The Right Foods for Me – May be the Wrong Foods for you – Everyone is unique!

One of my subscribers commented that I was only writing about foods that people shouldn’t eat – she asked me to list foods that I was eating. I can tell you that the list is fairly short, because I don’t have a long list of Perfect Foods. Now, what is good for me, may not be Perfect for you, because everybody is different. I am trying to eat as much raw food as possible…there were no stoves in the Garden of Eden. I will cover other foods that most people can eat in future blogs.

My best food is bananas…yet, I know people who can’t tolerate bananas. I have 2 or 3 every day. I also eat organic strawberries…and quite a few people can’t handle them. Another food I have in my morning smoothie is coconut milk…I have used Trader Joes Light Coconut Milk for years without a problem. I have not been guided to buy coconuts and break them open. I use about 3 oz of coconut milk in my breakfast smoothie.

I make jars of Red Zinger Tea (Celestial Seasonings) and keep them refrigerated. I use 8 oz of tea in my morning smoothie. I break open an organic egg and throw it and the shell into my smoothie. I recently came across information saying that the egg shell would be a good source of calcium and other minerals. I add a few drops of Kal Liquid Stevia to sweeten it a bit.

Dr. Mercola on the internet has been using raw organic eggs in his smoothies for years. I remember making eggnogs back in the fifties with regular milk and eggs…never had a problem, but I wouldn’t do that today. I don’t recommend dairy, because I got a tumor back in the 70’s from using it. I also wouldn’t use regular supermarket eggs today, because of the way that they are fed and raised. Did you know that these chickens are being fed arsenic?

Anyway, this is my breakfast. I do start my day off with a drink made with Moringa Leaf Tea. I make quart jars of it and have 8 oz before breakfast. I squeeze ¾ oz of lemon into it and some Stevia. I also have been using a quarter of an ounce of Billy’s Infinity Greens – 50% Spirulina. After this I go out for a 3 mile walk with Jake (my daughter’s Chihuahua-Terrier). When I get back I make my smoothie.

In the afternoon I make an organic apple and strawberry drink with 10 – 12 ounces of fruit and 8 ounces of distilled water. I am now adding a quarter ounce of Infinity Greens to this drink. I also use 1 Tablespoon of Barney’s Almond Butter from Whole Foods. I just eat it off the spoon. Sometimes I put the almond butter on a banana…it is something I find very tasty. This brand is very smooth and doesn’t dry up at the bottom of the jar. It is healthier for you than peanut butter, which can contain mold or aflatoxins.

My dinner is simple too. I have 16 – 18 oz of organic carrot juice with 6 – 8 oz of organic spinach blended in it. I may make a two egg omelette, if I feel hungry. I rarely have bread, but if I do the only bread I am being guided to use is Trader Joe’s round loaf sourdough, which has very few ingredients in it. The less items, the better. I may only have a piece of bread in a month. My daughter has me buy it, but we usually wind up throwing it out. She doesn’t eat much of it, either

I rarely go out to restaurants, because one never knows what is in the food. I don’t want additives or preservatives, such as, sodium nitrite or nitrate or MSG. I am also aware that regular supermarket produce is loaded with pesticides. I tell my clients to only buy organic. It is cheaper in the long run. Medical bills can be very expensive.

I shop mainly at Whole Foods and Trader Joes. I rarely go to other markets, unless I need non-edible products.

My energy level is good enough to do 63 miles of walking weekly, so I would say that I am getting the nutrients I need to stay well.

Since our soils are so depleted, I have been using supplements for the past couple of years. I just started using a custom made vitamin. I had a swab of DNA taken from my mouth, inside my cheek – and then the vitamins were formulated for me. I will let you know more about this, after the next couple months.

Anyway, the above is my menu. I don’t vary it, too often. My weight is stable and I have lost 2 dress sizes with my walking. I went to buy a pair of jeans – and was surprised to find that I could wear a size 6 Petite. I have never been a 6, before.

Animals in nature have very limited foods. They don’t have a wide variety of foods. Human beings want variety and are eating many foods, which are creating future health problems for them. Is variety the spice of life or is it setting people up for health problems?

Giving you some food for thought.

Healthfully yours,

Barbara Charis

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