Vitamin L: An Essential Nutrient

What is Vitamin L?  In honor of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to acknowledge how important and essential Vitamin L is.  I wonder how many pople know that Vitamin L equates to Love? Years ago I read how childewn being raised in institutions that were fed and clothed, but were receiving no hugs or love failed to grow normally. In some cases, they sickened and died from lack of love. I know from personal experience what lack of Vitamin L did to me…I wound up with the biggest ulcer in the world. I was so sick that I had to go to the doctor and have an x-ray taken. After seeing the x-ray, the doctor told me that I had a 6” hole in my stomach. He wondered how I could even be walking. I learned first hand at 28, what being in a love-less marriage could do.

Medical doctors focus on the bacteria explanation for ulcers, but I know that psychological stress can produce ulcers. As I said, I learned from experience.Perhaps, bacteria could cause ulcers, but psychological stress can cause the body to form an ulcer, The wrong foods can also create ulcers in the intestines. It isn’t wise to consume ultra hot peppers, for example. However, we need to focus on Vitamin L in order to get the body running on all cylinders.

People speak about a certain glow that women in love get, which actually makes their appearance change. This is Vitamin L helping to get the body working at top notch speed. The hair, skin and whole body responds to Vitamin L. Women who experience it, find it easier to keep their weight in check. Sufficient Vitamin L in one’s life radiates out and affects many other people. Children who are raised in homes that see Vitamin L in action are healthier and happier. Since it costs very little price-wise it would seem that it would be more readily available. However, this is not always the case. There have been too many conditional attachments to it. People seem to want tit-for tat in relationships; so they ration Vitamin L.

Where does one get Vitamin L, if they are not in a relationship? Some people find that pets provide Vitamin L. They give unconditional love and acceptance to their owners, and others There are many who work at nursing homes who will attest to the effect that loving pets have on people who are confined in these homes. Pets who visit there, give the patients the warmth and love they need.

People who get involved in people-centered volunteer work find Vitamin L from the people they serve. It truly is beneficial to donate one’s energies to those who need you. Helpless babies are a great source of love to their mothers. It is a relationship, which is very fulfilling. This is why so many want children. Yet in some cases the bonding fails, why?

It is not easy raising a child today; particularly, if you have no nutritional knowledge. A sickly crying baby can stress anyone out. If the mother is unhealthy, the stress can be over-whelming.   Most people love tiny babies, but it is easier to love them, if you don’t have full time responsibility for them. Vitamin L is very important, but it does stem from being a healthy, nutritionally-aware individual. If anything goes food wise, without thought to the end result of eating an unbalanced diet…Vitamin L will be difficult to find and to maintain in one’s life. An unhealthy person does not have the mental and physical balance, which is necessary to negotiate life’s challenges.

Vitamin L has not had much attention paid to it. Try searching the internet for information and it is non-existent. However, it does not mean that it’s not essential. Life without love is empty, lonely and unhealthy. I believe that many good intentioned parents provide food, clothing, shelter and education, but neglect the fact that children need Vitamin L above all the other essentials in order to blossom as healthy and happy individuals. A major source of Vitamin L comes from spending quality time with your children. Watching TV with your children is not conducive to building up levels of Vitamin L.

Looking back on my childhood, I never felt deprived, even though I was born in the Depression and for years had little to eat or to wear. My father spent a great deal of time teaching us many things.  Food was practically non-existent, but we were given all kinds of toys and games. It was kind of strange, but the only time I got excruciatingly hungry was when my father would send me to bed without supper in order to punish me. I really felt it then. When a child is given all kinds of attention and is kept active, there is no time to dwell on anything else. We were very physically active walking or biking the city of Pittsburgh as kids. We were also taught all kinds of games…so we were never bored. My father used to talk to me about all kinds of subjects and instilled in me a great love for reading. Reading was my passion as a growing child. It still is!

The family income was very limited. I don’t think that there was more than $10 a week coming in and my mother was the breadwinner, because she had been a teacher – and loved to work. She didn’t want to stay home and was not domesticated. My father spent time with us for many years during the Depression and didn’t start working until World War 11 started – and he was able to find work.

My father was a “teacher “too and opened my mind to many subjects. He didn’t see a difference between sons and daughters, so he taught me to box, wrestle and to shoot a gun. He also taught me how to use tools – and we worked on building projects together. It has always made me relatively independent, because I can use a hammer or a screwdriver to take care of minor problems. I remember that he also had us wearing pants, when most girls wore dresses in the thirties. I felt a bit uncomfortable with that as a young girl, but when I got into my teens I loved wearing blue jeans.

Daddy as I called him, was a very great influence in my life…and I loved him a lot. He was not an affectionate father, he was more like a big brother. He was just 25, when I was born. My mother was not affectionate either. She was kind of an “Old Maid Schoolteacher” type. She definitely preferred boys over girls…and if it hadn’t been for my father’s parents I would have grown up without Vitamin L.

My grandmother whom I called Nannie, was a very devoted and loving grandmother. She used to hold me in her arms and rock me as a child…and I could remember feeling secure and happy. She was very protective of her grandchildren too, I can remember how she chased a strange man off of our steps through only raising her voice. She told me how at one time when she was young she used to wear a hat pin to keep her hat from blowing off – and she would have used it too, if anyone tried to take advantage of her. She was a very strong and significant force in my life.

