking greatly. I had found this to be true, even as a little child. I never felt alone. I always felt that the Maker was with me and it gave me a great deal of strength.

It is a miracle that I still have my mind and memory, because I went through critical situations in life, which could have destroyed my brain.  I had asked the Creator to please protect my mind and it was protected.
I am still able to recall memories from two and earlier. I remember a vivid instance, when I was four; and was visiting my father who worked in West Virginia as a radio announcer in the thirties. I was standing on the sidewalk with my sister who was a year younger. I saw some boys coming along the sidewalk…and felt the need to get back on the porch. I tried to get my little sister to come with me, but she wouldn’t listen. I moved to the porch and these boys pushed her down as they passed Many other very serious instances have happened in my life where I got a gut feeling – and instantaneous connection – which saved my life. I may not be into any formal religion, but I am into the Creator of all living things.

My mother told me that noble thoughts were more valuable than jewels…and many years later I came across the following writing by Paul G. Clancy from which these words may have come:

The great secret of progress lies in the magic power of directed thought. It was Emerson who said,
“Thought is the universal solvent; it dissolves the universe and holds it fluid.”
Even as sand in the furnace is melted and becomes transparent (glass), so may the hard impenetrable facts of life melt under the fire of thought and in the forge of Vulcan become transparent crystals of truth through which we may see the spiritual realitybehind the temporal illusion of life.

Noble thoughts are more valuable than jewels. When storms rage and darkness overshadows our path; these clear cut scintillating diamonds of truth shine out through the night like beacon lights by which the mariner guides his course safely past the reefs.

Another book which profoundly influenced my life was, What’s Your Card? Written by Arne Lein. It was based on teachings from ancient Egypt. The four suits in a deck of 52 cards contain what is referred to as secret knowledge. I was drawn by its cover, but was hesitant about spending $25 for the book back in 1982. However, I asked for guidance and was told to buy it. I have used it almost daily since then and it is almost falling apart. It has helped me understand people and relationships; and what karma draws people together. The Heart cards signify love and emotions. The Clubs signify the mind and mental activities. The Diamonds are concerned with value; material or otherwise. The Spades represent higher wisdom. Every day of the year is represented by a card and it is incredible how the cards have worked in my life. It has given me insight into people by knowing their specific card and what makes them tick. It has shown me why people do the things they do. It was an incredible tool for me to use. I met the author, Arne Lein, and he signed it thus: “May this be a helpful instrument in your service to others.”

My card (February 26th) happens to be the Queen of Clubs, which is a card signifying Service to others. Some years earlier, I had been told this was my card, but I knew nothing about the cards, before reading this book. After buying and studying this book, I did free readings in order to enlighten others to their immense potential. This reading was done in conjunction with my nutritional consultations. Most people have no comprehension of the wonderful gifts that they were born with.  I have found a great deal of valid information in it. Unfortunately, Arne Lein died unexpectedly and the book became tied up in litigation for many years. It is available from a few sources on the Internet, if you Google: What’s Your Card?

Life is incredible, when you work with the Creator. I ask for guidance…and listen! I have no desire to go it alone. I got tired of spinning my wheels and going backwards; experimenting with Conventional Wisdom.
C.W.  got me into a great deal of trouble. However, when this happened, I turned to Higher Power for solutions. The Creator made us…so who else would know exactly what we needed ? It is so interesting, people spend a fortune going to all kinds of other people for advice, when they could go direct to their Maker for nothing. In 1983 I did a 40 day fast in order to raise my consciousness and petition the Creator to guide me. It was very enlightening, because I experienced total energy for the forty days and no hunger. I did run into a problem, when I broke the fast. The books I read were wrong on how to break a fast. I wrote about this in my book Sharing from the Heart in a chapter entitled : Mental or Malnourished?

For my first twenty years of life, I totally relied on the Maker for guidance. Unfortunately, I got in with people who were not spiritual. They said I was totally unrealistic believing in a Creator; living in a fantasy world.
My husband called me Polly Ana, too. I had many adverse situations occur, because I lost this special connection I had since childhood. Eventually, my husband and I started going to church regularly, but, it did not fill this inner hunger for the connection I had previously. There is a vast difference between traditional religious church-going on Sunday and spiritual attunement. In 1973 I came across a book, which turned me on to vegetarianism, Health Secrets from Europe. After I finished it, I asked the Creator to take away my desire for coffee, meat and cigarettes, The next morning I quit cold turkey without a problem. I had been smoking a pack a day; drinking ten cups of coffee; and eating a pound of meat, fish or chicken daily. After giving all these things up, my entire consciousness changed. Within two years, I began writing songs, words and music. I felt like I did, when I was young. My spiritual connection was reestablished.

