Why Raw? Live Food Versus Dead!

When people first told me that I was eating “dead” food, I scoffed at them.  I didn’t understand what they were trying to tell me.  It took a long time, before I realized how cooking food wipes out most of its nutrients.  What is left?  Primarily empty calories, which temporarily fill the stomach, but leave a craving for more food in a very short period of time. Cooked food is a stress on the digestive system and provides little nutrient value.

Raw food, particularly organic, has enzymes, minerals and vitamins. Enzymes are very important. Because they are catalysts that our bodies depend upon for every chemical reaction in our bodies. When food is raw, the living enzymes in it convert the food into the energy we need for every cell. Heating food over 114 degrees destroys enzymes and vitamins – wiping out most of the nutrients.

Raw fruit and vegetables are alkaline, while dairy, meat, fish, eggs, pasta, cereal, bread and other grains, etc., are acidic and throw the body out of balance. An acidic condition in the bloodstream causes all kinds of health problems. If you want to test your body’s saliva and urine, you can purchase PH Balance Strips at a pharmacy. If you are serious about being healthy, you need to maintain the proper Acid-Alkaline Balance.

Our government nutrition experts are finally stating that Americans need nine (4 oz) servings of fruit and vegetables daily, but don’t specify which ones (or raw).Most Americans are eating two servings daily…French fries and ketchup. Wonder why Americans are so unhealthy?

Eating raw is not hard to do…most people and children love smoothies. You can drink 2 to 4 servings of fruit in a breakfast smoothie. Simply put the fruit and 8-10 oz of distilled water in the blender. If you want more protein throw in a couple of raw eggs. Make sure they are certified organic, cage-free and are from a reputable source. I use 12 – 16 oz of bananas and 6 oz of organic blueberries, plus 10 oz of distilled water in my smoothie. I start the day with unheated Moringa Tea (See blog on The Moringa Tree of life 4-20-11).

Other fruits which I would recommend are organic Fuji, Gala or Braeburn apples, strawberries, kiwi, peaches, nectarines and pineapple. Eat fresh fruits in season…no out of season peaches or nectarines from Chile. Trader Joe’s has better prices for organic frozen fruits and some other organic produce. Going to a Farmer’s Markets is another good source.

Raw greens are something we need daily, but few people are willing to spend time making a salad and even more time chewing it for 30 minutes. It may make you happy to know that a blended veggie drink is even more valuable nutrition-wise than a salad, because the stomach doesn’t have to work as hard digesting it. I make a drink containing 8 oz of organic spinach, plus 12 oz of carrot juice for my dinner. This is 5 servings of vegetables. If you checked out the vitamin and mineral content of this one drink, you would find it greatly surpasses what the majority of Americans are getting on a daily basis.

Salads are very healthy foods, if you don’t overdose on the dressing. Did you ever notice how many overweight people are in salad bars? I don’t recommend salad bars – their food quality isn‘t good.. You would be ingesting unwanted pesticides in their non-organic offerings. Variety may be the spice of life, but there are many fruits and veggies, which contribute to weight gain and other health problems. Eating at home is healthier, if you know how to eat right.

The best dressing for a salad is raw virgin olive oil or coconut oil, but use only a teaspoon or two. One tablespoon contains 14 grams of fat. Adding Lemon juice sweetened with stevia provides low glycemic additions which make for a healthier dressing. Raw spinach is the best green (lowest as far as oxalic acid is concerned). Did you know that it takes 8 cups of lettuce to equal one cup of spinach? How many are going to sit and eat 8 cups of lettuce? Other good organic foods for many (not everyone) are: grated carrots and beets, mung sprouts, alfalfa sprouts and white button mushrooms. If you can handle pungent mustard greens, they add flavor to a drink made with other organic greens, such as, kale, collards, spinach and lots of tomatoes. I mainly stick to organic spinach; as it is more readily available.

Never use canned tomatoes…they are acidic. Acidic tomatoes leach particles of metal from the solder in the can and are poisonous to the body. I remember drinking V-8 as a child as my parents thought it was healthy. It was primarily tomato juice along with 7 other vegetables (and toxic metal particles).

Americans spend more money on medical care than any other country in the world and are about 46th in longevity. Most Americans have no idea how poor the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) is. It has been devised and promoted by the food industries to sell products. It is creating illness worldwide. Processed foods are not the way to go, if you value health. Raw organic food means the difference between a healthy life or a miserable existence. Are you eating to live or living to eat? Many Americans are totally addicted to their unhealthy foods.

