Vitamin C: You Can’t Live Without It!

Many are aware natural vitamin C is necessary, but most people don’t know all the things this vitamin does to keep them healthy. I was very impressed, when I looked into all its functions.
I am sure that you will be impressed too. It appears to be involved in everything that goes on in our bodies. First of all vitamin C carries hydrogen to every cell. Just as the red blood corpuscles carry oxygen, so for every chemical change involving hydrogen, we need vitamin C. Even more important vitamin C is necessary for the formation of collagen, which is the cement that glues together the various cells into tissues. It’s important in the formation and upkeep of skin, bones, teeth, cartilage, connective tissue – and in fact every part of our bodies contain some of this protein material which can only be formed, when vitamin C is present in sufficient quantities.

The amount of oxygen our bodies need depends partly on vitamin C. The function of our blood vessels and heart depends on sufficient vitamin C. Wounds heal quicker, when enough vitamin C is present. Infections are less common. Under conditions of stress, such as extreme cold or heat, fatigue or anxiety, vitamin C is used up rapidly; must be replaced. This indicates how important vitamin C is to our adrenal glands, which storehouse it..

Many studies have indicated that high amounts of vitamin C appear to prevent cholesterol build-up on the inside walls of blood vessels. Could sufficient vitamin C prevent heart and vascular diseases? The strength of our capillary walls depend on vitamin C. If they are fragile from lack of vitamin C, there is a greater chance of hemorrhage; which may result in a stroke, or death from a brain or heart hemorrhage. Vitamin C is also critical in anemia as it plays an important role in the formation of red blood corpuscles in the bone marrow. It also works in conjunction with other vitamins and minerals. Too much or too little can strongly affect the health of the individual. Vitamin C deficiencies may show up in the form of scurvy, tooth decay, gum infections, pyorrhea, lack of appetite, anemia, malnutrition, delayed wound healing, impaired immune response, eye problems, such as cataracts, etc.

Amazing to read about all the health problems nutritional doctors treated with this simple vitamin from allergies to bee stings to fertility to ulcers. For years I used regular ascorbic acid. Today, I use Solgar C-Complex (500 mg), which contains calcium ascorbate, which is buffered, It will not irritate the stomach. It also contains, hesperidin, rutin and citrus bioflavonoids. It is far more potent and beneficial than ascorbic acid, which can irritate the stomach. It costs $30 for 250 capsules (500 mg) I have checked out many other products in the marketplace. Many have harmful ingredients in them, which can be toxic. Some vitamin C is made from corn sugar, which is GM. The value of a product depends on the integrity of the manufacturer. I know Solgar comes highly recommended by trusted doctors.

Some people have asked me about acerola cherries. I checked them out and found that they contain other ingredients, which are questionable. In over 25 years of doing consultations, I found no one who could handle grapefruit. There is an unidentified substance in grapefruit that affects the sinuses; contributing to post nasal drip and coughing. Some Acerola brands have grapefruit powder in them. Others have malto dextrin…possibly derived from GMO corn. I checked Emergen-C years ago and wouldn’t recommend it.

A client asked me to check a vitamin C product called Lypo-spheric vitamin C, which uses a new nano-technology I had read about recently.There are doctors whom I respect who warn people that this new technology, using extremely small particles, hasn’t been around long enough to have proven whether it is safe or not. They advise their readers to avoid it. I checked to find what the source of Lypo-spheric vitamin C was…it was non-GMO corn and they also used non-GMO soy. It comes in a gel and a 30 day supply costs in the neighborhood of $45 with shipping. It is rather pricey.

Some animals in nature can make their own vitamin C, but humans, some primates, guinea pigs, bats, birds and fish can’t manufacture it. They need to eat natural foods in order to obtain it. Raw foods are the best, because cooking food destroys C. The best sources come from raw fruit and vegetables, such as, kiwi fruit, limes, lemons, guava, red pepper, green pepper, strawberries, and raw spinach. There are other vegetables that have been recommended, but they need to be cooked; and cooking wipes out most of the vitamin C. There are certain fruits, such as, camu camu and the kakadu Plum, which are ultra high in vitamin C, but they were not designed for human consumption. The same goes for rose hips. Mankind has the erroneous idea all plants were created for its benefit alone; not considering the multitude of other species that exist on the planet with their own specific needs.

Our government has established a standard for adults: women 75 mg. Men 90 mg. With an upper limit of no more than 2000 mg maximum. Years ago, I experimented with using 5000 mg per day, after reading some information coming from Linus Pauling. I didn’t keep it up. It did not produce diarrhea. This is what happens when the body overdoses on vitamin C. In 1977 I attended a health conference in Las Vegas and had the privilege of hearing a number of important health-oriented medical researchers, such as E. Cheraskin, M.D., Richard Passwater, M.D. and Linus Pauling, PhD. Dr. Cheraskin advocated the use of 500 mg of vitamin C daily. He said that in a doctor’s study it was found that this was the ideal amount, if there were no stress and one were living under super conditions. How many have an ideal life with no stress? It probably wouldn’t hurt for those who are undergoing stress to take 1000 mg daily. However, if they incorporated some healthy lifestyle changes, such as eating more raw foods, eliminated junk foods, got enough rest, sufficient exercise and factored in some spiritual attunement; they could lower their vitamin C requirement in half. I don’t believe the government standards are valid, with all the unhealthy people in the USA.

There are people who have to avoid using too much vitamin C. because they have a problem with absorbing too much iron in their bodies. Vitamin C enhances the absorption of iron, which is good for some, but bad for others. On the other hand, people need to be aware that if they use too much sugar, it will wipe out vitamin C. Sugar is antagonistic to vitamin C.

Linus Pauling, chemist, biochemist, peace activist, author, the biggest proponent of using ultra high amounts of vitamin C had this to say: “Ascorbic acid is made from glucose (corn sugar) boiled with sulfuric acid. What is called rose hips (natural) vitamin C is the same pure crystalline ascorbic acid with a bunch of rose hips powder added. The “natural” ascorbic acid is out of the same barrel from Hoffman-LaRoche as the others, but with a pinch of rose hips powder.

Dr. Szent-Gyorgyi, the Nobel prize winner for discovering vitamin C, wrote to the editor of the esteemed journal Nature, July 1936, p. 7.   He wrote that when it comes to anti-scurvy and anti-hemorrhagic effects, there are “other substances of similar importance and activity that accompany ascorbic acid.” More important when Szent-Gyorgyi tried to cure scurvy and other bleeding conditions, he found “with pure ascorbic acid, we obtained no response. Yet when red pepper or lemon or lime juice was used, the condition was readily cured.” The reason for this is simple, mankind can not process and isolate one factor and expect it to work, when there are significant factors missing. The sailors who were healed of scurvy used raw lime juice, which contained the whole complex…citrus bioflavonoids, rutin and hesperidin.

The integrity of the blood vessels is dependent on the entire vitamin C complex and other nutrient factors, which boost its healing power. People taking super doses of ascorbic acid still have pink toothbrush, still have brown skin on their legs from capillary fragility, and still suffer from arteriosclerosis sub clinical scurvy, and other blood vessel problems, because they are not getting enough whole vitamin C Complex. A whole-food extract of vitamin C rich foods will resolve these problems where ascorbic acid tablets routinely fail. Recently, I factored into my food regime, much higher amounts of lime juice. Time will tell, what changes this could bring about.

Healthfully Yours,

Barbara Charis

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