Why Fruit Has Become a “No No!”

It is incomprehensible what is happening in the world today.  There is so much misinformtion being disseminated. People are told to limit fruit in their diets, when fruit happens to be the primary food of mankind.
When I started doing guided consultations, giving people their Perfect Fruits and vegetables, I had some tell me that they couldn’t handle much fruit. I remember a cousin of mine told me that she could not eat more than one piece of fruit without feeling spacey. It took awhile to figure this out. I finally learned the truth. Most people have been eating the wrong foods over their entire lifetime; foods not designed for human consumption. These poor food choices have caused major stress on the organs in the body. We not only have an obesity epidemic going on; we have a diabetic epidemic too. What caused these conditions? The wrong processed carbohydrate foods turn into sugar; overwhelming and breaking down the pancreas’s ability to function; creating major health concerns in the people who simply are eating the wrong foods.

In my previous blog, I wrote about phytic acid, and listed all the foods, which contained this destructive mineral-binding substance. It ‘s abundant in nuts, seeds, beans. vegetables. and grains.  Deadly grains contribute to arthritis, allergies, autism, autoimmune diseases, brain disorders, cancer, Celiac Disease, chronic pain, osteoporosis, sinus problems, diabetes and more. Whole grains contain even more allergenic substances, which stress the immune system. When people eat pasta, bread, pancakes, waffles, pies, pastry, muffins, cereal, and other foods containing grains, they turn into sugar and overwhelm the pancreas’s ability to create sufficient insulin to handle them. Sugar also is added to most baked goods. Sugar and grains were not designed by our Maker for human beings. These items are destroying the human body – and fruit is getting blamed for the damage grains and sugar have caused. Some nutritionists are advising people to stop grains and sugar; and drastically lower fruit. These experts may have run into unhealthy people who couldn’t handle fruit or they may have had personal problems with handling fruit themselves. So, they advise their followers to cut way down on consumption. They aren’t aware that people’s organs have deteriorated from eating processed carbohydrates – and unprocessed natural fruit was not to blame.

My body has the ability to handle more than 2 lbs of fruit daily. I have met many others who have not had a problem eating a larger amount of fruit, either. What did we have in common? We never ate a lot of grains.
I discovered as a teenager every time I ate bread, I gained weight. I thought there was something wrong with my body. I avoided grains, because of this reason. It has not been until the last few years, I learned grains are deadly for everyone. Weight gain is just one of the reasons. The human body reacts in this manner, because the wrong foods are toxic and hang up in the fat cells. If you want to do your own research on this subject I would recommend reading Dangerous Grains by James Braly, M.D. and Ron Hoggan, M.A. It is available at

www.amazon.com There are a number of other books on this same topic on Amazon, but this one is the best.

If people have a problem eating more than a piece of fruit, it would be prudent to limit it for a period of time. However, they MUST also eliminate all grains forever, in order to heal their organs and bodies Fruit happens to be a most important food. It is the best source of natural carbohydrates for the human body. It is invaluable as a fuel for creating energy. I have done four marathons. Each time I ate two pounds of fruit, right before the marathon. The first marathon I did at the age of 47 and had trained for six months in order to do it. I couldn’t believe the energy I had. I ran for 4 hours and 25 minutes non-stop. I felt like I was flying. Raw fruit is an incredible natural source of carbohydrates for energy…cooked pasta is not.

In 1981 I spoke before a crowd, after I finished doing a half marathon in Norwalk, Connecticut.. I was booed by foodies in the audience, because I told them about a dead white starch called pasta. I told them how their spaghetti meal was made with tomato paste – coming from a can containing toxic metals. Then it is added to ground beef, which is protein and combined with the hard to digest starch in pasta. I asked them how eating this concoction the night before a marathon, would give them any energy the next day? It had no enzymes and would simply hang up in their cells. I tried to tell them how beneficial unprocessed fruit was, but they closed their ears. Marathoners are still doing this pasta overload the night before marathons today. The food industry has the money and the clout to influence the average person. If health is important to you, check the source of your dietary information. Fruit is a living food with enzymes. Pasta has none. Without enzymes food has little value.

