The Power of the Creator’s Mind Over Matter

Many are aware of the Power of Positive Thing, but only a few really use it.  My mother set an example for me, as a child.  She said, “I can’t afford to get sick” and she was never ill.  She taught for over 40 years without getting sick and this woman knew nothing about healthy eating. However, my mother trusted in a higher power and her parents had faith too. I was surrounded by people who believed in the power of prayer. I know we would not have made it through the Great Depression without faith. Food was almost non-existent in our household for a period of 12 years – and we survived. I know that the Creator sustained us.

I personally have a very strong belief in the omnipotent Creator. I have seen incredible instances of healing in my life. I have no doubt that Our Maker can produce miracles, when you align your mind with the Maker‘s. My father was shot by a hold up man and the bullet missed his heart by a fraction of an inch. Everyone gave him up for dead, but the Creator heard the prayers of my grandmother, my mother and me. He lived another 39 years.

As an eleven-year old girl I totally trusted in the Creator to protect me. I remember walking down a dark street at night with my younger sister…silently praying all the way. Suddenly, I saw a man staggering out of the bushes coming right toward us. I was gone immediately and was 50 feet away, before I turned to see my sister frozen in place. I don’t know how I did it, but I dashed back; threw her over my shoulder and ran home, which was two blocks away.

I had been reciting parts of the 23rd Psalm to myself: “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for thou art with me.” It gave me the strength to carry my sister home – and months later the Creator used my sister to save me. My sister (10 years old), two little brothers (5 and 7), my ten year old friend David and I were walking in Frick Park (Pittsburgh, PA). David and I wanted to spot animals…and my siblings were so noisy that we decided to go ahead without them. Two older boys saw us and heard us talking about animals. They told us that they would show us where they were hiding. I had a gut feeling, not to go with them, but didn’t listen. They took us up a hill under a bridge and pulled knives on us. I reached out to the Creator with my mind and asked, “What happens next?” Suddenly, we heard voices and it sounded like a crowd of people were headed our way…and one of the boys said, “What’s that?” I quickly replied “that’s my mother and father right there!” Both the boys ran as fast as they could. The crowd of voices belonged to my sister and two little brothers. My sister said that a thought came into her mind to have our brothers and her – raise and lower their voices…and I know the Creator’s Mind Energy protected us.

The Mind of Our Creator is not only OMNIPOTENT(all powerful) , it is OMNIPRESENT (everywhere) and OMNISCIENT(all knowing) and. it is within us all. If you trust in our Creator you will find the answers you need. I am not into religion, but I totally believe in the One Creator who made every living thing. I have found many answers, because I was taught by my Christian Scientist grandmother how to pray directly as a child. She would come into my room at night and have me say, “Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I should die, before I wake. I pray the Lord my soul to take.” I wasn’t afraid of dying, because I was taught: God is love. If I died, I would be with the One who loved us most.

My 7th grade science teacher was the one who taught me those three words: OMNIPOTENT, OMNIPRESENT and OMNISCIENT. I didn’t learn about the Power of the Maker’s Mind Energy in a religious setting. I learned another interesting lesson from this teacher, Mr. Davies. I got into an argument with a boy in his classroom…and he broke it up by making the two of us walk all the way down the hallway…holding hands. I was very embarrassed, but it broke up the fight. Interestingly, 30+ years later, this boy’s daughter married my brother’s son.

I have been hurt a number of times. When I was three, my father and his buddy were throwing sharp hollow reeds at each other out in the woods. I was hit by one of these reeds in the chin – it left a scar, but did no serious damage. When I was five the heavy lid of a big toy chest came down on my finger – and separated the nail from my finger. It was hanging by a cord. I prayed and didn’t remember what happened. The pain was unbearable at first…and my father taped the finger nail back in place. We didn’t have money for a doctor. The fingernail grew back together, but it always had a ridge in it. I remember another time, when I was nine hanging onto my friend David’s bike going down hill. I was on roller skates…and I fell down cutting my knee open. I crawled to the curb and prayed for help, because I could not walk. I could see white cartilage and it was bleeding profusely. I prayed and asked for help…and in minutes the bleeding stopped…and the pain was gone. I was able to limp home where I got some adhesive tape…didn’t even disinfect the wound:. just taped the skin together… and it healed. For many years I got a twinge in the knee, when it was going to rain. I used to have a scar, but it is long gone.

I’ve been hurt jumping off high walls and jarring my teeth with my knees; hitting my head playing touch football in the street; hitting my head dancing on roller skates in a rink; being hit by a car and taking a ride on the bumper…and the most serious was when I was fifteen…being thrown from a galloping horse and landing head first on a boulder. What did I do? I saw stars, but I stood up and said, “I am alright. There is nothing wrong with me.” I got back up on the horse and went back to the stable.  I had total faith in the power of the One who put the whole world together. I had a huge bump on my head, but I was alright. I was an 150 lb girl and should have been seriously hurt, but The Creator healed me. .

When I was 16, I was on a date with a fellow who was doing 100 miles per hour. I told him to slow down, but he wouldn’t listen. Well, we went around a curve and there was a car stopped for a light in front of us. He put on the brakes and his father’s heavy Cadillac went at least 150 feet sideways, before the right front section hit this vehicle. I was sitting in the front passenger seat , but had braced myself with my feet. I remember reaching out to the Creator with my mind…thinking “What happens next?” There were no seat belts back in 1950, but I walked away with only a small bruise on my right hip.