Nannie wasn’t into religion, but she taught me that love was most important. Her idea of the Creator – was one who loved us. She told me that God is Love…some of her family were Christian Scientists.  
I  felt very secure, because she taught me how to pray and I always felt a very strong personal contact with my Source. It gave me a great deal of confidence to know that I was loved and that I was never alone. During my life I went to many different religious groups, just to see how other people worshipped, but I never felt compelled to join. I have found a very great source of Vitamin L from going direct to the Maker…through the simple words: I love you. It is a very strong contact. I have had so many miracles occur in my life from my belief that I wrote a manuscript in 1979; entitled For Thou Art With Me. The title came from the 23rdPsalm…“Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for thou art with me. …”

People want love and the greatest source is right within them. It is accessible through simply sending loving thoughts and then being open to receiving a very loving energy back. In the mid-seventies after I had been a vegetarian for a couple years, I started writing songs. Music started flowing  as my mind and body vibration had risen by avoiding dense foods. I remember one day I felt an energy enter my body and I felt like I could walk on water. It was such pure intense love that I didn’t even know how to describe it. I couldn’t explain the loving intensity of the energy that had touched me. However, I finally understood that our Maker truly loves us and wants us to be open to receiving this loving contact.

When I get into bed at night, I close my eyes and put my arms around myself…hugging me. I feel a very beautiful energy go through my brain and body. It is very warm and loving. It is Vitamin L. I know it is something that most people are totally unaware of, but it feeds and nourishes the body and soul. There has been no significant other in my life for well over 28 years, but I feel very loved. I am never alone and never lonely. It is the greatest feeling on earth to give love and receive love…every single day. I know this is a major reason why I am in such good health at my age. I have the greatest source of love in my life that exists…and it charges every cell in my body. It is sad that more people are not open to the truth that you don’t need to even step out of your house to find love…it is always there NO charge. The price to access it…the wordsI love you.

Happiness is derived from the people you meet along the path of life…not from things. These people influence you and help you gain insight; opening your mind to the realm of possibilities that exist. My step-grandfather who was married to Nannie, I called Dad. I didn’t even know that he wasn’t my real grandfather, until after he died. I cried for him for almost fifty years. I never met another man that I loved as much as I loved this kind old man. We used to listen to all kinds of stories on the radio together…and we never failed to listen to the Indianapolis Speedway Memorial Day Event. We would drive the course in our minds along with the drivers. “Dad” was the one who taught me to drive. I still remember the things he taught me in order to be a good driver. He also opened my mind up to the idea of reincarnation. He told me that I had been an Indian princess…and I read many books related to American Indians. He was very generous with his typewriter – permitted me as a 7 year old to go in and start pecking on it. Vitamin L was abundant in their little home…I only heard and saw kindness there. Children need to have loving role models…and my grandparents were mine.

I have always felt secure, because the people in my life gave me essential tools that would help me cope. I was open to the influence of astrology and compatibility of different signs, because of my grandmother’s influence. I did free astrology readings for many people over the years in order to learn more about this subject. I was guided to buy a very intriguing book in 1981 entitled what’s Your Card, written by Arne Lein. It is now selling on the internet for $300. I learned that my card was the Queen of Clubs. The Clubs are seekers of wisdom and knowledge; and the Queen card is destined to be of service to others. It influenced me, when I closed down my center on a paying basis for 17 years and did free-guided nutritional consultations to help others and elevate my own knowledge through doing this.

I ask the Creator to guide me in everything I do. There are many who scoff at the idea that there is a Creator…and others who think traditional religions are the only way. I came across a young atheist who challenged me and after I told him what made me a believer…He said that he would be a believer, too, if these things had happened to him. He then asked, “Why have these things happened to you – and not to me?” I gave this a great deal of thought and wrote the aforementioned manuscript For Thou Art With Me, because of his question. I put down every circumstance that confirmed my faith in a Higher Power. I came up with the realization that if you wanted miracles and good things to happen in your life – Don’t block your good, because you have no faith in a Higher Power.

I love poetry, particularly love poetry, such as Elizabeth Barrett Browning‘s How Do I love Thee?”I read the story of her life and how enamored she was with her husband Robert Browning. She wrote “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach, when feeling out of sight for the ends of being and ideal grace…” I feel this way about the Creator who made this incredible Cosmos. The Creator is my reason for being. Loving the Creator is my # 1 goal in life. It is a small thing to do to give back something for the love that I have been given. I totally believe that there is nothing more important than loving and being loved…and I believe that Our Maker made us, so we could return our love to “Him”, our Father Creator. Being a parent, I know that having my children love me is important, so I feel sure that our Creator (being our parent) wants our love, too.

What is more important than love? It truly makes the world go round. It is the most uplifting feeling on earth to find love and to be able to have someone to give your love to…and the love that I have found is a forever one. I have experienced many incredible happenings along the way. Perhaps, my manuscript For Thou Art With Me will be updated and I will be able to share a variety of events that changed my life and brought me to the place where I now am in life. I would not be here, if the Creator had not been with me. I feel very loved. I would only hope that everyone could experience the love that I have found. Vitamin L is the most essential vitamin there is.

Healthfully Yours,

Barbara Charis

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