Natural unprocessed fruit provides carbohydrates, but it also contains protein, fat, enzymes, fiber, bulk, vitamins, minerals, and many other phytonutrients, which nutritional scientists haven’t even discovered, yet.
If people find fruit causes a problem, it may have to be re-introduced slowly. As I mentioned before, eliminate the foods, which are the culprits and it will remove a great deal of stress from your body. When you eat a food that has no value, it has to be processed by the body. It robs the body of enzymes in the stomach. It then enters the blood stream through osmosis from the intestinal tract; triggering off the immune system, which fights to clean out the wrong substances (“foreign invaders”) from the blood stream. This is an almost impossible task for the immune systems today, because people are eating so many unnatural foods. Most people have no idea their cooked meals are totally wiping out their bodies’ ability to function. Then, illogical “experts” tell consumers that natural raw fruit is to blame for their poor health.

Raw fruit digestion does not work a stress on the human body. It comes with efficient enzymes that provide nutrients and energy. The digestion time for raw fruit is much shorter than for most other foods.
People need to know this information. Melons have a digestion time of 15 minutes. Don’t eat melons with any other food, or it will cost you nutrients. If you eat a food like protein, eggs, meat, fish, which takes 6 to 8 hours in order to be digested; the melons will remain in your stomach until the protein is digested. This impedes the digestion of the protein and can cause an upset stomach. In addition, there is no nutritional value left in the melons, after being in the stomach for all those additional hours.

The digestion time for most other fruits is 30 minutes. They too, need to be eaten by themselves; and not eaten with melons, either. We are talking about apples, peaches, pears, plums, nectarines, etc. It is actually best to eat one type of fruit at a time, but if you want to make a multi-fruit salad stick to fruits, which have a 30 minute digestion time. It really is best, if you don’t mix more than three at a time…and don’t add them to a vegetable salad. Vegetables have a much longer digestion time. Fruit is a great meal, if you simply ate enough. It is not a snack as the food industries would love to have you think.

Bananas have a 45 minute digestion time. They contain 5.48 grams of protein per pound. Where as apples only have 1.8 grams of protein. Bananas also contain half the fat that is found in apples.
People who say that they don’t eat more than one banana at a time, because they are afraid of getting fat; are blaming the wrong food. I have almost no fat on my body and I eat six bananas daily. (1-½ lbs). Bananas are a great food, if you eat enough. However, I must add that they are not the Perfect Food for everybody. I know people who can’t handle bananas. Everybody is different!

For many years I did a guided Cyto-Toxic Test , which gave people their bio-chemically right foods. This test listed over 250 items…and it took many hours in order to determine people’s specific Perfect Foods.
Today I have eliminated over half the items on this list, because I’ve no desire to waste time covering foods, which shouldn’t be in the human diet. I’ve eliminated the MEAT, DAIRY & GRAIN CATEGORIES. I have also eliminated a number of other fruits and vegetables, which should not be in this list. For instance, dates, which are loaded with sugar and damage the pancreas. I used to love dates, until I started doing these guided consultations and found out – nobody was supposed to be eating dates. Dates were designed for camels. Dates were originally grown in the deserts in Arabia. They were the fuel for the ships of the desert…camels. The sugar (carbs) in dates, is stored in the camel’s hump. It is a fuel that is utilized as the camel crosses the desert. Camels go from oasis to oasis on the energy that they get from these dates. Humans don’t need dates or other foods with excessive amounts of carbohydrates, protein or fat.

What is the best raw food to eat? Most people will agree that fruit wins hands down. It is readily available in the market and it takes no preparation. Raw foods contain nutrients. Processed foods don’t.  People think cooking is important, but heating food destroys the very reason for eating it…its nutrients. Do you eat to live or live to eat? People aren’t using their heads, when they cook most of the foods they are eating. They are not considering the long term poor health results obtained from eating cooked foods. None of us have been properly informed on this subject. We have been programmed by the food industries, to support them by buying their costly processed foods. It took me a long time to learn, too. When I was married, I cooked the same way that everybody else did. I did not know cooking created health problems. My husband taught me to cook. He was raised on a farm. His mother loved to cook everything.  His father wound up with cancer. He ate the same way his parents ate.  He wound up with cancer.  He also had a medicine chest mentality…be prepared for future sickness.