In my 18th year there were two incidents, which I recall. The first occurred, when I nearly drowned in a small lake near Pennsylvania State College. I was there with a group of friends and decided to swim across a small icy-cold mountain lake. I was a very good swimmer, but didn’t know that ice water contracts the lungs. I made it over to the other side and then warmed myself a little in the sunlight, before starting back. It was penetratingly cold, when I entered the water. Mid-way back I found that I couldn’t breathe and reached out with my mind to the Creator. Instantly, I was told to get on my back and get my chest into the sunshine. In a minute I was able to breathe. Then I was told to breast-stroke as fast as I could for the shore. None of my friends even noticed that I was gone and if it hadn’t have been for the guidance that I received…I would not have made it.

1952, this same year, a jealous boyfriend put a knife to my throat and said that he was going to kill me. I did the unexpected…I started laughing. He said that he was serious and he asked me why I was laughing. I told him that if it had been a year earlier…I was very heavy and he would not have been jealous of me. This defused the situation. I broke up with him shortly thereafter, because I realized that I didn’t want to marry a man who was so jealous.

If I had lived in the 1800’s, I probably would have died in childbirth. My poor diet as a child and teenager had set me up for three difficult labors…26 hours duration for each of them. I remember the first one vividly. I finally was given an injection and knocked out. Just before I lost consciousness, I put myself at one with the Creator and said, “Thy will be done.” I wasn’t afraid. I left it in the hands of Higher Power. When I first saw my baby son I was shocked. His head was horribly elongated and he had bloody scratch marks on his head from the forceps that had been used to pull him out of my body. It was a total miracle that we survived.

It took 20 years to learn that the right diet, could result in a far easier and shorter labor. At the age of 42, I had my fourth child. I had been on a vegetarian diet for three years, when he was born. I never expected that he would be born in an hour and a half – and the labor was easy. I nearly didn’t make it to the hospital. If I had known that it would be so pain-free – I would have opted to have my baby at home.

In my twenties I hit my head twice. I came up under a sharp cabinet door, which put a dent in my skull. I damaged my head so badly that hair follicles were killed.Another time I was running down a flight of steps and ran right into a metal pole. My forehead was jarred so badly I saw stars, but I went immediately in mind to the Creator…and wound up with a large bump on my forehead, but I was alright.’

In the early 1970’s my children were having a party in our game room. One of the boys stopped to chat with me in the kitchen. We started talking and he told me he was an atheist. I was surprised to hear this, because I knew his parents…and they were believers I told him that I totally believed in a Creator and he asked me why I believed? I told him about some of my experiences – and he said that if these things had happened to him – he would be a believer too. He asked me why they happened to me, but not to him. I gave it some thought, before I replied. I told him that I had an open mind, which put no blocks, between me and the Mind of the Creator.

In the late seventies I wrote For Thou Art With Me…It came about, because of this young man’s questions. I started putting down all the incidents in my life, which validated my belief in a Higher Power. For Thou Art with Me was not published, because the time wasn’t right. Everything is in Our Maker’s Time Frame. I have a lot more to add to this manuscript.

Throughout my life I have had many other incidents and serious accidents…and through the Power of the Creator’s Mind Energy – I survived. Our Maker is the Life Force that is within us all. People have been separated from the truth by those who would have us believe otherwise. Only a few religious leaders have real spirituality. If they were truly spiritual…they would tell you to go direct to Our Father…not trust in them. I may not be into any religious organization, but I have read The Bible. There aresome profound spiritual truths in it. However, I have attended religious services – and have not heard these truths emphasized. They are ignored, because the livelihood of these religious leaders depends on people supporting them.

I particularly like several passages in The Bible, which are most important. It would pay you to read them and ask the Father-Creator to give you insight regarding them: Matthew: 6:6-13 which teaches people how to pray direct to Our Father; Matthew 10:8-10 which says freely ye have received; freely give and Matthew 22:36-40 which tells us what is most important as far as the Commandments are concerned. If you are seeking spiritual attunement, guidance and protection, it would be beneficial, if you looked at these passages. I would also say, ask for direct guidance, so you may interpret what you are reading. There have been many errors discovered in The Bible. It is far from 100% valid.

I ask for guidance in everything I do, because I don’t want to waste time going down the wrong path.Yes, I do use a dowser, when I am helping people with their proper diets, but I am asking The Creator to guide me. I did this for 17 years, free of charge in order to learn with the Maker’s help. There is nothing more important than establishing a relationship with Our Father. Once you do this you will start to experience miracles in your life that you never dreamed existed.

By aligning your mind with the Mind of Our Maker, which is easy to do. Just close your eyes and visualize yourself as pure energy…and plug in to the Mind Energy of the Creator. The most important commandment was to Love the Creator…so think loving thoughts. I love you is the key!

I read Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda.  He wrote that if you wanted to make a spiritual breakthrough you must be totally devoted to the Creator on a daily basis. This is what got me further along on the path; daily asking for guidance and sending love to the Maker.

I do hope that this blog will help you achieve the wonderful connection that I have found with Our Creator. There is a totally powerful Mind Energy Connection, which is open to those who seek the truth. Remember this: Ask and Ye shall Receive. Seek and Ye shall find.

Holistically Yours,

Barbara Charis


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