Within four years, I got to a point, where I could no longer be in my marriage; and left a gorgeous home to strike out on my own. I didn’t even ask for alimony. I just wanted to be free. I had spent 21 years in a relationship with a man who didn’t love me and continually put me down. When I had told him previously that I wanted to leave, he refused to let me go. Finally, when I said for the 20th time that I wanted to leave he told me to go. I left immediately. It was the best thing I ever did. I started doing the things I wanted to do for a lifetime. When I was at Penn State, my creative writing professor told the class that we should not write anything, before we had gathered experience. Well, at 42, I did have a great deal of experience…and so I started off by writing music. I wrote 25 songs, before I got involved in writing How to Raise an Organic Baby. Then, I spent 15 months living in the Mojave Desert with my 4th child, while working on this 300 page work.

While I was living in the Mojave Desert, I had a number of significant occurrences. One’s consciousness is elevated, when one gets away from the vast hordes of humanity living in big cities. Many discordant souls pull down the consciousness of everyone. In the desert I found harmony, but I wanted to meet people, so I offered a reasonably priced yoga class. One day it was so hot only one lady showed up. She started complaining about the heat and I told her to visualize that it was absolutely cold. I did the same. Within 20 minutes a hail storm hit California City and the temperature dropped more than 40 degrees. I started having prophetic dreams. In one of them I saw a plaid skirt on a rack, which I liked. The next day I had to go into Beverly Hills to meet a friend. She had to go to a dress shop and when we walked in the door I saw a rack with the same skirt from my dream…and the best part – it was 50% off. In another dream, I had a phone call from a health writer who called to tell me that the funds had not materialized, so he could not hire me as an assistant. Two days later, I received a letter from this man, which said the same thing I was told in my dream. My dreams were very vivid, when I lived in the desert. When it came time to leave the desert, I asked where I was supposed to go next…and the words Darien, Connecticut flashed right before my eyes. I didn’t even know if there was a Darien in Connecticut, so I called my mom and asked her to look in her Atlas. Within eight months, my son and I were in an Inn in Darien, CT. It was close to New York City, where I planned on taking my manuscript.

The Power behind the thought is the Creator who made the Cosmos. Many can’t comprehend how the Creator is able to communicate with every living soul.  OMNIPOTENT and OMNIPRESENT explains this. The energy of the Creator sustains every living being. Nothing would exist, if the Creator’s energy were not actually holding it all together. The soul within us does not die…it goes on. Perhaps, temporarily the soul could go into the body of another species. I looked at The Bible…and it does say that the evil spirits went into the bodies of swine. It would be just retribution for people who did evil to other people. If people act like greedy pigs, I think this would be far more fitting punishment than burning in hell forever. I think if people really prayed for direct guidance when they read books such as, The Bible, the world would be a far different place. Perhaps, humans have been forbidden to eat pork in the Koran and Old Testament, because this is where evil spirits wind up. I thought about this and it made sense.

A multitude of people world wide believe in reincarnation. Many very intelligent and prominent people in history believed this way. It makes sense that humans could have many lifetimes in order to raise their consciousness.  In India people don’t tell their little ones that they are crazy, if they start talking about a previous existence. There were many clues in my own life, which gave me an insight into my last full lifetime. I asked for guidance about this, but it was not revealed. However, I feel certain that my last lifetime, explained why I married a womanizer this lifetime. In reading about the man I believe I was last time, I found out he was a big womanizer. What goes around, comes around. It was very painful being married to someone like this. I believe it was a karmic lesson.

Life is given us, so we can advance our soul‘s growth.. We are here to develop the gifts (talents) we have been given and establish an ultra strong connection to the Mind of the Infinite, our Creator. This means a much closer relationship with our Source than just going to church once a week and putting money into a donation plate. Life is incredibly interesting, when you are open to the realm of possibilities. I met a woman who was from Czechoslovakia…and she told me she was in the south of France in a small town, when she saw a statue of a French male writer. As she stood in front of the statue, reading the inscription underneath, she had an overwhelming feeling that she had been this man. It was interesting, because he and the French male writer that I had been were good friends. I believe that there are no accidents in life. People meet for a reason and a purpose.

Keeping the thoughts elevated and focused on living up to one’s highest potential would make a significant contribution to the world. If everyone knew this, the world would be a far different place.
Kahlil Gibran said that work is love made visible. When our work benefits others and contributes to their greater good, it is a win-win situation for everyone. When we put our minds at sync with the Creator and ask for guidance as to what is the best within us that we have to offer…the guidance will come. The Power of one’s thoughts are magnified, when one is aligned with the Mind Energy of our Maker. Have faith in Higher Power and watch your thoughts become reality.

Healthfully Yours,

Barbara Charis

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