Today, I am totally aware that cooking destroys nutrients. It sets humans up for disease, because high temperatures wipe out the nutrients humans need in order to create excellent mental and physical health.
Yes, I still cook a little. I lightly scramble some eggs or heat water on the stove for a cup of instant coffee. I am not 100% perfect. However, I eat all my Perfect Fruits raw. They are bananas, avocados (very limited amount), limes, lemons, mangoes, pears and strawberries. These are of the 31 Fruits on the Cyto-Toxic List for human consumption.  Out of their list of 30 Vegetables, I have Perfect Vegetables: carrots, pumpkins, spinach, squash (banana), tomato, yams (very occasionally), yellow crook neck squash. During most of the year, I don’t steam any vegetables. In colder weather, squash and yams need to be steamed in order to be eaten. I have a juicer or grater in order to prepare carrots, year around. They should not be eaten raw otherwise. They have too much cellulose and are almost impossible to digest whole.

Every person has his or her own Perfect Fruits and vegetables. No two, even in the same family have the same requirements. Parents should never force a child to eat a food, if the child strongly protests. I thought I was giving my son a good food, carrots.  However, my son was very allergic to carrots. This was before I started doing my guided consultations. I had no idea how the wrong fruit or vegetable could cause a problem.

Would fruit alone be capable of sustaining health? In order to be healthy, people would have to consume massive amounts of raw fruit daily.  It would be costly and time consuming to live in this manner. I struggle to eat 1-½ lbs of bananas at a time. I can’t imagine eating seven to ten lbs of fruit daily. One would be doing nothing but eating all day long. I also note that if I eat more than 2 pounds of fruit and 12 oz of vegetables daily; I start gaining weight. . My body only requires 1100 calories or less, daily.  Large amounts of fruit contains all kinds of nutrients, but the calories in them would overwhelm my body.  One would have to be a major competitive athlete in order to burn the calories in seven to ten pounds of fruit.

The 80-10-10 Diet book by Dr. Douglas N. Graham prescribes a raw food dietary program. It’s a valuable tool, if you’re serious about learning how to get healthy by eating right.  It’s 94% valid. per the Creator.  There is a great deal of wonderful information in it,  but  Dr. Graham has laid out menus without realizing that the wrong fruits or wrong vegetables will harm the people who follow his dietary suggestions. There are people who are sensitive to Nightshades, Cruciferous Vegetables, or other fruits and vegetables. It took 17 years of doing free consultations in order to learn that people had created many health problems by ingesting the wrong foods. The wrong “good” foods can make people ill.  People asked why I didn’t put menus in my book Sharing from the Heart…It was for this very reason. People have to learn, which foods are Perfect for their bodies and not try to adapt their bodies to the wrong foods in recipes and menus.

There are a limited number of other beneficial foods, other than specific fruits & vegetables, which could be utilized. There are three more categories, which contain these foods: Fish, Poultry, Nuts/Seeds.  Some foods listed under these three categories are not advisable to eat.  Each person has very specific foods. The closer one comes to on’es specific foods; the healthier the person would become. Illness is mainly created from eating foods that are bio-chemically wrong for one’s body. Also, the more raw food one eats, the healthier one becomes. You should start at 50% raw, but slowly work up to 90% plus. My aunt at 75 years of age changed her diet. She said that she didn’t do more than 70% of my food recommendations, but she lived 97 healthy years. Imagine what would have happened, if she had been eating 90%.raw.

In addition to the above food categories, there are other categories on the Cyto-Toxic Test, such as, beverages, herbs/spices, oils, sweeteners, and supplements. I eliminated more than half on the list of 250 items, because they were of no benefit. People in many cases are paying for foods and items, which are causing illness; where I am totally into spending less and creating wellness.

Healthfully Yours,

Barbara Charis

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