It is impossible for people to know if they are getting the nutrients they need, if they don’t keep a food journal and food scale. They are important dietary tools in order to achieve real results.  www.amazon.com offers a Diet Minder Food Journal, which covers a 3 month span. It is fairly inexpensive. When you buy three, the shipping is free. Amazon also carries food scales. I bought a new silver Eat Smart Food Scale recently from Amazon (free shipping)Trying to estimate food amounts visually is not scientific or accurate. I use the scale to weigh my food and beverages. The journal has a place to list the foods you are eating, plus the ounces. It is important to know these amounts. There is a section called Do the Math. I wrote in: fruit…..veggies…..Misc….then I total these different foods at the end of the day. When I total the fruit and vegetables, I divide by 4 to get the number of servings of raw food daily. I fluctuate from 10 to 12 servings daily, which is 2-½ to 3 lbs of food. I was eating more previously, but cut the number under 10 servings to lose. I reached my target weight October 2011. I’ve never been happier. I finally got to size 4, after struggling to lose weight, since I was twelve.

The Food Minder also has a place to list calories, fat, carbs, protein and fiber. I kept this record for quite awhile and determined the foods I was eating contained the nutrients I needed. It also has a place to determine the number of 8 oz glasses of water you should be drinking daily. When I was eating 5 lbs of fruit and veggies daily, I wasn’t concerned, because 5 lbs equals 64 oz of water. Raw fruits and veggies contain 75% – 94% water. This organic water is the best in the world.

When I drink coffee (Nestle Taster’s Choice Instant contains half the caffeine that’s in brewed). I add 10 oz of water to a heaping teaspoon; adding 2 oz of hemp milk (Pacific Sales Natural Vanilla Hemp Milk or Trader Joe’s)and sweeten it with Kal stevia. These two hemp milks are free of carrageenan (See my blog Read Your Labels: Carrageenan, a very common but dangerous additive 7-28-10). When I use hemp milk or canned Trader Joe’s coconut milk. I list it under miscellaneous, as it is not raw. An egg is 2 oz and it is listed under Miscellaneous, because it is not a Fruit or Vegetable, but If it’s raw, I add it to the raw food total. Eating mostly cooked food deteriorates the body.. Aim for at least 50% raw.

Transition Food for cold weather would be steamed vegetables and lentil or vegetable soups. I found that I lost my yen for steamed foods over the past couple of years. Also, never cook fruit. It will not contain the same nourishment. Raw fruit is the best. It’s the primary food of mankind. Bananas are my favorite. They contain four times more protein than apples and many other nutrients, beside potassium.

It is important to know your specific fruits and vegetables, so you can avoid those which are not for your body. The wrong fruits and vegetables can be detrimental to your health. Not all fruits and vegetables are beneficial. You may not notice a reaction, when you eat them, but over time they are affecting your health. There are facilities that do Cyto-toxic tests, which provide an 80% accurate reading on the foods you are eating. I started doing Creator-guided food readings, using a dowser in 1984. In 2001, after 17 years of free readings, I was permitted to ask for a donation. These readings provided insight into bio-chemical individuality. No two people have the same food requirements, even if they are in the same family. Every person is unique. It taught me a great lesson. No food is a good food, unless it is bio-chemically right for one’s body.

Very few people are going to eat 100% raw, but 50% is a starter. If you eat enough raw you will experience a major change in how you feel and how you look. Live (raw) food burns clean, it leaves no residue in the cells. Most Cooked food burns dirty, it hangs up in the cells and causes weight gain, free-radicals and other health problems. When you lower the number of free radicals, you also lower your risk of cancer and other catastrophic diseases. A diet high in raw foods will protect you from other health problems, such as, colds, flu, sore throats, etc. Eating more raw food will change your life.

Think beautiful and healthy, because eating the right raw food will totally change your outlook on life. I have a former client, now a friend, who calls every so often to say, “When I stick with my Perfect Foods, I look and feel great. When I go off of them, I really know it. I don’t look good and I don’t feel right.“

I am not eating 100% raw, but I am doing 60 – 70%. I never dreamt I would feel better in my late seventies than I did in my teens by simply eating intelligently. My body is trim and solid. My energy is good enough to fast walk for 5 + miles. I am sharing information that I know could bring you similar results. Give it a try for 30 days and expect a miracle!

Healthfully Yours,

Barbara Charis

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